Blocky the Slavepone 3

Feb 18th, 2019
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  1. >You walked into your house after another exhausting day at work, ready to kick your feet up and stroke your slave horse.
  2. >Taking your usual spot on the chair, your slave's approach was inevitable.
  3. >*clinkclink!*
  4. >There she was.
  5. >Her hooffalls grew louder as she got closer, but your eyes were closed.
  6. >Sometimes they just needed a rest after all of your work.
  7. >When the hooves stopped, you took your hand and gave your lap a couple pats per usual.
  8. >You felt a pony-sized weight on your lap in an instant.
  9. >Not too soon after, your hands were right back where they belonged.
  10. >On Blocky's soft, little pony belly.
  11. >It never did get better than this.
  12. >A yawn escaped your mouth as your hands did their work, and Blocky mimicked the action shortly after, both of you real cozy.
  13. >You never really did show enough gratitude to your colleagues for introducing you to this "pony slave" business.
  14. >It was hard to imagine living without Blocky before then.
  15. >"Hey, Anon."
  16. >Bill had just gotten done talking to Justin about some car-related thing you didn't care for, you having sipped away at your water as they spoke.
  17. >"You know they're gonna be having a slave market in town this Saturday?"
  18. >You furrowed your brow. Water-cooler conversations never got this weird.
  19. "A slave market? You mean like that whole deal with the ponies?"
  20. >"Yeah!"
  21. >"I'm gonna be going to that for sure," Justin butted in. "Mildew's struggling to keep up with housework, so I have to get her a partner."
  22. "Eh...I don't think I'm interested."
  23. >You took another swig of your water, Bill's face dropping a bit at your answer.
  24. >"Whaaaat? Come on, Anon. I bet you've got stuff around the house you hate doing."
  25. "Cleaning sucks, sure, but I think I've managed well on my own so far."
  26. >Justin scoffed. "Is that why you complain about barely getting enough sleep all the time?"
  27. >Well, he had you there.
  28. "I mean, fair point, but I still don't know about this."
  29. >Truth be told, you weren't really sure about the idea of owning a slave to begin with.
  30. >Treating another living, sentient being as property was edging a little too cruel for your tastes.
  31. >"Come on, Anon," Bill pushed, taking a quick swig of his water, "even if you don't get a slave, it'll be a neat experience, y'know?"
  32. >Bill was just trying to find an excuse to drag you into some misadventure like always, but this was actually one of the tamest things he'd suggested in a while.
  33. "I guess I don't have a reason to say no."
  34. >"Now that's more like it!"
  35. >And just like that, now you were at a slave market.
  36. >There weren't just ponies here for sale, either. Griffons, yaks, Hell, even a couple dragons.
  37. >How humans had gone from abhorring slavery for decades to suddenly being alright with it for Equestrian creatures you'd never know.
  38. >Bill had gone off to check out some accessories. Whips, collars, leashes.
  39. >You wondered if he was here for reasons other than getting a slave.
  40. >Justin had already bought a new pony, so he was checking things out with Bill.
  41. >Meaning now you were alone with a seller and a room full of ponies.
  42. " how do I know they'll listen to me?"
  43. >"Well sir, if you find your pony is disobedient, you can always bring her back here for a little 'training', if you know what I mean."
  44. >His grin was both befitting of a buyer-friendly businessman and possible pony abuser.
  45. "Right..."
  46. >You'd been in here for a few minutes checking out each pony you looked at, but you didn't really know just HOW to pick a pony.
  47. >What exactly were you looking for, anyways?
  48. >Each cage listed "personality traits" of the pony in question, so if you were serious about getting a slave, you'd probably want one that wasn't too feisty.
  49. >Your eyes scanned each of those little signs, but nothing really piqued your interest.
  50. >Not until you hit one named, "Blocky Bits".
  51. >You read the little blurb posted outside her cage.
  52. >"A uniquely colored mare, Blocky is an optimistic pony who has never had any problems obeying orders. A great must-have for first time slave-owners!"
  53. >You pondered on this pony, her fearful eyes looking up at you.
  54. >No other ponies in here really caught your attention that well.
  55. "How much for this one?"
  56. >The seller looked at the little mare.
  57. >"She's got a real unique look to her, huh? Never seen a coat and mane pattern quite like hers! I wanna say she'll run for..."
  58. >"$250."
  59. >Yeesh.
  60. "That a low price for this kind of thing?"
  61. >"Are you a first time buyer, sir?"
  62. "Yeah, I'm new to this whole slave deal."
  63. >He nodded with a smile.
  64. >"I'll make you a deal, then. For a first time buyer, I'll bring the price down to $150. I wouldn't want you to invest so much just to dip your toes into the business, after all!"
  65. >Or maybe the guy was just desperate for your money.
  66. >Didn't really matter, because $100 off was enough for you.
  67. "Sure, I'll take her."
  68. >"Wonderful, sir! I guarantee you won't regret your purchase!"
  69. >After the exchange of funds, the cage was opened, and Blocky was kept on a leash so she wouldn't get away.
  70. >Not that she really seemed to try.
  71. >When you found Bill and Justin again, they smiled at you.
  72. >"I knew you wouldn't avoid buying one, Anon!" Bill exclaimed.
  73. >"Welcome to the club," Justin added.
  74. >Blocky didn't say anything. Maybe she was still trying to digest the situation.
  75. >Regardless, once you left the market, the three of you split off and all went back home.
  76. >Once you reached your house, you let Blocky off of her leash.
  77. "So..."
  78. >She looked up at you almost expectantly.
  79. >How did you break a slave pony into a new house, anyways?
  80. " your new home, I guess. You'll be living here rent-free, and as long as you do what you're told, you'll get fed fine."
  81. >If you were going to own a slave, you had to start getting into the mindset of an owner.
  82. >That wasn't a bad take on it.
  83. >"Oh, okay."
  84. >Maybe her optimism would show once she got used to this situation. Right now she seemed pretty closed-off.
  85. >A meal might help in that regard. She isn't accustomed to everything right now, so you'd have to take on your regular chores while you instructed her.
  86. >You had her watch you as you cooked dinner, making sure she remembered where the cooking utensils and such were.
  87. "Tomorrow morning I'm going to ask that you make me breakfast."
  88. >"Sure, I can do that."
  89. >She was a lot more lax about being a slave than you'd expect a pony to be.
  90. >The rest of your day was spent showing her around the house, telling her what duties she'd have to carry out.
  91. >It may take her a bit of time to get used to it, but she'll be an efficient little helper soon enough.
  92. >You had her sleep on the couch that night, and as you gave her a pillow and blanket, you thought more about getting into this whole owner mindset.
  93. >She'd get one more command before she went to sleep.
  94. "One more thing. You are required to call me Master, Blocky."
  95. >"Okay, Master."
  96. >That was easy.
  97. >"Master."
  98. "Huh?"
  99. >"Master."
  100. "I heard you. What is it?"
  101. >"Masterrrrrr."
  102. "What, Blocky?"
  103. >"Master!"
  104. >Your eyes fluttered open.
  105. >Blocky was looking up at you from your lap, a concerned expression resting on her face.
  106. >"I-I'm sorry, but we both fell asleep! I wanted to make sure you at least got to bed so you had your alarm clock to wake you up tomorrow!"
  107. >So you were dreaming of your first day with Blocky that whole time?
  108. >Oddly specific, but you've had weirder dreams.
  109. >You had Blocky hop off of your lap as you shuffled to your bedroom, the slave pony right behind you.
  110. >You'd just make sure to have a bigger breakfast tomorrow morning to make up for the skipped dinner tonight.
  111. >You were way too tired to cook up anything, and it was too late for some kind of takeout.
  112. >Blocky didn't seem to mind anyways.
  113. >Once you reached your bed, you fell right in, patted for Blocky to join you, and went out right after.
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