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Lyle Fontaine

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  1. Your name is LYLE FONTAINE.  You think it is right fine name despite some folks callin' it a mite girly. You are 13 years old and live on a STEAMBOAT CASINO called the LUCKY MARIBELLE that travels up and down the Mississippi River.  You don't know if you have a hometown to speak of.  Aside from the orphanage (which has long since burned to the ground) you've only lived on the ship and have no real idea WHERE you were born.
  3. Despite living in a CASINO you don't have much interest in GAMBLING and GAMES OF CHANCE.  You prefer SCIENCE to RANDOM PROBABILITY.  Specifically you enjoy learning about BIOLOGY, ANATOMY, and you are most passionate about ENTOMOLOGY.  Insects are such fascinating creatures; beautiful, strong and efficient.  You have many PINNED BUG COLLECTIONS as well as some handmade VIVARIUMS in which you raise specimens yourself, partly for observation and mostly because BUGS ARE TOP-RAIL!  You also have some DETAILED JOURNALS depicting various internal physiologies which you have painstakingly composed.  Through research and DISSECTING you have learned so much about how living creatures work.  You have read and reread many books on the subject, including a copy of GRAY'S ANATOMY the CAPTAIN got for you on your birthday last year.
  5. Your quarters are perfect for immersing yourself in your hobbies.  Living on one of the lowest decks means you have all the peace and tranquility you need.  Sure it's a little dark but you have some OIL LAMPS you are exceedingly wary of.  Ever since the ORPHANAGE burned down you have been irrationally afraid of FIRE.  Considering that it is a highly destructive force, you say your FEARS are not very irrational at all.  If CAPTAIN FONTAINE hadn't rescued you you wuold have been done for and as such you owe her for everything she has done for you.  You aren't too sure how you both have the same last name though.  Everytime you ask her about your parents or how she is related to you she gives you the runaround, puts you to work or threatens you.  Overall though she isn't a bad lady and you could have ended up with far worse a guardian.  Heck, you could've died if it weren't for her.
  7. Despite CAPTAIN FONTAINE'S best efforts, you aren't much good with a SWORD.  You are much more comfortable with your PINS and NEEDLES in a scrap, your ANATOMICAL KNOWLEDGE allowing you to disable an attacker through use of NERVE and PRESSURE POINTS.  Not that you really have to fight anyone but the knowledge could come in handy some day.  Aside from those, you also have an item your friend Cris made for you, the STEAMRAIL SPIKERIFLE.  Your NEEDLEKIND strife specibus almost doesn't accept it, but you get by on a technicality because RAILSPIKES are simply BIG NEEDLES!
  9. Your chaphandle is [c=#94c692]deltaLepidoptera[/c] and you [c=#94c692]ƸȌƷ Precede your chattin' with a lovely specimen of the genus Lepidoptera.  They are your favorite after all, Ah reckon.[/c]  You will become the Saint of Life in the Land of Cacti and Ghosts during your time in SDRICT.
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