Introducing Casshan/Awful Timing

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  1. (2:05:24 PM) DarkenedHG: Casshan finally makes her way to the chancel.
  2. (2:05:45 PM) DarkenedHG: The train pulls in and she steps onto the platform... just in time to watch the sky shatter like a mirror in the air above her.
  3. (2:12:31 PM) DarkenedHG: Rather predictably  people begin to scream and run.
  4. (2:13:40 PM) ***Casshan steps out and frowns.
  5. (2:13:58 PM) ***Casshan grabs someone by the collar and points up. "What's happening?"
  6. (2:14:27 PM) DarkenedHG: "WHY WOULD I KNOW?"
  7. (2:14:30 PM) DarkenedHG: He screams.
  8. (2:14:52 PM) ***Casshan drops him.
  9. (2:15:01 PM) Casshan: "Fine, just stay out of my way."
  10. (2:15:19 PM) ***Casshan kicks off the ground and soars towards the breach in the sky.
  11. (2:15:35 PM) Casshan: Or wait. Is it... the whole sky?
  12. (2:16:18 PM) DarkenedHG: Yes
  13. (2:18:18 PM) ***Casshan taps her ear a few times and tries to phone Moldavite up.
  14. (2:19:36 PM) DarkenedHG: "Hello! Hello, you've reached Moldavite. Sorry to say I'm out of the office right now on unavoidable business. If this is the Russian Cyber-Mafia, then I'm terribly sorry and I'll get back to you ASAP with all that money. Promises. Totes sincere here, Toodles."
  15. (2:19:46 PM) theweepingman is now known as Ai_Nitami
  16. (2:19:49 PM) DarkenedHG: Casshan does see a solitary bird getting assaulted by dozens of bigger nastier, sharper clones.
  17. (2:20:54 PM) Casshan: "Oh, come on! You have a phone to do ONE thing, and that's so you can get messages!"
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