Glossary of Terms

Sep 30th, 2018
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  6. Many terms are dependent on the definition of a main term -- they will be listed as sub-entries of a term. This is not an alphabetized list; neither is it specifically ordered in terms of term importance.
  8. INDEX -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  9. [11] GLOSSARY
  10. [11.1] General Terminology
  11. [11.2] Abbreviations
  12. [11.3] Common Soul Breaks
  13. [11.4] /ffg/-specific terms
  15. [11.1] General Terminology -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  17. [*] Wall / Godwall
  18. An effect which grants DEF/RES +200% to the party. The most powerful defensive buff in the game; the meta of Record Keeper has developed in its shadow. Originally granted by Tyro's Sentinel's Grimoire and Y'shtola's Stoneskin II. It's now a commonplace Roaming Warrior effect granted as a standard option in dungeons where normal RWs are not allowed.
  20. This effect is granted by default indefinitely in Torment dungeons.
  22. Godwall refers to Tyro's third Ultra Soul Break Divine Veil Grimoire, which on top of the Wall effect grants Protectga, Shellga, and Haste; it is among the ultimate defense-first abilities, and clear and definitive evidence of powercreep.
  24. [*] Fest
  25. Festival; any event characterized by special login bonuses, a large amount of giveaway materials, and challenge events. Always accompanied by a ten-day series of five banners lasting two days each known as Fest banners. They typically provide the best value per mythril for any Relic Draw in RK.
  27. [*] Trinity
  28. Refers to Soul Break types that are considered necessary to basic teambuilding:
  30. - A Wall
  31. - A party stat buff
  32. - A Hastega
  33. - A party-wide healing effect
  35. In RK, no abilities heal the entire party. The 5* white magic skill Hastega, granting the entire party Haste, is a fairly recent addition, and for most of RK's lifespan, granting Haste to the entire party was entirely in the domain of Soul Breaks.
  37. [*] Dive
  38. Refers to the Record Spheres of a character; derives from Record Dive, the JP name for Record Spheres. Used as both a noun and a verb: for example, "should I dive Cloud?" -- that is, whether or not to complete Cloud's Record Sphere or Legend Sphere grid. Most frequently used to refer to completing a Legend Sphere grid. A half-dive refers to completing a Legend Sphere grid only halfway in order to unlock the character's first Legend Materia.
  40. [*] Chase
  41. 1.) (n.) An effect that causes a character to cast an additional attack or attack combo in response to meeting a condition, such as using abilities of a certain type, like Spellblade, or of a certain element. Referred to in-game as "follow-up". There are several different types of chase effects:
  43. [**] Unconditional chase:
  44. Chases which trigger a flat number of attacks, regardless of abilities used or character stats.
  45. [**] Random chase:
  46. Chases which randomly trigger some number of attacks. Upon triggering, a random chase can, for example, trigger either one, four, or eight attacks.
  47. [**] Stacking chase:
  48. Chases whose number of hits increase the more the chase is triggered, capping at a certain number of hits.
  49. [**] Rank-based chase:
  50. Chases whose number of hits scale with the Rank (i.e. hones) of the ability used to trigger the chase effect. Burst Mode commands are considered to be the lowest Rank.
  51. [**] Stat-based chase:
  52. Chases whose number of hits scale depending on how high a certain stat of the user is (similar to Guardbringer, Earthbringer, or Lifebane).
  54. 2.) (v.) To draw for highly desirable Soul Break relics in bulk, using a large amount of amassed Mythril (or Gems).
  56. [*] Finisher
  57. An effect granted by a Soul Break mode, which causes a character to trigger a powerful attack or series of attacks when the mode ends. The damage dealt or the number of hits inflicted by the finisher scales with either the total damage dealt by a certain type of attack, or the number of abilities of a certain type used by the character for the duration of the Soul Break mode.
  59. Recasting the Soul Break that grants a certain Soul Break mode WHILE said mode is active ends the mode, and prematurely triggers the finisher attack. The Soul Break mode is then granted anew.
  61. [*] Boostga / Faithga
  62. Effects which empower ATK or MAG/MND by 50% or 30%/30%. With the introduction of new Chains, there are now also effects which empower MAG by 50%.
  64. [*] Mitigation
  65. Any means by which damage is reduced. This applies to both party-buffing effects and debuffs applied to the enemy.
  67. [**] Mixed mitigation
  68. Mitigation accounting for an enemy whose moveset consists of both physical and magical attacks.
  69. [**] Physical mitigation
  70. Mitigation accounting for an enemy whose moveset is primarily or purely composed of physical attacks.
  71. [**] Magical mitigation
  72. Mitigation accounting for an enemy whose moveset is primarily or purely composed of magical attacks.
  74. [*] Disco ball / discos
  75. A 6* drop from the relic draw. Named because obviously, the 6* orb looks like a disco ball.
  77. [*] Entrust bot
  78. Any character whose skill load-out consists of using Wrath to charge the Soul Break gauge and then Entrust to pass accumulated gauge to another character, allowing them to fire off powerful Soul Breaks in rapid succession.
  80. Common Entrust bots include Tyro / the Keeper, the Onion Knight, Shelke, Morrow, and Wol. The latter three are used in this position due to their Legend Sphere's second Materia granting Haste and instant-cast for their first three actions at the start of battle.
  82. [*] Burst damage
  83. As the name implies, this refers to characters inflicting the majority of their damage in one or few attacks, or in short spans of time, after build-up periods where relatively little damage is inflicted in comparison. Burst damage is typically used to rush through dangerous phases of a boss's HP where their most punishing attacks occur, whereas in earlier phases no such danger is present.
  85. [*] Slot saver
  86. Any Soul Break effect which provides buffs or debuffs that save a player from having to bring the equivalent skill effect on a character. For example, Rikku's Soul Break "Hyper Mighty G" is a slot-saver for Protectga, Shellga, and Hastega. Useful for fights where a large number of factors need to be accounted for, such as dispelling a boss's buffs, mitigating damage, or making space for an extra attacker or Entrust bot, such that slots for utility abilities are limited.
  88. [*] Reta / Reta meta
  89. Retaliate meta. Centered on the use of one attacker using the 2* Samurai skill Retaliate, which dodges physical attacks and counters with a standard physical attack. Useful in the beginning stages of the game, and was an effective and powerful strategy for much of RK's early lifespan, persisting roughly until the introduction of the Tactics series in RK.
  91. [*] Poverty setup / build
  92. Any party composition that uses minimal to no top-end Soul Breaks to clear endgame content. Characterized by a lack of 6* Soul Breaks and intimate familiarity with fight mechanics.
  94. [*] Torment / frustration traps
  95. Banners or relics which are designed to prey on players' frustration with their inability to defeat dungeons, most often the highly difficult Torment series of bosses. Torment trap relics and banners typically have the following characteristics:
  97. - Slot-saving
  98. - Lack of utility outside of the specific Torment boss's mechanics
  99. - Relics in demand are typically surrounded by a great deal of relics of otherwise poor quality, making it evident that no one would want to roll on the banner aside from wanting to defeat the Torment boss
  101. In short, scum tactics; free premium currency is limited, and fests and other banners are typically of such strong quality nowadays that wasting resources on trap banners is doubly unwise.
  103. [*] Piercing
  104. Any attack which ignores the DEF or RES of the target, calculating damage purely through the attacker's relevant attacking stat.
  105. Enemy attacks of this kind are calculated with ^0.5 of the relevant stat (or you would probably face a total party kill every turn you get hit by a piercing attack).
  107. There are two ways to weaken piercing attacks: magicite passives (Dampen [Element] and Spell / Blade Ward), or Break debuffs.
  109. [*] Blink
  110. Any effect that avoids damage from an attack. There are three types: magic Blinks, which negate magic damage, physical Blinks, which negate physical damage, and Shields, which can negate one of either. Shields are not to be confused with a stack of both a physical and a magic Blink at the same time -- that is, they will only block the first magical OR physical attack received, and then fade.
  112. [*] Astra
  113. An effect which negates any oncoming status afflictions. If multiple status afflictions would be inflicted at once, Astra blocks them all. Especially useful for effects which are "auto-hit": that is, status effects which are guaranteed to hit regardless of any accessories that add resistance to said affliction.
  115. [*] Last Stand / Guts
  116. An effect which prevents characters from being KO'd if they take damage exceeding their HP. Commonly seen as an additional effect of healing Soul Breaks. Valued highly.
  118. [*] HP Stock
  119. An effect applied to characters at full HP. When HP is lost, HP Stock replenishes up to a certain amount of HP. If a character that is not at full HP would receive HP Stock, HP Stock will immediately replenish as much HP as it can, and leftover HP will be added to the Stock effect. For example:
  121. - The White Magic 6* ability Curada grants HP Stock 2000 on top of a major heal.
  122. - If the base heal effect heals a character to full, the character reserves 2000 HP.
  123. - When that character takes damage, the HP Stock will replenish up to 2000 HP. If less than 2000 HP is replenished, the remaining HP is still stocked until all of it is used.
  124. - If the base heal effect does not heal the character to full, HP Stock will immediately attempt to replenish all HP still missing. Any HP Stock not used will be reserved.
  126. HP Stock effects do not stack. If a new HP Stock effect would be applied to a character with HP Stock, the higher HP Stock value will overwrite the lower.
  128. [*] Stoneskin
  129. A "bubble" effect which absorbs up to a certain amount of HP damage taken, reducing it to 0. When the damage stack is exceeded, the Stoneskin bubble pops. Separate from HP. For example:
  131. Noctis's Soul Break "Armiger Wakes" creates a Stoneskin worth 100% of Noctis's HP. Suppose Noctis has 8588 HP. The bubble therefore takes up to 8588 damage before bursting, and if any damage exceeds that stack, additional damage is simply inflicted as the difference between the attack's original damage and damage absorbed by the bubble. (e.g., 9999 - 8588 = 1411 HP damage)
  133. [*] Trance
  134. An effect that triggers at low HP, typically restoring the user's HP to full and granting additional effects, such as a stat buff, reduction to cast time for abilities, and others.
  136. [*] ProShellga
  137. The combination of Protectga and Shellga; a party-wide Protect and Shell buff. Sometimes referred to as ProShell.
  139. [*] Radiant Shield
  140. An effect which causes all damage inflicted by an attacker to be thrown back at it. If, due to Last Stand or some other effect, more damage is inflicted than the character has HP, only the HP taken from the character as a result of the attack will be inflicted back. For example, an overflowing attack causing 99999 damage can only cause as much damage as the character has HP.
  142. Some Radiant Shields are elemental, and thus, their damage can be multiplied by effects such as the boss's weakness or resistance to an element, or by Chain multipliers. Elemental Radiant Shields are also efficient at building Chain counters.
  144. [*] Runic
  145. An effect which nullifies magic damage and converts it to an ability charge. Has fallen out of favor as many bosses have begun to use NAT-type attacks, which ignore Runic.
  147. [*] Buff ID
  148. All effects have an associated ID. If two effects with identical IDs are applied to the same character, the second effect will overwrite the first one applied. As a rule of thumb, effects which buff or debuff the same combinations of stats possess the same ID.
  150. [*] Deck / Magicite Deck
  151. Refers to all equipped main and sub-Magicites, and the passive effects granted thereby.
  153. [*] Edge USB0
  154. Refers to Edge's SSB2, Eblan Doppelganger. An instant-cast Soul Break which grants physical Blink, Haste, and Last Stand to the entire party. One of the few Super Soul Breaks that still finds utility in today's meta, since it possesses four effects at once, unheard of among SSBs. Termed USB0 on occasion as it predates the introduction of Ultra Soul Breaks while providing equivalent effects.
  156. [*] En-Element
  157. Known in-game as an Elemental Infusion. Any effect that empowers attacks of the stated element, adds a resistance to attacks of its element, and changes the default Attack command to gain that element. Appears as an aura surrounding the character who gains it. Glints can grant Empowered Infusion, which is a stackable EnElement aura that will appear to intensify as the Glint is used more.
  159. [*] Imperil Element
  160. Any effect that weakens resistance to an element. Can be inflicted by certain enemy attacks, as well as your own skills or Soul Breaks. Stackable up to six times.
  162. Elemental resistance in RK can be thought of as being on a line graph from -1 to +1, where -1 is an absorbed element, and +1 is total weakness to an element. An element which is nulled can be brought down to a resistance, and vice versa, for example.
  164. [*] Critfix
  165. Any effect which sets the critical hit chance for physical attacks to a certain ratio, usually 50%, 75%, or 100%.
  167. [*] Critga
  168. Any effect which increases the damage dealt when a critical hit occurs.
  170. [*] Dualcast / W-cast
  171. An effect which causes an ability to be cast twice. Depending on the effect, this may or may not use up an additional charge or hone of the ability in question.
  173. [*] BLK / WHT / PHY / BLU / NAT / NIN / etc.
  174. All abilities and actions are assigned a type. This type affects which stats apply when calculating damage, whether effects like Runic (which can potentially block damage) will apply or not, and so on.
  176. - NAT: No type; Not A Type; etc. A type used to bypass effects such as Retaliate or Runic. Can use any stat, depending on the nature of the attack. Frequently used by most end-game bosses.
  178. Can typically be blocked by Blink effects as appropriate to the stat used, but some NAT attacks can bypass Blinks and Shields.
  180. - BLK: Black Magic. Calculated using the MAG stat to attack and the RES stat to defend. Can be absorbed by Runic.
  182. - WHT: White Magic. Calculated using the MND stat to attack and the RES stat to defend. Can be absorbed by Runic.
  184. - PHY: Physical attacks. Calculated using the ATK stat to attack and the DEF stat to defend. Can be blocked by Retaliate effects.
  186. - BLU: Blue Magic. For all purposes, this is the same as BLK, since Blue Magic has not been implemented in Record Keeper to date.
  188. - NIN: Ninjutsu. Applied specifically to Ninja skills that use the MAG stat and ignore RES. Physical ninjutsu skills use PHY.
  190. [*] Half bar
  191. Refers to the Soul Break gauge consumed by a Glint. In-game, this is one Soul Break gauge, but older players may often call it "half a bar", as previously the Soul Break gauge was only partitioned into three instead of six.
  193. Likewise, an Arcane Overstrike may be considered to use up one and a half bars of the Soul Break gauge, not three.
  195. [11.2] Abbreviations -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  197. [*] DMT / MM
  198. Dr. Mog's Teachings and Mako Might. Tyro and Cloud's third Record Materias, respectively. Allows a character to start the battle with two full Soul Break gauges, enough to cast two Glints or one of most Soul Breaks. Two of the most important Record Materias.
  200. [*] AS / BF
  201. Ace Striker and Battleforged. Tidus's third and Ramza's second Record Materias, respectively. Accelerates Soul Break gauge gained from using abilities or attacking. Also highly important.
  203. [*] RW
  204. Roaming Warrior. Refers to the system of friend or support summons in general, even when normal friend summons are restricted to specially-selected supports for a certain event or boss. Used as both a noun and verb, e.g., "Who should I RW?", asking either who to set as a RW or who to take as a RW to a boss fight.
  206. [*] BD
  207. Breakdown. Refers to any ability or effect that weakens a stat by -50%. For instance, PBD refers to the 4* support skill Power Breakdown.
  208. FBD refers to any Soul Break effect which weakens ATK/MAG/DEF/RES by -50%.
  210. Debuffs typically overwrite buffs of the equivalent stat, except in special occasions (see: buff ID). Closely related are penta-breaks, which weaken ATK/MAG/DEF/RES/MND. Their significance owes to the fact that their effect stacks with Full Breaks.
  212. [*] RS
  213. Record Synergy, the boost granted to characters and weapons sharing the same realm as the current boss or stage. Frequently referred to as "Realm Synergy" despite no such term ever being mentioned in-game. Can be used to refer to Synergy in general, especially when Bravery Synergy (conditional synergy unrelated to realms) comes into play. Some effect that is "RS-locked" is an additional boost attached to a weapon that only triggers if Record Synergy is active.
  215. [*] SB
  216. Soul Break. Abilities which require Soul Break gauge to cast. A number beside the Soul Break indicates which one you are referring to, if the character has multiple Soul Breaks of that type. Denoted by their order of release, except in situations where some are released at the same time.
  218. In Japan, all SSB-level and above Soul Breaks are referred to as [type] SSB -- for example, Burst Super Soul Break, with the exception of Flash Art / Flash Tech SBs. Thus, when reading a JP-specific reference, BSSB refers to BSB, OSSB to OSB, and so on.
  220. [**] BSB
  221. Burst Soul Break.
  222. [**] OSB
  223. Overstrike Soul Break.
  224. [**] AOSB / ASB / UOSB
  225. Arcane Overstrike / Arcane / Ultimate Overstrike Soul Breaks. UOSB / UOSSB is the JP term.
  226. [**] FTSB / GSB
  227. Flash Tech / Glint Soul Breaks. Flash Tech / Flash Art is the JP term.
  228. [**] CSB
  229. Chain Soul Breaks. LCSSB (Limit Chain Super Soul Break) in JP.
  230. [**] USB
  231. Ultra Soul Break. This terminology is reserved strictly for Ultras, and not Uniques (the lowest special tier of SB).
  232. [***] mUSB / pUSB
  233. Refers to Onion Knight's twin USBs, Forbidden Wisdom and Forbidden Power.
  234. mUSB denotes the magic-focused USB, Forbidden Wisdom.
  235. pUSB denotes the physical-focused USB, Forbidden Power.
  236. [***] bUSB
  237. Brave Soul Breaks. A sub-category of Ultra Soul Breaks that replace the Attack command.
  238. This command grows in power the more a certain type of ability is used, and when used, resets to weakest level.
  239. [**] AASB
  240. Awakening Soul Breaks. Abbreviated as AASB both to match the JP name, Awakening Arcane, and to avoid confusion with Arcane Overstrikes.
  241. [**] SASB
  242. Sync Soul Breaks. Synchro Arcane in JP, hence the abbreviation.
  243. [**] LBOF
  244. Limit Break Overflows. Essentially stronger one-use Arcanes which rely on a shared gauge and are single-use teamwide per battle.
  246. [*] RM / LM / LMR
  247. Record Materia, Legend Materia, and Legend Materia Relics, respectively. All characters gain a slot to equip one Record Materia after they break their first level cap; they can equip any Record Materia you've collected from any character.
  249. You are allowed up to two slots for Legend Materia, unlocked when you either complete enough of a Legend Sphere grid to gain a Legend Materia, or acquire a Legend Materia attached to a relic from the gacha. LMR is used interchangeably to refer to the Materia itself, moreso than it refers to the equipment.
  251. [*] ACM
  252. Allegro con Moto, a 6* Bard skill which doubles casting speed for three turns for all offensive magic. Incredibly popular.
  254. [*] MM + DZ
  255. Memento Mori + Dark Zone. 4* and 5* Darkness skills, respectively. Memento Mori boosts Magic at the cost of inflicting a 45-second Doom timer on the user, while Dark Zone gains a damage boost if the user is afflicted with a Doom timer. A common combo.
  257. [*] SSS
  258. Snowspell Strike, a 6* spellblade ability. While another 6* spellblade skill might be abbreviated as such (Stormspell Strike), SSS will most often refer to Snowspell, which predates it by almost two years and was the pinnacle of Spellblade power for a long time.
  260. [*] LD
  261. Can refer to:
  263. - Lucky Draw. A half-price 11x Rare Relic Draw for 25 Mythril or 1500 Gems that can only be rolled on a limited number of times, usually once.
  264. - Legend Dive. The JP name for Legend Spheres, analogous to Record Spheres / Record Dives. To LD someone is to complete their Legend Sphere grid.
  266. [*] QC / HQC
  267. Quick-cast and High Quick-cast. Refers to any effect that reduces the casting time of a character's action. Quick-cast doubles cast speed, while High Quick-cast triples cast speed. QC effects of different potency (e.g., QC and HQC), as well as those which reduce cast time only for specific types (e.g., "reduces cast time for physical attacks) all stack.
  269. A number after QC or HQC indicates the number of actions for which QC is active.
  271. See also: IC, TGM
  273. [*] IC
  274. Instant-cast. Effects which reduce the cast time of the next action to 0.01, or essentially instant. Especially useful to have for Support characters, such as Entrust bots.
  276. A number after IC indicates the number of actions for which IC is active. IC1 is granted by either the 5* ability Powerchain, Soul Break effects, or a Legend Materia from a relic. IC3 is granted by certain Legend Materias associated with Spheres, and are highly valued for their utility in Entrust bots, casting necessary buffs immediately, or beginning attacks quickly.
  278. [*] TGM
  279. Thunder God's Might. An effect granted by Orlandeau's Overstrike Soul Break "Thunder God", which drastically reduces the cast time for actions. It's also granted by his Lv. 99 Record Materia Gathering Storm.
  281. [*] LS
  282. Can refer to:
  284. - Last Stand. Also known as Guts. An effect which causes a character to survive lethal hits.
  285. - Lifesiphon. A 4* combat ability which does damage and charges the Soul Break gauge, though not as fast as Wrath.
  287. [*] CT
  288. Can refer to:
  290. - Crystal Tower. A monthly boss-rush event where bosses must be taken on with four different parties. Characters used to defeat one boss cannot be used to beat another.
  291. - Cast / Charge Time.
  293. [*] SG / SS2
  294. Sentinel's Grimoire / Stoneskin II. Unique SBs which grant the Wall effect.
  296. [11.3] Common Soul Breaks ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  298. This section differentiates the Soul Breaks of popular characters, in cases where they have more than one of the same type.
  300. [*] Tyro
  301. USB1: Warder's Apocrypha. Grants self IC2, and Haste, HP Stock 2000, and Astra to the party. A niche slot-saver.
  302. USB2: Fantasy Unbound. A free effect; not top-tier.
  303. USB3: Divine Veil Grimoire. Protectga, Shellga, Hastega, and +200% DEF/RES; a.k.a. Godwall.
  304. USB4: Arbiter's Tome. Instantly grants the party Haste and 50% crit rate to all physical attacks. Grants Tyro unconditional HQC for 15 seconds and adds 10% to critical hit ratio every time Tyro uses a Support ability (up to 100%), as long as the SB's effect is active. Turns Tyro into a key Entrust bot.
  306. [*] Elarra
  307. USB1: Magika Album. Instantly heal the entire party for a large amount, grant HQC2 for all actions, and Regenga, healing a character with it for 2000 HP every two seconds. Beside Aerith USB2, this is considered one of the best general-purpose healing Soul Breaks in the game.
  308. USB2: Magika Orare. Instantly heal the entire party for a large amount, grant Elarra unconditional QC for 15 seconds, and increase the damage of all critical hits by 50% for a limited time. The second component of off-realm Torment clears, and highly prized in combination with Tyro's USB4.
  310. [*] Aerith
  311. USB1: Hidden Bloom. Instantly heal the party for a large amount and grant them Shell and HP Stock 2000. Considered to be completely powercrept by her USB2 and rarely mentioned.
  312. USB2: Innocent Cure. Instantly heal the entire party for a large amount and grant Last Stand, and HQC3 for all physical attack actions.
  314. [*] Rosa
  315. USB1: Benediction. Instantly heal the entire party for a large amount, and grant HP Stock 2000 and a Magic Blink barrier to the entire party. Considered outdated in comparison to her USB2.
  316. USB2: White Mage Wonder (IV). Instantly heal the entire party for a large amount, grant HQC2 for all actions, and Regenga, healing a character with it for 2000 HP every two seconds. A clone of Elarra USB1, whose niche over Elarra is access to 4* Support abilities, allowing her to charge Wrath quickly and spam this SB. Unlike Elarra, however, Rosa lacks 6* Bard access used for Allegro con Moto.
  318. [*] Bartz
  319. USB1: Chosen Traveler. Bartz's "chase" USB.
  320. USB2: Crystal's Chosen. Bartz's "finisher" USB.
  321. USB3: Essence of Wind. A wind-elemental USB which powercreeps the USB1 in that element.
  322. BSB1: Light of the Four. Non-elemental entry. Powercrept to hell and back.
  323. BSB2: Woken Water. Water-elemental. The first of Bartz's four elemental Bursts.
  324. BSB3: Latent Power. Earth-elemental.
  325. BSB4: Call of the Wind. Wind-elemental.
  326. BSB5: Call of the Flame. Fire-elemental.
  328. [*] Onion Knight
  329. mUSB: Forbidden Wisdom. Hastega, +30% MAG/MND; gain Sage EX Mode, which increases user's MAG. Grant QC3 to all offensive magic actions.
  330. pUSB: Forbidden Power. Hastega, +50% ATK; gain Ninja EX Mode, which increases casting speed up to seven times as user executes actions.
  331. USB3: Sage Unleashed. Often described as "magic Bartz USB1".
  333. [*] Zidane
  334. USB1: Grand Lethal. Rarely referenced unless in conjunction with his USB2.
  335. USB2: Gale Unbound. His "most powerful" Ultra.
  337. [*] Rinoa
  338. USB1: Angel Wing Frost Vortex. A "rank chase" USB.
  339. USB2: Angel Wing Ice Ruin. Her ice-elemental Brave USB.
  340. USB3: Angel Wing Earth Edict. Her earth-elemental Brave USB.
  342. [*] Tifa
  343. USB1: Meteodrive. 10x ST earth/NE attacks plus party Radiant Shield, Major Regen, and Haste.
  344. USB2: Meteor Combo. Tifa's Ability Double, highly prized.
  347. [11.4] /ffg/-specific terms ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  349. [*] Gorilla / UNGA BUNGA
  350. To gorilla something, in a general sense, is to brute-force a boss and typically ignore as many of its mechanics as possible.
  352. Can either refer to the characters themselves which are part of the strategy, or can refer to the strategy itself or its users. Used to refer to any user of a powerful Wind-element strategy centered on Cloud, Zack, and additionally Zidane. Its key components are:
  354. - Cloud's Ultra Soul Break "Ultra Cross Slash": from his 6* weapon, Force Stealer (VII)
  355. - Zack's Chain Soul Break "Lucky Stars": from his 6* weapon, Enhancer
  356. - Some Soul Break that causes Imperil Wind
  358. At full investment, a "gorilla" strategy can destroy 5* Magicite bosses, even those that are not weak to Wind. It's often thought of as brainless brute-forcing of content meant to be completed in some other way, hence the moniker "gorilla".
  360. [*] Literally who
  361. Any character not part of the main or even secondary cast of a series, especially when they seem unusually favored by DeNA in terms of Soul Breaks. The use of literally whos (especially if they are not cute girls) is considered to be filthy redditor behavior.
  363. [*] FUNGAHHHHH
  364. (n.) 1. The Typhon / Fungahhhh! stamp. /ffg/'s favorite stamp, it's all-purpose and can be used in any situation. Most commonly spammed by all players at the end of a successful raid.
  366. (v.) 1. Well fungahhh'd - well played, good raid, etc. 2. To fungah with anons - to raid with.
  368. [*] Manlet
  369. Pejorative / facetious term applied to /ffg/'s RK playerbase.
  371. [*] Meme magic
  372. Luck energy frequently requested for any /ffg/ pull of any gacha. Not to be confused with the /pol/ definition.
  374. [*] Donut
  375. From "OC do not steal" / "donut steel", referring to original characters. Refers to characters introduced in Record Keeper, like Tyro / Keeper, Elarra, or Dr. Mog. The use of donuts is often considered filthy redditor behavior as well.
  377. Occasionally used to mock characters from the DS version of III (Luneth, Arc, Refia, and Ingus), XI, or XIV as not being Final Fantasy characters.
  379. [*] Jewgle
  380. A reference to Dr. Mog. His appearance in the Relic Draw animation has led him to be associated with the process of purchase itself. Any post urging you to buy Gems / Lapis / Magicite across the FF mobages is the work of the Jewgle.
  382. [*] Tree / Void / TURTLE
  383. Refers to Exdeath.
  385. [*] Catslut
  386. Refers to Y'shtola. In reference to her apologist stance towards beastmen tribes in XIV's plot.
  388. [*] Furry
  389. Typically refers to Kelger or Fran.
  391. [*] Renewalnigger
  392. Refers to a player who benefits from the occasional re-opening of the Renewal Dungeons: events wherein all previous events dating back to the introduction of the Ultimate difficulty in early 2015 are re-opened. This allows newer players to accumulate a great deal of mythril which can then be used in bulk on rate-ups of far superior quality than what veteran players could use them on, as well as allowing them to collect all old, useful 5* accessories, skills, and orbs veterans collected, evening the playing field.
  394. [*] Australian lesbians
  395. Refers to Fang and Vanille.
  397. [*] True Hero
  398. Typically refers to Ramza or Marche.
  400. [*] Potato
  401. Can refer to either Shantotto or Papalymo.
  403. [*] Skeleton / Toblerone / Goddess
  404. Refers to Lightning / Claire Farron. Toblerone specifically refers to an edit of an NSFW doujinshi wherein Lightning's spine is pulled out and snapped in half by a Sanctum Corps guard, except that said spine is replaced by a Toblerone.
  406. [*] Ara ara
  407. Refers to Aranea.
  409. [*] UGLY
  410. Refers to Sephiroth.
  412. [*] Cuck
  413. Typically refers to either Kain or Vincent.
  415. [*] "Reddit" Raines
  416. Cid Raines, from XIII. A secondary character (i.e., literally who) who DeNA randomly decided would be a top-tier Dark / Holy magical attacker. Use of Cid Raines is seen as eschewing the use of your "favorite" characters to keep up with the meta, hence being behavior only a filthy redditor would resort to.
  418. Additionally, the term "Reddit" can be attached in some way to any character whose use is considered to be "reddit" behavior.
  420. [*] Absolutely / simply eblan
  421. Refers to Edge, and by extension his SSB2 (or USB0) Eblan Doppelganger.
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