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  1. My name is Mihail and I did a translation of this video:
  4. Currently, I may look like a villain who violates copyright rights, and Jazza is a victim, but in a few minutes, you'll understand that Jazza is actually an asshole, not a victim. And he doesn't give a fuck about his fans anymore. All he wants is MONEY for ads, and goes against what he was saying in the past!
  5. ____________
  7. So, I'm a longtime fan of Jazza. I was following him since his earliest animations, and even had a few conversations with him. I participated in his contests (dramatic death and VR oasis) and was going to participate in more contests.
  9. As I mentioned, I had a few conversations with him in the past, and he behaved like a nice guy.
  10. He allowed me to translate his Larry cartoons for my Russian viewers. He was talking in his videos about how important storytelling is, and that he loves seeing people enjoying his content.
  12. So I did a few translations and even remade them later to make the quality of sound better. I went as far as redrawing even the text inside the last Larry episode to make it fully localized.
  14. Then I did a few translations from his new channel thinking that it's a great teaching material. A video about branding (oh the irony), and a video about Tale Teller.
  15. Now, so you know, I don't really care about money - my channel is aimed at Russian audience, and they don't generate ad revenue at all. When I make a translation of a video, if I didn't get permission for a translation, I make sure to disable ads and translate description entirely, not adding anything from myself except for a link to the original video so people can thank the author and give them this ad revenue. You can see an example of description for approved translation here:
  17. Here author just monetized the video themselves instead of copyright striking it and thanked me for doing the job and exposing their work for broader audience. That's the approach of a storyteller.
  19. Apparently, somehow, this wasn't the decision Jasshole wanted to take. It looks like he got a manager who striked my channel upon seeing my translations. I was unable to stream for 3 months because of that strike. Streaming is my life and something that keeps me on the float during my severe depression, allowing me to socialize. Even more, after that strike my channel, which main focus is streaming/gaming educational content, stopped it's growth and loses a few hundreds of followers every month. It stopped the growth and lost 1427 subscribers since the incident. Downing me from almost 39k to 37024. This is the approach of a greedy corporation clerk, who stopped telling tales and being creative and just wants to destroy everything that came out of their control.
  21. So, even despite I had the original localized description. Also despite I asked in it to contact me before taking any actions. Yet despite there was a link to the original video, that Jasshole's manager just striked my channel and refused to revoke it. I tried to argue. I showed parts of our communication with Jazza but was rejected even in talking to him in persons to ask why he decided to destroy my channel.
  23. You can see our conversations in this imgur gallery:
  26. Today I got 4!!! FOUR strikes to a reuploaded Tale Teller video to a throwaway channel, as I didn't want my main channel to suffer more than it did. So they wish to DESTROY the throwaway channel. Even despite the video has 10 views only. TEN FUCKING VIEWS which I shared to people I just wanted to show an example of excellent translations and voiceovers I am capable of doing.
  28. Gallery with reuploaded and previous strike here:
  30. Note how now they give 7 days to remove content. It's a new YouTube policy to let creators avoid instant actions and harm to their channels, which wasn't available in the past. And the damage is done, and I still can't remove the video and refresh my primary teaching channel growth once again.
  32. Now, don't get me wrong, I understand that Jazza did a great job by composing the story and animating the cartoon. But I spent 2 months to make a poetically correct translation. And considering that words in Russian are longer than in English - trust me, I had A LOT of struggle with it and consulted dozens of people to verify sounding timings and everything as best as I can. I even saved the structure of rhythm to make sounding as close to original as I could. I've spent a few days recording it, so it sounded as close to the original as possible. I've rendered it in 4k and supersampled FPS to make it 60 for even smoother animation and never removed any creators' name from the cartoon.
  34. Next, let me do a few quotes from Jazza's videos, which show him as a wholesome creator, who wouldn't straight out kill smaller channels.
  36. ---- MAKING ANIMATION - Behind the Scenes
  39. 4:42 hard to write and rhythm.
  40. - Russian is harder, especially with intonation and tacts.
  42. 6:42 - I need a family to feed
  43. - I've paid for the song more than I've earned for the ads, and I would willingly even make donations for all revenue I generate overtime. I don't need that money!
  45. 15:17 - free for people to enjoy
  46. Fuck no. Free for people to give you ad revenue because you obviously don't want people to enjoy it if they don't speak English.
  48. 15:45 - resonates with you, a joy to work on
  49. This is the reason I did it - I wanted to have a joy of bringing this great animation to the public!
  51. 16:17 - look at what I made
  52. A copyright strike to a fan of yours who was spreading the word. Who was part of your community and was helping for it to grow, you sonofabitch.
  54. 17:48 - thousands of hundreds of people enjoy it
  55. On my channel, it was an extra 4 thousand. And you totally cut off part of potential Russian viewers. You don't want people to enjoy this. You want money. You may have willed to do this in the past, yet now you are a fucking greedy copyright machine with a shitty manager.
  60. 24:02 animating is hard, reaching the audience is hard
  61. And I tried to widen your audience. Russian users rarely sit in English segments of the internet.
  63. ---- The TRUTH about MCN's - (Multi-Channel Networks on YouTube)
  66. 5:52 Nothing stops you from contacting other youtubers
  67. not unless they hire a shitass manager who denies direct contacts... Or ignores your direct messages with asking for permissions after having a positive reaction to translations in the past.
  69. 12:30 people and companies genuinely wanted to help each other out
  70. Well... yes. I really wanted to spread your fucking cartoon and make it available for the Russian audience.
  72. 13:40 - cartoon can get so much attention!
  73. Now you don't want extra attention. You want to kill a smaller channel which took what is yours and wanted to help your growth further. When I paid for the music, I spent more than I earned in 2 years.
  75. 26:27 - give me your soul
  76. I tried contacting while having permission to translate previous videos. I told them that I found a way to get the music. 0 reaction. He stopped caring about his community. Now he just uses you to gain money from youtube ad, and our own art by making sponsored contents.
  78. I'm not hosting my translations elsewhere, where you won't be able to claim copyright, like VK or OK Russian social networks. I wanted to support Jazzhole by spreading the word, and I hope by now you understand why am I so upset with this course of actions.
  80. Jazza doesn't want his community anymore. All he does is feed them low-quality videos and gains revenue hosting sponsored contents.
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