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How to not crash and burn for no reason

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Oct 17th, 2021
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  1. Follow these steps and you will keep yourself from killing your streaming career before its even gotten anywhere.
  3. General things to always keep in mind
  4. 1. Practice good opsec. People cant dig up your past and cause you trouble if you don't leave that shit around in the first place. Even the most innocuous shit imaginable can be used to fuck you up or lead people in the wrong direction. Don't fuck around with this, you gain nothing by connecting your name to a previous account.
  6. 2. "Someone is being a dick in my chat/twitter replies/comments! What do I do?!" The safest thing to do is to just block and ignore. Dunking on them might feel good but you don't gain anything from it and run the risk, even if small, of pissing people off. It cant be understated that the best way to handle a drama shitstorm is to prevent it from ever happening in the first place. You don't want to let anyone find a reason to drag you into a problem, so hold off the urge to reply with some totally epic own.
  8. 3. Don't reply to bait or general negative messages on /vt/. This one SHOULD be obvious but apparently not. There are a lot of ways that you can fuck up and reveal who you are despite being on an anonymous website and the surest way to not do this is to not reply to negative messages. Not only are you going to convince a grand total of zero people, but you will actually encourage people to shit on you even more. Advertise yourself all you want on /vt/ but the moment you start letting people control your responses by replying to bait, they will shitpost you even harder. Again: do not reply to them.
  10. Now lets say you failed to follow these general rules, and you have either been doxxed, dragged into drama, said something irresponsible, are being canceled, or have had clips and/or old logs surface where you have done or said something that pisses of your fans or general audience.
  12. Again, follow the golden rule and DO NOT ENGAGE. They can't get information from you if you don't give it to them and things like this blow over after a couple days if you don't feed the fire. The only time it is ever acceptable to reply to any dramashit is if you are directly being accused of doing something illegal like raping someone or something ridiculous like that. In a case like this, unless you have 100% complete and undeniable proof that you didn't do what you are accused of doing, the ONLY thing you should say is something along the lines of "all accusations are false" and then refrain from feeding the fire any further. Say as little as you can and just let it blow over. People WILL forget about it if you just give it time, getting panicked is going to make things worse.
  14. In case of drama/accusation/dox/etc., under absolutely no circumstances should you:
  15. Sperg out on twitter, /vt/, or discord
  16. Rally your friends to create a defense force
  17. Desperately try to defend yourself
  18. Delete your account
  19. Mass delete tweets
  20. Make a bunch of cryptic tweets
  21. Hold some kind of "debunking" stream
  22. Start insulting people
  23. Get snarky or sassy
  24. Admit to anything to close friends EVEN IF YOU ACTUALLY DID IT.
  25. None of this helps and you are actively hurting yourself if you do even one of these things. Calm down and step away from the computer if you really cannot handle it.
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