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Apr 9th, 2020
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  5. I was the head of the largest business unit at Vodaphone, their headquarters in Newbury between 2013 through to 2015.
  6. I was privvy to a number of new technologies that were coming down the pipe that were going to be implemented, namely the internet of things and secondly, the 5G technology.
  7. I knew a long time ago that 5G was dangerous, but I didn't understand the correlation with the coronavirus, which I now do
  8. And I want to be able to explain that to you.
  9. There is a deliberate strategy to roll out 5G (which is the 5th generation frequencies that enable all devices to function on a much faster processing ability.
  10. With the introduction of A.I., the internet of things where all things will be connected, whther it's your car, whether it's your phone, whether it's your refrigerator, whether it's the electricity in your house - it's all going to be on a smart grid
  11. Effectively, it'll a type of Matrix, unfortunately
  12. Sorry to use that term
  13. 1:01
  14. What is happening is that mass technology has to be rolled out globally
  15. My company, that I used to work for, is Vodaphone
  16. Vodaphone is in partnership with Huawei... the Chinese telecoms company
  17. And they have been rolling out systematic 5G implementation in multiple locations.
  18. The frequency they are using and I also ran a telecoms company back in 2010 through to 2013/1024, some of you will be aware , that specialise in radio spectrum
  19. This is the ability to take external signals from satellites into buildings so that the frequency that you experience in power on your phone is the same in the building as it is outside the building
  20. When mobile networks were created initially, they thought people would be on the road all the time
  21. Hence why they were called mobile phones.
  22. But actually what happened is that people used their mobile phones in buildings, the signal wasn't strong enough to penetrate buildings
  23. That's called radio spectrum.
  24. There are different megahertz frequencies etc
  25. 2 mins
  26. So the 5G frequency is a very, very high frequency.
  27. It is just below the classification of a weapon, and I'll tell you why.
  28. The frequency that they are using which is 10 times faster than 4G, unfortunately when it comes into connection with human bodies, causes cell poisoning.
  29. Cell poisoning.
  30. So our bodies try to fight the radiation and what happens is our bodies kick out toxins, with some proteins and some DNA, RNA from our cells in the form of a chemical which is called a virus.
  31. And it will head towards orifices to be excreted or expunged out of our bodies through our noses or our mouths
  32. 2:50 min
  33. So what you are seeing is not coronavirus per se, you are seeing cell poisoning manifesting with fluids, chemicals, viruses that the body's trying to dispose of because it's harmful to its physical body.
  34. A reaction to human bodies to the electrification of the universe though 5G satellites, 5G towers, 5G cells that are being populated in major cities around the world
  35. So this is what is causing this pandemic.
  36. So sorry to say second point - this is the largest global cover-up in history for human beings based on technological advances
  37. So what is happening is not the coronavirus, it is a virus that is being produced by cell poisoning.
  38. And therefore the virus that we have is really a measure or indication of our cells excreting toxins.
  39. This is what's killing people.
  40. So let me give you some facts that will hopefully make this compelling
  41. 3:57
  42. So one of the first cities that Vodaphone, Huawei and some of the other technology companies rolled out - guess where it was
  43. Wuhan, China.
  44. Where this coronavirus was supposed to start in some fish market.
  45. That is complete nonsense.
  46. It started as a result of radio frequencies at a high level, creating radiation that was toxic to cells.
  47. And that's why people were falling over dying in the streets etc
  48. So they've tried to cover it up
  49. So because it has a flu-type characteristic, they are using coronavirus to try and hide the fact that people are dying from the 5G frequency
  50. Let me just explain how the major cities rolled this out.
  51. It takes 6 months for this to impact your physical body
  52. So last year, obviously Wuhan was the first city
  53. Then Spain rolled out 5G.
  54. Italy rolled out 5G
  55. So you're seeing an oncoming level of fatalities because of the level of 5G penetration in these countries
  56. Italy has had more fatalities than any other country because it is densely populated with 5G and the older generations don't have the immune systems to fight against it.
  57. So Italy has rolled it out.
  58. Spain has rolled it out.
  59. Most major cities have rolled it out around the world and countries
  60. London is one of the biggest CCTV centres
  61. Obviously they are in the process of rolling out more 5G.
  62. The relevance is the coronavirus is not what is killing people
  63. It is clearly, categorically, unequivocally and scientifically proven that the radio frequencies that we are being exposed to is what is killing the people.
  64. Why are they allowing it?
  65. Because of multiple agendas but primarily because 5G is the only network with the speed to handle the future.
  66. And where we are going rapidly is a world run by A.I. (artificial intelligence), the internet of things where everything is interconnected on the internet, a new global currency that is coming out.
  67. In addition to that, there will be driverless cars
  68. There'll be a number of different things that particularly need to run on 5G so they cannot reverse the implementation of this technology.
  69. 6:06
  70. Just to prove the point further, the cruise ships were installed with 5G.
  71. So the people who were quarantined on the cruise ships - they were cruise ships that have 5G and that's why the people were getting sick.
  72. Hospitals have 5G.
  73. Major cities have 5G
  74. Airports have 5G.
  75. So these are places where people will automatically get sick, exposed to the inordinate levels of radiation through radio spectrum poisoning.
  76. We've had 3 pandemics in the last 120 years
  77. The first pandemic was in 1918.
  78. It was called the Spanish Flu pandemic.
  79. This was when they implemented radio waves globally and increased the electrification of our universe.
  80. Guess what happens
  81. Millions of people died 6 months later with a pandemic they called the Spanish Flu pandemic
  82. World War 2.
  83. Just after that, another pandemic, which was the implementation of the radar equipment globally.
  84. Satellites went up, a myriad or plethora of satellites went up in ... the Van Allen belt (basically where they send satellites)
  85. So when that was implemented, again there was a number of deaths from the pandemic.
  86. The last major pandemic was in 1968 which was called the Hong Kong flu.
  87. Guess what they did then.
  88. They rolled out another level of satellite penetration in the Van Allen belt.
  89. Over 100 thousand satellites that were transmitting radar signals, radar field
  90. In the cosmic field basically
  91. These cause pandemics that killed multiple millions of people.
  92. The last one was in 1968.
  93. So guess what is happening now.
  94. They rolled out 5G and this impacting people's lives, killing people around the world and they are covering it up in the name of coronavirus.
  95. If it helps you further, one of the countries which is a huge country that has millions of people with cold weather - Russia - has had no fatalities in the area of coronavirus
  96. Because they have not implemented 5G on a public use yet
  97. They only implemented it for exclusive use by the military
  98. Hence why they have had no fatalities
  99. Just to prove the point further, you are seeing in the news now that people without underlying health issues or compromised immune systems, are falling sick and dying of corona.
  100. The reason they are dying is the radiation does not compromise, has no prejudice
  101. Young or old - this is a global phenomenon that cannot be reversed.
  102. Just on that but trust me, do some research
  103. There are some scores of articles out there on the impact, like the Boston Health Group that investigates contagions and they basically said that one of the viruses,such as the Spanish Flu one and even this one, is not a contagion.
  104. What they are doing is spreading it to people via the testing.
  105. Sorry to tbe honest but when you are tested, it gives them an opportunity to contaminate you with the virus because they want to cover up the fact that millions of people will die from the excessive radio frequencies
  106. So where will this going and why are they doing this?
  107. We know the technological reasons for it - they need a robust scaleable fast capable internet that can handle the plethora of information about all of your movements, all of your journeys, all of your banking transactions, your identification, all the CCTV cameras around the world etc
  108. Because they need visibility on what everyone is doing
  109. But the prime reason beyond that, which is Luciferian and Satanic, sorry to be honest to use that term
  110. But what is happening is they are implementing 3 new strategies.
  111. One - vaccines.
  112. The vaccines have in it, toxins
  113. One of the things about vaccines is they give you the actual disease to see how the body's immune system fight and combat the disease.
  114. So they give you the disease.
  115. But in that vaccine will consist of chemicals that light you up effectively to respond to even more powerfully to the signals
  116. So a bit like radiotherapy, but what they inject in your system, enables the cells to be destroyed
  117. That vaccine will consist of a substance that will enable the frequency of 5G to be more effective in creating more fatalities
  118. So what you are seeing around the world, is that they are buying time to build capacity for the hospitals, for the warehouses and all places they are going to convert to huge mortuaries...
  119. To house the millions of people that are going to die from what is happening
  120. It has commenced and this is why the last 5 years, I was pushing my economic model with presidents throughout Africa, to give them an alternative digital currency, an economic model that can sustain them, independent of the World Bank, independent of this New World Order controlled by the 1% of the 1% elite
  121. Now what are they doing?
  122. So you'll see in the news today, there is an announcement of the vaccines that will come
  123. I said there will be 3 developments
  124. Vaccines, which will come, which will obviously have catastrophic impact on our physical being exposed to the radiation
  125. Secondly, the vaccines will come with a tracking device called an RFID chip
  126. It is a microchip that will be inserted at same time as the vaccines
  127. This will give them the ability to track
  128. It will be presented in the name of "we need to know who has had the vaccines and who hasn't had the vaccines so we can know who's safe and who can be given licence to travel and do different things on the basis that they are no longer a threat to humanity"
  129. 12 mins
  130. The third area, unfortunately, is the introduction (and I saw this 5 years ago hence why I've been working on what I've been working on) on the implementation of digital currency.
  131. A global digital currency
  132. It will start with the US and will roll out around the world
  133. So what they are doing systematically, systemically and simulatneously?
  134. They are shutting global economies down because they want to introduce 2 things
  135. A new level of monopoly
  136. They are 4 or 5 key multinational companies
  137. Amazon will be the first
  138. Google is obviously one
  139. They will manage the supply chain of everything that we purchase
  140. So they shut the global markets down for that
  141. They want to make as many people as possible unemployedPlease do not believe these measures they are talking about grants or payments to help the self-employed
  142. It's not going to happen to any degree that's going to affect the livelihood of people
  143. We are heading to the largest global recession the world has ever seen
  144. They are bringing in the new blockchain global digital currency which we will not have access to unless we can prove that we are no longer a harm to humanity by having the vaccine, which will be mandatory.
  145. They will force them on us
  146. And secondly, they will insist we have to take the chip, which is a part of that same simultaneous process
  147. Education, employment, everything will be completely different in a matter of months; not even years
  148. Bill Gates has resigned from his position as chairman of Microsoft and as chairman of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  149. He is now pushing the vaccine agenda
  150. He has developed technology.
  151. He is responsible for a lot of this
  152. .... he is innovating for the demise of humanity
  153. Vaccines have always been a danger to humanity
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