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Hard Cider 2

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  1. 3 Years later
  3. *sik sik sik*
  4. "Mmmmhm."
  5. *sik si-* "Ooh! Watch those teeth, Pearl!"
  6. "Awm sawry mawhah."
  7. "And I told you to stop speaking with a full mouth!"
  8. Rarity leans her head back on her big pillow, closing her eyes and focussing on the feeling of gentle little lips draining her engorged teats.
  9. She can sense how every little droplet escapes her with each suckle. Warm, sweet liquid spraying down a hungry maw.
  10. "Ooooh, mmhhmm."
  11. Pearl, blissfully unaware about what kind of stimulation she provides her mother, slows down in her efforts before slowly pulling off her mothers teat, accompanied by an audible *pop*.
  12. "Mmmah! I'm sorry mama, but I'm full!"
  13. "It's alright dear."
  14. The little earthpony stands up and walks toward the door.
  15. "I'm gonna visit auntie Applebloom and see what Shimmer's doing!"
  16. Rarity lowers her right hindleg. As much as she needs the feeling of being drained this position of laying on her side and lifting her leg is simply not optional and rather unrefined, now that she thinks about it. At least it is better than standing, which is something she really can't do for a prolonged time in her current state.
  17. "Be careful, darling!" Rarity manages to exclaim before the little bundle of energy runs out of the rooms and slams the door shut. She got her looks, but that unnatural strength comes defintely from her father.
  18. Rarity exhales deeply and leans back, trying to find a comfortable position, as she hears steps clopping towards her door. A smile appears on her face, knowing exactly what comes next.
  20. Big Mac opens the door his and Rarity's bedroom.
  21. After long day of applebucking, pulling heavy carts and fixing barns, there is one thing he can always look forward to - There she is, his beautiful wife:
  22. Rarity is laying on the bed on her side, her back supported by countless pillows. With a warm, soft smile on her face she is practically beaming in motherly glow. After her first pregnancy she filled out so nicely, soft layers of delicate chub padding her hips and posterior, accentuating her newfound destiny in life as a fertile mother. Her right forehoof caresses her rotund mid, barely able to reach over it.
  23. "Triplets.." Big Mac thinks to himself, as his breaths becomes more strong and deep. He is an incredibly lucky stallion. Only the rarest mares in Equestria have been reported to ever carry triplets. He steadily walks towards the bed, oogling Rarity's swollen belly. It has been only 7 months so far, but already has she reached a size that would make other mares about to go into labor blush. He can clearly see the darkened skin and her poking bellybutton through the fair fur. As he reaches the bed he is nearly trembling in anticipation.
  24. "Hello, sweetheart. How wa-oomp!" Rarity is silenced by a kiss. As the short but intense, but mainly sloppy makeout session goes on, Big Mac can feel himself harden, his body aching for a release of all the tension that dwells within him.
  25. They both break the kiss, a single strand of saliva dripping down on the sheet. Rarity winces for a second, but quickly forgets that short outburst when her gaze wanders towards Big Mac's splendid tool, eagerly twitching beneath him and already producing copious amounts of pre. She looks her husband in his eyes, smiling as she lifts her leg again, revealing her own wetness clearly showing that she is as eager as he is.
  26. Big Mac can't take it anymore. He pretty much jumps on the bed and turns Rarity around on all fours, her forelegs down while her hindlegs far apart to accommodate room for her large mid, her behind sticking up in the air.
  27. "Oh YES!" Rarity screams as she sees him positioning his forehooves besides her head. She feels his penis prodding her entrance, her winking clit desperately trying to invite her stallion into her.
  28. "Ah've been waiting all day for this..."
  29. Rarity bites her lower lip as she senses Big Mac pulling back a bit. Right after that he grunts loudly, thrusting his entire length into her.
  30. "Oh Celestia yes yes yes please rut me rut me rut me ooooohh.." Rarity is reduced to a moaning mess, her tongue lolling out of her mouth as her eyes go blank.
  31. Big Mac smiles to himself, proud of how well trained Rarity has become.
  32. He begins to gyrate and thrust slowly, small but strong thrusts, each time accompanied by a loud long moan coming from his mare. He closes his eyes, tries to feel the jiggle of her soft rump each time his hips connect to hers, how the sway of her heavy belly causes her to bounce back- and forward on his length, listens to the wet noises that come from his balls smacking into her filled udder, her warm liquid dripping down his testicles and staining the sheet.
  33. "UNF...UNF...What are you?"
  34. "Ah! I...unh...mmmhm...am your wife!"
  35. He thrusts harder.
  36. "Ah said WHAT ARE YOU?"
  37. "Oooh Celestia yes! I....I...ooooh...am...I...unh...I AM YOUR FAT BROODMARE! RUT ME LIKE THE SLUT OF A MARE I AM!"
  38. That is all the motivation Big Mac needs. Time to end this.
  39. He pulls out. "No! Why are y-Wah!" He turns her over on her back and drags her towards the edge of the bed before plunging back right into her, her pregnant belly now right in front of him. He places both his fronthooves on her mid and starts to rub her tender skin.
  41. Rarity absolutely looses herself in pleasure. Big Mac's violent thrusts have awakened the foals inside her. 3 sets of tiny little hooves kick and press inside her swollen womb, the small pangs of pain with the rough rubbing of her stallion creating a unique mixture of sensations that drives her crazy.
  42. This only encourages the Stallion even further. His nostrils flare as he lets go of her belly and plants his hooves besides her for more leverage, slamming his hips into Rarities with almost unnatural ferocity.
  43. Big Mac grunts loudly as he feels his member twitch and finally pumping his seed into his broodmare. All stress, all the tension from working the entire day leaves him as the contracting walls inside Rarity coax his shaft to unleash load after load.
  44. Rarity can feel his warm juices splashing into her as she finally goes over the edge. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!" a shrill scream espaces her as her eyes roll up and she just blankly stares at the ceiling.
  45. He starts to dismount her, slowly pulls out. A long squelching noise can be heard as Big Mac tries to free himself from her vice like grip. A low "aaaah" leaving her open mouth.
  46. Big Mac bites his lip looking at Rarity. Lying there on her back on the edge of the bed, her vulva still winking from the height of her orgasm and dripping with his seed, her hindlegs twitching whenever a tiny kick inside her trembling belly send a signal to her overloaded brain. He smiles, leans down and kisses Rarity on her bellybutton.
  47. "She will be back to a more...receptive state soon.", he thinks, leaving the room to make supper for both her and him. Looking back to her, how is she laying there, panting, her large mid trembling with life, he can feel himself harden again. "Good thing Ah made sure Pearl and Shimmer stay with ma sisters tonight."
  49. END
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