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DS2 Portuguese Plot Leak Translated Final

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Nov 19th, 2021
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  1. Obtained from @mutante_e_orgulhoso on Instagram, translated by DeepL
  3. -------------------------- PART 1 --------------------------
  5. The film takes place 1 year and 2 months after the events
  6. caused by Maximoff in Westview, with the
  7. WandaVision credits scene taking place 8
  8. months after the events in Westview and the movie
  9. starting 4 months after that.
  11. Baron Mordo follows through on his quest to wipe out
  12. all the wizards in the world, and hunts Maximoff
  13. finding her in her hut, at night, waiting for the
  14. right moment to attack her. He tries to
  15. to kill Maximoff with magic arrows by shooting at the
  16. but his magic has no effect, since around the hut there are
  17. around the hut are runes (shown in WandaVision).
  18. Seeing that his attempt went wrong, he tries to
  19. to run away, but Maximoff chases him, corners him and kills him.
  21. Maximoff's mind is totally corrupted by the
  22. by the "learnings" read in Darkhold, so most of the
  23. often acts without thinking. When she realizes what
  24. what she has done, she returns to the cabin in horror.
  25. Right after, we see the Marvel Studios logo.
  27. Maximoff finds a spell in which he reports that the one
  28. who conjures the creature that inhabits it
  29. can have everything he most desires.
  31. In New York, Stephen prepares for Christine's wedding
  32. that will take place in 1/2 a day. He is
  33. shaken that it won't be with him, but is proud
  34. that someone will make her happy.
  36. Stephen walks the halls of Sactum Sanctorum
  37. thinking about everything he lived with Christine and did not
  38. know how to enjoy. Wong makes a joke about this
  39. quoting a Beyoncé song.
  41. In this film, Wong is the Sorcerer Supreme and Stephen
  42. his assistant, since the Sactum doesn't have the protection
  43. of the time stone.
  45. -------------------------- PART 2 --------------------------
  47. Wong and Doctor Strange arrive at the wedding of
  48. Christine Palmer's in New York. Stephen begins to
  49. feel a presence of something and soon after we see a
  50. a portal opening near them and we see a scared girl
  51. coming out from it accompanied by a demon that pursues her.
  53. The demon is Shuma-Gorath, who was summoned by Wanda.
  54. The monster is destroying everything around there.
  55. Stephen saves Christine after a car almost crushes her.
  56. Wong and Doctor Strange begin to battle with the monster
  57. while people run away. America hides.
  59. The scene is very similar to the movie "Fantastic Four: Silver Surfer",
  60. where Sue and Reed fight Silver Surfer at their wedding.
  62. Wong holds the creature in the air, while
  63. Stephen takes out its eye.
  65. Stephen begins to demand explanations from
  66. America, but Wong interferes saying that she is
  67. just a child.
  69. America introduces herself. Wong takes the girl to
  70. go to eat. Stephen accepts the invitation only to gather
  71. information about the girl.
  73. In the pizzeria America eats as if the world is going to
  74. going to end. She is really tired! Doctor Strange interrupts
  75. the girl, telling her to eat less and start giving more explanations.
  76. America ignores him by telling Wong: "Can I have another
  77. one more of this? As you say it in this universe...peperoni!
  79. Stephen slams on the table and tells the girl to start talking.
  80. America says she is hungry. Stephen says he doesn't care, because a
  81. demon practically destroyed a city block and almost killed the love of his love
  82. while trying to catch a "brat".
  84. America mocks him and says: "He didn't try to
  85. to catch me, but to capture me!' Stephen asks
  86. why, and she says that she will only answer if they bring him
  87. another pizza like that. Wong orders the pizza. America
  88. comes to explain that he was in another universe:
  89. "Anyway, let's say that this pizza is the Multiverse.
  90. This is my reality, and this is yours.
  91. They are identical in some ways, but
  92. completely different in others".
  94. -------------------------- PART 3 --------------------------
  96. Stephen presses the girl asking what the creature wanted with her.
  97. She says she doesn't know, but is sure that the intentions are not good.
  99. Wong explains that the creature that was chasing America is Shuma Gorath:
  100. a demon of very high rank in the spirit world, which can only be accessed
  101. with strong witchcraft or by a book of black magic, mostly used by witches
  102. witches who do not follow their their purpose of protecting the world,
  103. but have rebelled against it. Wong believes that Shuma was defeated very easily,
  104. and says that based on his studies, he is not the real Shuma,
  105. and that the real Shuma will be coming after America and cause a real "nightmare".
  107. Meanwhile in her hut, Wanda no longer feels the presence
  108. of the creature she summoned. Then in an an act of desperation, she starts
  109. to flip through the book desperately.
  111. Wanda finds a part of the book that says
  112. to have access to creatures from another world, you must
  113. have a high level of knowledge/magic or be able to
  114. travel between alternate realities/worlds, but this
  115. requires a high cost. Wanda hears voices from the book
  116. telling her that she needs this in order to get
  117. her family back together, so as Maximoff is so
  118. totally shaken emotionally and physically, she
  119. thirsts for what is requested in the book.
  121. Maximoff then has an improvement in his powers, but part of her conscience
  122. and free will are being controlled by the book, but she does not does not realize it.
  124. Maximoff then begins to travel through parallel universes
  125. universes/realities in her astral form. She
  126. passes through many universes, universes which
  127. would be perfect for raising her children.
  129. Wanda hears a voice in her head saying:
  130. 'America Chavez is the key to your happiness, find the girl'
  132. Chavez feels that a part of her universe is "dying", so
  133. Stephen and Wong travel to the girl's universe through her powers.
  134. When they arrive there, Stephen feels very ill. They see a
  135. Wanda Maximoff totally out of her mind looking for
  136. for America. Wanda spots them and orders them to
  137. give her America.
  139. Stephen mentions that she is not the Wanda that he
  140. met in the battle against Thanos. Wong
  141. complements by saying that she is not.
  142. He feels that her Soul, Aura and spirit are
  143. being controlled and persuaded.
  144. Stephen tells Wong to get the girl out of there
  145. while trying to bring Wanda back to reality.
  147. -------------------------- PART 4 --------------------------
  149. Wong and America travel back to their universe and
  150. goes to Kamar Taj seeking help for the girl.
  151. Rintrah (the minotaur) assists Wong on the spot.
  153. Meanwhile in America's universe, Stephen asks Wanda
  154. why she needs the girl. Maximoff says that the girl is the key to reaching
  155. her children. Stephen tells Wanda that what she thinks
  156. she lived through was just a fantasy
  157. and it's not possible to bring it back to reality.
  158. In an act of rage, Maximoff fights him.
  160. Wanda is trying to reach her children,
  161. but she can only travel through the multiverse in astral
  162. projection, and she must travel with her whole body to
  163. reach her children. The only possible option is
  164. America Chavez, who can create portals between
  165. worlds. That's why "Wanda" wants the girl so badly.
  167. In Kamar Taj, Wong consults with other wizards and
  168. people high in power and discovers that the
  169. book of the damned "Darkhold" is
  170. responsible for Wanda's behavior.
  172. Stephen asks Wong for help by thought, he
  173. he is in trouble. Wong tells America
  174. that Strange is in trouble.
  175. America, trying to help, opens the portal to where
  176. Stephen is, but Wanda enters the
  177. portal trying to catch America. The wizards
  178. try to attack Wanda, but she puts an end to them.
  179. Wong, totally moved, cries for
  180. seeing such good people having such a horrible end.
  182. Wong is targeted and captured by Wanda while Strange and Chavez escape.
  184. Stephen and America travel into multiple realities,
  185. until they arrive in one where Mordo is the master
  186. of the mystical arts. Mordo imprisons them for
  187. destabilizing reality. Mordo imprisons America
  188. in a type of magical prison, where she is under the
  189. supervision of Clea. Mordo takes Doctor Strange to the
  190. Illuminati who protect that reality.
  192. The Illuminati team consists of: Monica
  193. Rambeau, Captain Carter, Balder and Professor
  194. Charles Xavier as its leader. Clea is part of the
  195. of the group as an advisor and faithful arm of Xavier.
  197. The Illuminati are debating whether or not to kill Strange and
  198. Strange and America, since he is
  199. messing with the fabric of reality in the
  200. multiverse and that is forbidden.
  202. -------------------------- PART 5 --------------------------
  204. Clea, who is also considered part of the team
  205. says that Chavez is a child and doesn't deserve
  206. to die, neither does Strange. Doctor Strange
  207. then tries to warn them about Wanda.
  209. We leave for a scene where
  210. Wanda is shown in this Illuminati timeline with
  211. her children. They are happy and living
  212. normal, but this ends when Wanda from our
  213. from our universe possesses her and uses her to go to the
  214. Illuminati council.
  216. Wanda arrives where the Illuminati are. Balder says
  217. she is nothing but a witch out of control and
  218. will soon be over. Wanda pushes him over the wall
  219. superimposing him and the wall.
  220. Similar to what happened to Cyclops in X-Men: Apocalypse.
  222. A fight breaks out. Xavier has a floating chair
  223. Just like the one featured in the X-Men animated series.
  225. Captain Carter prepares to cut Wanda with her
  226. sword, but Wanda throws her against Monica.
  228. Meanwhile, Clea releases America from
  229. prison and tells the girl to stay with her.
  231. Xavier and Wanda begin to fight. He tries to free
  232. Wanda from this reality from the Wanda of the
  233. timeline, in this he realizes the evil force of Darkhold
  234. Darkhold on Wanda. He warns by thought
  235. to Doctor Strange. Wanda lifts Xavier from his
  236. chair and we hear cracks of bones breaking.
  238. -------------------------- PART 6 --------------------------
  240. Doctor Strange and Mordo fight each other, as
  241. Mordo blames him for it. Clea lifts Mordo up in the
  242. in the air and knocks him away.
  244. Clea, with the help of America, manifests a spell
  245. and comes out of that reality with the girl and Stephen.
  247. Wanda in the body of Wanda from this reality, returns
  248. to the farmhouse where Billy and Tommy are projecting
  249. their powers to attack her, for she is with a shadowy
  250. figure. Wanda realizes that the creatures she summoned
  251. caused all of this under her domination and leaves
  252. that Wanda's body.
  254. Back in her real body, she realizes that
  255. the creatures are after America, for Shuma
  256. Gorath did not die and was alive, using Wanda
  257. as his puppet. She realizes that she was being
  258. used and that Shuma will kill America and
  259. use her powers to dominate all the universes.
  261. She lets go of Wong and Wong realizes that she is now
  262. free from the creatures mind control. They
  263. go to Stephen, America and Clea and Wanda asks
  264. asks them for forgiveness. They forgive her and recognize that
  265. she was in a moment of weakness. Wanda says that what
  266. the creatures wanted to do to America is reminiscent
  267. of what they did to her children. Then she vows to protect America.
  269. Shuma and the creatures go to America. Clea, Wanda
  270. and Chavez make a trio and fight them off.
  271. Stephen and Wong are the ones who finish off Shuma.
  273. Stephen tells Wanda that he will be willing to
  274. help with whatever she needs. Wanda thanks him and says
  275. that at the moment she has other plans and needs to
  276. reunite with an "old friend" [Agatha picture in background on Instagram]
  278. America receives training in perfecting her powers by Wong & Stephen.
  279. Clea returns to her reality to try to put things back together.
  281. * Information in no order of occurrence:
  282. - Loki has a cameo in the film.
  283. - "Parker" and "Harkness" are "mentioned".
  284. - The film has 2 post-credits scenes.
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