Starting with the basics and OwnCloud

Nov 4th, 2012
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  1. Clem writes...
  3. Hi guys,
  5. But as for the meat and potatoes of my comment. I am not a system administrator. I've been slowly learning little bits and pieces of info over the past few years. Specially since I went 100% GNU/Linux last year. And am working hard to move everything software wise in my life over to completely free as in freedom software. Even if it the software costs money. Any who. I really want to set up and run my own "ownCloud" server. But have absolutely no clue. Once I get it installed, I have not a single clue how to get it set up, or how to make it viewable to outside computers, or outside my local network. And I don't want to buy a domain cause I am on a very very (did I say very?) very tight budget. No more than $200 a week coming in. Sometimes $50 :-/ So running everything just off my IP address would be very preferable.
  7. I have tried any book I can find and they say they are for beginners or newbies, but either are still too over my head, or are far too old (RedHat 3 or 4 days) to actually help.
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