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  1. [18:25] Gailucard (thesecondway): <C-Skitcom> Can brown rat meet Skitter on sand with Rektor?
  2. [18:25] Daena (escoodles): <C> Yeah, just give me a few.
  3. [18:25] Daena (escoodles): WHat you using it for anyway?
  4. [18:26] Daena (escoodles): holy shit lag
  5. [18:26] Gailucard (thesecondway): Probably a fighter
  6. [18:28] Second Life:
  8. [18:31] Gailucard (thesecondway): By the way
  9. [18:31] Gailucard (thesecondway): I got kicked from the corsairs a few hours ago
  10. [18:31] Daena (escoodles): wait what
  11. [18:31] Daena (escoodles): and you didn't tell em that just so you could get your reactor
  12. [18:31] Daena (escoodles): me*
  13. [18:31] Gailucard (thesecondway): Yes
  14. [18:32] Daena (escoodles): asshole
  15. [18:32] Gailucard (thesecondway): I think Vesaria kicked me because I got her character caught
  16. [18:32] Gailucard (thesecondway): But that was on Gail and not on Skitter
  17. [18:37] Daena (escoodles): i wouldnt have icly given it to her
  18. [18:37] Daena (escoodles): knowing she was removed
  19. [18:37] Daena (escoodles): so you just metagamed the shit out of a reactor, and you knew what you were doing
  20. [18:38] Daena (escoodles): you put it in the container
  21. [18:38] Daena (escoodles): and it makes me look bad
  22. [18:38] Daena (escoodles): thanks
  23. [18:38] Gailucard (thesecondway): I IC'ly asked for the reactor, and you IC'ly said you would give it back.
  24. [18:38] Daena (escoodles): yeah, if someone was no longer in the corsairs, escudo would know
  25. [18:39] Daena (escoodles): because he has a whole goddamned database for logistics, with users.
  26. [18:39] Daena (escoodles): and because you immediately told me, you knew exactly what you were doing
  27. [18:39] Daena (escoodles): so fuck you
  28. [18:40] Gailucard (thesecondway): Will you feel better if I drop the reactor?
  29. [18:40] Daena (escoodles): I'll feel better if you give it back
  30. [18:40] Gailucard (thesecondway): Corsairs can't have it
  31. [18:40] Daena (escoodles): and don't use me like that.
  32. [18:40] Daena (escoodles): it's not even the reactor, its the fact you knowingly used me
  33. [18:41] Daena (escoodles): dick move gail.
  34. [18:41] Daena (escoodles): dick move.
  35. [18:41] Gailucard (thesecondway): I don't see it like that. I'm sorry you feel that way.
  36. [18:41] Gailucard (thesecondway): And I didn't mean to hurt you.
  37. [18:41] Gailucard (thesecondway): I gotta go to work now.
  38. [18:41] Second Life: Gailucard (thesecondway) is offline.
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