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  1. Update v1.2.2:
  3. Fixes
  4. Steam achievements are now posted during gameplay rather than when exiting the game.
  5. Fixed Void whale encounter text (English).
  6. Fixed some walls in Security which enemies could see through.
  7. Fixed some rifts that were placed below the ground in the Dock.
  8. Fixed citizens not roaming into new rooms as much as they should.
  9. Fixed the fix to progress and locate parts being found on the same ship.
  10. Fixed jiggling on player proximity light in dark ships.
  12. Improvements
  13. Don’t generate fixed tutorial vessels when replaying the campaign after completing it.
  14. Care packages will no longer grant parts that aren’t useful due to current campaign weapon restriction mode.
  15. Food and fuel in care packages will reflect Travel Subsidy and Travel Rort upgrades even when not starting a new client.
  16. Oily footstep cadence is faster.
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