Josie and the Dragonettes

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  1. >Alexandra smirked in triumph. She had finally found a way to get rid of those rivals of hers once and for all. A little bribery had led her to obtain some kind of least that's what the old bat who sold it to her said. She didn't believe a word that woman said, of course, but the opportunity to finally find a way to upstage those girls for a performance was simply too good to pass up. She soaked in the crowd's confusion with glee. She barely even bothered glancing at the label for more than 2 seconds before she poured it into their lemonade a few hours ago. She recalled hearing a strange moaning in their dressing room; then shook off this thought for the time being.
  2. >Suddenly, the curtain went up as the emcee went on stage. Adjusting his bow-tie, the man tapped the microphone for a few seconds before speaking: "And now, before we go on with the show, our main act tonight has had a little...change in their appearance but their music is as good as ever. Put your hands together for: Josie and the Dragonettes!" Alexandra, like the rest of the audience, was confused by this name change until the band came out on stage. The three of them weren't in their usual outfits. Of course, this was because they were wearing the tattered remains of those outfits on their enormous bottom-heavy scaled bodies. Each girl shared the same small wings, the same white horns and the same green scales, although Valerie's was a darker hue...evidently, the potion maker had a morbid sense of humour. As the trio instantly launched into a new version of their theme song: "Josie and the Dragonettes! With scaled tails and fire breath!", Alexandra fainted in defeat. As the crowd cheered on, all Sebastian the cat could do was snicker at his master's misfortune.
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