Feb 10th, 2013
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  1. There was this guy named Steve who always wanted to fly but he could never fly because he couldn't afford an airplane and he saw an add in the newspaper saying that if you wanted to fly you could sign up for free and all you had to do was meet this guy in the middle of the woods and he would hook you up and although Steve wasn't sure about it he did it anyway because he really wanted to fly so he met him in the woods and he shot him with a dart that stung real bad and he passed out and when he woke up he was a pony and he was in the middle of nowhere and the man that met up with him told him that now he was his pet but he got to fly as often as he wanted just as long as he didn't try to escape but that was silly because he had wings so he escaped anyway and decided to make money by showing up to children's birthday parties and he lived in a house where all the appliances and stuff were made for hooves and it worked out really great except for when he found out that he actually COULDN'T stand on clouds like in the show but that was alright he just wanted to fly really and that's what he got.
  3. The End
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