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Kingdom Hearts Wiki Roundtable - September 5, 2014

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Sep 5th, 2014
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  2. Session Start: Fri Sep 05 12:32:51 2014
  3. Session Ident: #KHWiki-noticeboard
  4. [12:32] * Now talking in #KHWiki-noticeboard
  5. [12:32] * Topic is 'Welcome to #KHWiki-noticeboard, the official channel for business and wiki-related discussions on the subject of the independent KHWiki! Please refrain from socializing in this channel. You can do so in #KHWiki-social instead. Next Roundtable: August 8th. Check out the current issue of the KHWiki magazine!'
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  11. [13:28] <FifteenthMember> Okay. Roundtable commence.
  12. [13:29] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Ok
  13. [13:29] <+Neumannz> wooooooooo
  14. [13:29] <KeybladeSpyMaste> First agenda item: "Should we add the magazine and Cleanup of the Month to the "Community" section of the navigation sidebar?"
  15. [13:30] <FifteenthMember> I don't see what harm it'd do
  16. [13:30] <FifteenthMember> So I thought it'd be useful
  17. [13:30] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Chain says yes, and I do, too.
  18. [13:31] <FifteenthMember> Besides, the Keyhole has big advertisement on the magazine there (on their home page and in their sidebar) so I think we should do the same
  19. [13:31] <FifteenthMember> So yeses all round? Should we move on?
  20. [13:31] <+Neumannz> YAY
  21. [13:31] <+Neumannz> PROGRESS
  22. [13:31] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Wait, so we should also add an big advertisement for the magazine?
  23. [13:32] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Or just the additions to the sidebar.
  24. [13:32] <FifteenthMember> Just the sidebar
  25. [13:32] <+Neumannz> maybe for a couple weeks after release we could have an annoucement
  26. [13:32] <+Neumannz> like, in the sitenotice
  27. [13:32] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Ok. That works for me.
  28. [13:32] <FifteenthMember> And update the one we have now
  29. [13:32] <FifteenthMember> It still says "will release in July" :<
  30. [13:33] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Yeah, that ought to be changed.
  31. [13:33] <+Neumannz> heh
  32. [13:33] <FifteenthMember> Next topic?
  33. [13:33] <KeybladeSpyMaste> "Determine whether or not we need additional staff to help with the wiki's projects, and (However that's done...) hold elections, if needed. "
  34. [13:34] <FifteenthMember> Err, I'm not sure
  35. [13:35] <KeybladeSpyMaste> I just brought this up more because it seems to me that with the sudden loss of staff activity, the remaining staff could use an additional hand, even if it's temporary.
  36. [13:35] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Xion seems against it altogether.
  37. [13:35] <FifteenthMember> With 2.5's release, there will be more activity so we may need a helping hand
  38. [13:36] <KeybladeSpyMaste> That's what I was thinking, too. Especially since Re:coded is supposed to be so much different. and have so much more information than when it was released.
  39. [13:36] <KeybladeSpyMaste> (supposedly)
  40. [13:36] <+Neumannz> anything in particular that specifically needs staff?
  41. [13:36] <FifteenthMember> I'm not against or for it.
  42. [13:37] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Just thought it'd help ease any burdens on you and NinjaShiek, who've been keeping up with the efforts from the projects.
  43. [13:38] <KeybladeSpyMaste> HOWEVER, if you guys don't feel you need the help (you guys don't feel any burden or pressure), then I don't mind not adding any more staff.
  44. [13:38] <FifteenthMember> It doesn't hurt to have another person to help with changing sitenotice, moving images, deleting pages etc.
  45. [13:38] <+Neumannz> true
  46. [13:38] <FifteenthMember> Dragoon, your opinion?
  47. [13:39] <+Dragoon> what is it we're doing?
  48. [13:39] <FifteenthMember> Do we need more staff?
  49. [13:40] <FifteenthMember> We should probably ask UC, Shard and Ninja
  50. [13:41] <FifteenthMember> Cos if we do get more staff, I agree with the former/active staff deciding on who.
  51. [13:42] <KeybladeSpyMaste> So then we ask them and decide from there? Ok.
  52. [13:43] <FifteenthMember> NZ, opinion on what we should do?
  53. [13:45] <FifteenthMember> We could do it like how the forum Xion mentioned did
  54. [13:45] <FifteenthMember>
  55. [13:45] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Yeah, I think that's what I saw how the elections have been held in the past.
  56. [13:45] <+Neumannz> probably a good idea
  57. [13:46] <FifteenthMember> So we do a petition and if enough people sign, we proceed
  58. [13:46] <FifteenthMember> How much is "enough people" though?
  59. [13:46] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Ok.
  60. [13:47] <+Neumannz> need to bug staff to take part
  61. [13:47] <KeybladeSpyMaste> I don't know. Hmm....there are about ten of us active on most days.....
  62. [13:47] <FifteenthMember> Our active user probably amounts to about ten editors (agree?) but including semi-active there should be more
  63. [13:47] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Yeah.
  64. [13:48] <FifteenthMember> So what do you think? Seven? Eight?
  65. [13:49] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Yeah, that's fine.
  66. [13:49] <FifteenthMember> It's hard to place a number
  67. [13:49] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Six?
  68. [13:50] <FifteenthMember> Let's just put a petition out there and see the results
  69. [13:50] <FifteenthMember> If there's a general postive vibe, we go for it
  70. [13:50] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Ok, that works.
  71. [13:50] <FifteenthMember> If there's more queries than support, we don't
  72. [13:51] <FifteenthMember> Neumannz, Dragoon, okay with that?
  73. [13:51] <+Neumannz> yes
  74. [13:51] <FifteenthMember> Let's move on then
  75. [13:52] <KeybladeSpyMaste> "SEIWA -- What do we do with this?"
  76. [13:52] <FifteenthMember> Are we disbanding then?
  77. [13:52] <KeybladeSpyMaste> I don't know.
  78. [13:53] * FifteenthMember is indifferent on the topic
  79. [13:53] <FifteenthMember> Is there harm in leaving a dead site around in the hopes that someone will come to pick it up?
  80. [13:53] <KeybladeSpyMaste> I want to know what we want to do with this. We (as far as I've been able to tell) are the ones who started this, but it's...dead. And so are two of the wikis on it.
  81. [13:53] <FifteenthMember> Which two?
  82. [13:54] <KeybladeSpyMaste> CronoWiki has had three edits in the last month. Square Enix Wiki hasn't had edits at all in a while.
  83. [13:54] <FifteenthMember> Who's in charge of SEIWA?
  84. [13:54] <FifteenthMember> We could become independant sites, then...
  85. [13:56] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Chain suggested when we break it apart and then become regular affiliates.
  86. [13:56] <+Neumannz> might be best
  87. [13:56] <FifteenthMember> Yeah? Then, let's contact all its members then.
  88. [13:57] <FifteenthMember> Who's going to be in charge of that?
  89. [13:58] <FifteenthMember> I'll do it then
  90. [13:58] <FifteenthMember> Let's move on
  91. [13:58] <FifteenthMember> DisneyWiki update:
  92. [13:59] <+Neumannz> {sigh}
  93. [13:59] <FifteenthMember> So stuff is happening then
  94. [13:59] <+Neumannz> is it?
  95. [13:59] <FifteenthMember> Slowly, but...
  96. [13:59] <KeybladeSpyMaste> brb
  97. [13:59] <FifteenthMember> It's going.
  98. [13:59] <+Neumannz> so what exactly is going on there
  99. [14:00] <FifteenthMember> From my perspective, I see KSM rewriting a few of their pages. I sometimes go around and summarise their KH-stuff
  100. [14:00] <FifteenthMember> The DisneyWiki editors themselves occasionally pitch in
  101. [14:01] <FifteenthMember> Honestly, I want to prioritise adding attribution templates before rewrites and stuff
  102. [14:01] <+Neumannz> would that be a lot of work?
  103. [14:02] <FifteenthMember> Because there's a lot of copied pages without them. I add them when I see them, but I really don't know how their organisation works
  104. [14:02] <FifteenthMember> Cos most of their categories are incomplete
  105. [14:02] <Byzantinefire> And on a side note i don't really want 15 being on disney wiki.
  106. [14:02] <FifteenthMember> It woule be a HUGE load of work
  107. [14:02] <FifteenthMember> *would
  108. [14:03] <FifteenthMember> Something I've noticed: Remember how all the gameplay articles and commands were deleted?
  109. [14:03] <+Neumannz> What about with AWB
  110. [14:03] <FifteenthMember> All the images and .gifs are still there
  111. [14:03] <KeybladeSpyMaste> back
  112. [14:03] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Where are we, then.
  113. [14:03] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Oh. I see.
  114. [14:03] <FifteenthMember> Huge amounts of them are orphaned and not in categories so it's literally impossible to find
  115. [14:04] <FifteenthMember> literally</s> kinda
  116. [14:04] <FifteenthMember> AWB could be helpful for files
  117. [14:05] <FifteenthMember> But even still, it'd be a huge amount of work
  118. [14:05] <FifteenthMember> Because their galleries contain nearly every screenshot available
  119. [14:05] <+Neumannz> if they're really uncategorized/orphaned, that's not REALLY hard to find
  120. [14:05] <+Neumannz> there are Special: pages for those
  121. [14:05] <FifteenthMember> You'd have to sift through the orphaned category
  122. [14:05] <KeybladeSpyMaste> I think if we find the gifs that this wiki had taken, we can take them down. Or give them the attribution template.
  123. [14:06] <+Neumannz> were there a lot that were NOT uploaded by byz?
  124. [14:06] <FifteenthMember> I think yes
  125. [14:06] <FifteenthMember> Byz, wasn't the only copier/uploader
  126. [14:06] <KeybladeSpyMaste> I don't know, I joined the party late... Still, it'd be hard to find the files anyways.
  127. [14:06] <Byzantinefire> I'm right here you know.
  128. [14:07] <+Neumannz> you could also answer
  129. [14:07] <+Neumannz> do we happen to know who the other were?
  130. [14:07] <KeybladeSpyMaste> He's uploaded a ton of files since. We'd have a lot of work just to get to that point in time in his contributions page.
  131. [14:07] <+Neumannz> nuts
  132. [14:07] <FifteenthMember>
  133. [14:08] <FifteenthMember> "A maximum of 1,000 results are available in the cache."
  134. [14:08] <FifteenthMember> Yeah, lots of sifting
  135. [14:08] <FifteenthMember> Another huge batch of images are linked to by maybe one person in their userspace so they don't show up in that category
  136. [14:08] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Surely there are more than 1,000 unused files. So there may be even more that we aren't on that page, either.
  137. [14:08] <FifteenthMember> They're the hardest to find
  138. [14:08] <FifteenthMember> *special page
  139. [14:08] <+Neumannz> goddamn
  140. [14:10] <KeybladeSpyMaste> I brought this topic up because in May, we said we'd visit the progress of this project occasionally. Also to see if there's any way/idea to make the process easier.
  141. [14:10] <FifteenthMember> <example>
  142. [14:10] <+Neumannz> and so far the answer to that seems to be "no"?
  143. [14:11] <FifteenthMember> Yeah
  144. [14:11] <FifteenthMember> That's the problem :<
  145. [14:11] <FifteenthMember> If we notify Wikia, would they have any tools to help?
  146. [14:11] <FifteenthMember> I doubt it, though.
  147. [14:11] <KeybladeSpyMaste> One idea I've got that Byz suggested is to look for everyone on the DisneyWiki with their Kingdom Hearts userbox, and get them on board with the project. Because really, its a project literally the size of the Kingdom Hearts WIki, but only Byz, FM, SilverFlight, and I are working on it.
  148. [14:12] <KeybladeSpyMaste> I don't think Wikia would help.
  149. [14:12] <KeybladeSpyMaste> They'd point to the liscence, and tell us that they have the right to have copied the pages and simply add the attribution template on it.
  150. [14:12] <FifteenthMember> Noteworthy point: Look at the file history of the example I linked. LegaliseAnythingMuppets uploaded it
  151. [14:12] <FifteenthMember> So there were more uploaders
  152. [14:13] <KeybladeSpyMaste> *license
  153. [14:13] <+Neumannz> argh
  154. [14:13] <+Neumannz> this is the worst
  155. [14:13] <FifteenthMember> KSM, the point is we want them to add the attribution template on it
  156. [14:13] <FifteenthMember> If they have it, it's okay
  157. [14:13] <KeybladeSpyMaste> So then, we don't rewrite the articles. We leave them copied as-is?
  158. [14:13] <KeybladeSpyMaste> I thought the whole idea was to re-write them so they're not copied word-for-word.
  159. [14:14] <FifteenthMember> I thought rewriting and summarising articles was something we were doing to help them, as a Wiki
  160. [14:15] <KeybladeSpyMaste> I thought that was the conclusion this wiki had come to. That the DisneyWiki articles HAD to be rewritten. If all we're gonna do is add the attribution template, that could be done easily with AWB.
  161. [14:15] <FifteenthMember> But after realising the scope of the project, I focused mainly on attribution
  162. [14:15] <FifteenthMember> The DisneyWiki articles SHOULD be rewritten but that comes after attributing everything first
  163. [14:16] <FifteenthMember> That was what I thought
  164. [14:16] <+Neumannz> can we attribute everything with AWB?
  165. [14:16] <+Neumannz> like, easily?
  166. [14:18] <KeybladeSpyMaste> DisneyWiki does want the articles de-plagiarized (if that's a word...). Their current policy is to not copy anything from any wiki.
  167. [14:18] <KeybladeSpyMaste> As for AWB, wouldn't it be just bring up all the articles under the Kingdom Hearts category and add the attribution template?
  168. [14:19] <Byzantinefire> Its still a stupid rule.
  169. [14:19] <+Neumannz> if they're all categorized, it can be done easily
  170. [14:20] <+Neumannz> if there's any trickiness to this attribution business, it'll be for the uncategorized images
  171. [14:20] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Plus, all the characters and worlds are listed on the project page, and they're "sorted" by re-written and not re-written.
  172. [14:21] <+Neumannz> good
  173. [14:21] <KeybladeSpyMaste> And since December, all the other pages that aren't characters, worlds, or game titles have been removed and merged into the Gameplay in the Kingdom Hearts series articles
  174. [14:21] <FifteenthMember> The uncategorised stuff is the problem
  175. [14:22] <+Neumannz> which is just images?
  176. [14:23] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Yeah. Anything that isn't on one of those hub pages or on the project page can still slip through the cracks. Like the manga article you brought up earlier, FM.
  177. [14:23] <KeybladeSpyMaste> I don't think it's just images. But images do make up the vast majority of it.
  178. [14:24] <FifteenthMember> When I was looking for character articles, I had to check our category for Disney characters and searched each entry from there
  179. [14:24] <FifteenthMember> Cos there were some that weren't categorised correctly
  180. [14:25] <KeybladeSpyMaste> I think I'm missing (on the project page) characters that appeared in worlds introduced in Birth by Sleep.
  181. [14:25] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Most every other character is on that page, though.
  182. [14:25] <+Neumannz> that can be fixed easily enough
  183. [14:26] <FifteenthMember> It's these that are the problem
  184. [14:26] <FifteenthMember>
  185. [14:26] <FifteenthMember> Won't show up in the special:unusedfiles page and no categories
  186. [14:28] <FifteenthMember> Is there any possibility of just having the Disney Wiki say somewhere "Some content may be taken from the KHWiki" like chocolates being made in the same factory as nuts?
  187. [14:28] <+Neumannz> if we can find pages that have those
  188. [14:28] <FifteenthMember> And by "somewhere", I mean a big page. Home, About, Disclaimer etc.
  189. [14:28] <+Neumannz> like
  190. [14:28] <+Neumannz> AWB can handle those
  191. [14:29] <FifteenthMember> That'd cut down a large portion of it
  192. [14:30] <+Neumannz> wow, all the d-link icons...
  193. [14:31] <+Neumannz> dammit, guys...
  194. [14:31] <+Neumannz> byz, you're helping out, too, yes?
  195. [14:32] <Byzantinefire> Reluctantly so.
  196. [14:32] <KeybladeSpyMaste> So then, what do we want to do with this project? Do we want to re-write the articles still? Do we want to just add the attribution and leave the articles for the DisneyWiki to de-plagiarize if they want?
  197. [14:32] <FifteenthMember> :<
  198. [14:32] <+Neumannz> byz, a lot of these images you uploaded yourself
  199. [14:33] <Byzantinefire> I want to preserve the pages and images.
  200. [14:33] * Nezzy ( has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
  201. [14:34] <+Neumannz> DAMMIT BYZ
  202. [14:34] <FifteenthMember> It's been a year. A damn year. And you're still saying the same thing x_x
  203. [14:34] <+Neumannz> JUST HELP WITH THE ATTRIBUTION
  204. [14:34] <Byzantinefire> That at least i can do.
  205. [14:34] <KeybladeSpyMaste> The images, I'm assuming, we're not taking down. So we just add the attribution, right?
  206. [14:34] <Byzantinefire> Correct.
  207. [14:35] <FifteenthMember> KSM: I'm just here to get the attribution over and done with. Beyond that, I've given up investing myself any further
  208. [14:35] <+Neumannz> well, we can't, we don't have rights
  209. [14:35] <+Neumannz> deletion is not something we can do, anyway
  210. [14:35] <FifteenthMember> Meh, free advertisement?
  211. [14:35] <FifteenthMember> One positive thing out of this dirthole situation
  212. [14:35] <KeybladeSpyMaste> True.
  213. [14:37] <FifteenthMember> Byz, do you know how to use AWB?
  214. [14:37] <Byzantinefire> Not really.
  215. [14:37] <FifteenthMember> Would you be able to learn?
  216. [14:37] <Byzantinefire> probably.
  217. [14:38] <Nezzy> After
  218. [14:38] <Nezzy> Not now
  219. [14:38] <Byzantinefire> it seems to be a mediawiki thing.
  220. [14:38] <Nezzy> You can start with the images on your namespace, in any case
  221. [14:38] <Nezzy> It's not a mediawiki thing
  222. [14:38] <FifteenthMember> Then could you do that to clear away the unattributed images.
  223. [14:39] <Byzantinefire> i meant the awb thing.
  224. [14:39] <KeybladeSpyMaste> I'm looking what can be done with AWB for attributing the articles and images.
  225. [14:39] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Since I'm still a little new to the program.
  226. [14:40] <Nezzy> There is an option to append text
  227. [14:40] <Nezzy> At the beginning or end
  228. [14:41] <KeybladeSpyMaste> We want it at the beginning, right?
  229. [14:41] <Nezzy> Yes
  230. [14:42] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Then it could easily be done.
  231. [14:43] * Coldasfiyah (~chatzilla@seiwa/khwiki/Coldasfire) has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
  232. [14:43] <FifteenthMember> What do we tell the admins?
  233. [14:43] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Hey CAF
  234. [14:44] <Coldasfiyah> I'm here, you can start the party now!
  235. [14:44] <FifteenthMember> *confetti*
  236. [14:44] <Coldasfiyah> JK I never go to parties anyways. What's on the agenda?
  237. [14:44] <FifteenthMember> Want a log?
  238. [14:44] <KeybladeSpyMaste> We could tell them that as a wiki, we're just gonna help with the attribution.
  239. [14:44] <Coldasfiyah> A concise summary?
  240. [14:44] <KeybladeSpyMaste> of Articles and images.
  241. [14:45] <KeybladeSpyMaste> If anyone wants to help with their re-writing (because I'm pretty sure they still want to do that), they can, but it won't be as part of what the wiki wants/asks for.
  242. [14:45] <Nezzy> Yeah
  243. [14:46] * The15thMember ( has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
  244. [14:46] <The15thMember> [21:46:13] <FifteenthMember> We're gonna have a petition to see if people want new staff members on the KHWiki
  245. [14:46] <The15thMember> [21:46:28] <FifteenthMember> And the DisneyWiki situation is being dealt with
  246. [14:46] <The15thMember> So if that's over, let's continue?
  247. [14:46] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Ok.
  248. [14:46] <The15thMember> (Is someone logging and summarising by the way?)
  249. [14:46] <KeybladeSpyMaste> I am.
  250. [14:46] * FifteenthMember ( Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
  251. [14:46] <KeybladeSpyMaste> "The red blanks in the Staff Policy need some filling in."
  252. [14:47] <The15thMember> I kinda tweaked it when I added it to the full KHWiki:Staff Policy
  253. [14:47] <KeybladeSpyMaste> I'm not sure what Chain is referring to...
  254. [14:47] <The15thMember> So is anyone against that?
  255. [14:47] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Yeah, I thought that if he refers to red numbers in his proposal, that it was already done.
  256. [14:48] <KeybladeSpyMaste> I'm okay with it.
  257. [14:49] <The15thMember> All agreed? Let's move on...?
  258. [14:50] <The15thMember> End of Year Eventy
  259. [14:50] <The15thMember> *Event
  260. [14:52] <The15thMember> So, I take it we're going with ANX's idea?
  261. [14:52] <The15thMember>
  262. [14:52] <The15thMember> Hers is the pretty much only developed idea, and it sounds like fun
  263. [14:53] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Sure. I don't mind.
  264. [14:53] <Nezzy> What was it again
  265. [14:54] <The15thMember> Like a user trivia thingy
  266. [14:54] <KeybladeSpyMaste> I had hoped to do something with KHHD 2.5
  267. [14:55] <The15thMember> " Well, my idea was to have a user trivia, like have users send something not many people know about themselves to the wiki email (I believe we have one.) and make a list on the End of the Year official page, all at once. The users take notes on which user they think each statement belongs to."
  268. [14:55] <The15thMember> No mulitplayer with BbS :<
  269. [14:56] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Yeha.
  270. [14:56] <KeybladeSpyMaste> *Yeah
  271. [14:56] <KeybladeSpyMaste> But UC had mentioned doing something similar to what was done with the 2012 End of Year Even.
  272. [14:56] <KeybladeSpyMaste> *Event
  273. [14:56] <The15thMember> He never said he's idea on the forum
  274. [14:57] <The15thMember> Let's leave it open for a week and I'll notify him about it
  275. [14:57] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Yeah. I think in part because we wouldn't all have the game by the end of the year.
  276. [14:57] <KeybladeSpyMaste> I think we could leave it open a week more, then. That's fine with me.
  277. [14:58] <The15thMember> Lucky that I am *wink wink*
  278. [14:58] <The15thMember> Coldasfyah, do you have any ideas for an End of Year Event we could do?
  279. [14:58] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Lucky duck...
  280. [15:01] <The15thMember> Let's move on then
  281. [15:02] <Nezzy> Ok
  282. [15:02] * FifteenthMember ( has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
  283. [15:03] * The15thMember ( Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
  284. [15:05] <Nezzy> What's next then
  285. [15:05] <FifteenthMember> Last on the agenda
  286. [15:06] <FifteenthMember> Really need a final vote on the default logo for the KHHD 2.5 theme
  287. [15:06] <FifteenthMember> We need literally one vote.
  288. [15:06] <FifteenthMember> Sora, Donald, Goofy vs the Xehanort, Ansem, Xemnas
  289. [15:06] <FifteenthMember> Although it doesn't really matter
  290. [15:07] <FifteenthMember> Since they're going to alternate all the time
  291. [15:07] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Sorry, I had to go for a bit.
  292. [15:08] <KeybladeSpyMaste> The default logo is what represents the wiki when there's only one logo. Such as to affiliates.
  293. [15:09] <FifteenthMember> Oh. IS IT?
  294. [15:09] * FifteenthMember shoots himself
  295. [15:09] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Yeah. They can't have alternationg logos, can they?
  296. [15:09] <FifteenthMember> I change my vote!
  297. [15:09] <FifteenthMember> Sora, Donald and Goofy then
  298. [15:09] <Nezzy> I guess so
  299. [15:10] <FifteenthMember> That's sorted then
  300. [15:10] <FifteenthMember> We can implement the new theme this week
  301. [15:10] <Nezzy> Whee
  302. [15:10] <KeybladeSpyMaste> NZ, you have access to the JS, right?
  303. [15:10] <Nezzy> Yes
  304. [15:11] <KeybladeSpyMaste> 'Cuz I can implement it right now, I just need someone to add the JS required for the alternating logo
  305. [15:11] <KeybladeSpyMaste> 'Cuz I can't do that.
  306. [15:11] <Nezzy> Ok
  307. [15:11] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Other than that, I can do the rest (it's just uploading over existing images.
  308. [15:11] <Nezzy> You have it ready to go?
  309. [15:12] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Just a minor change, and then, yes.
  310. [15:13] <KeybladeSpyMaste> I just need to move it from my Custom JS
  311. [15:14] <Nezzy> Airtight, just let me know when it's all set
  312. [15:14] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Other than that. I think we're done here.
  313. [15:16] <Nezzy> Cool
  314. [15:16] <Nezzy> Good job, guys
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