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  1. Derflippi won the roll and chose to play first. Both players kept and Derflippi lead off with a Swamp. A Plains came down for TPT, and then another Swamp for Derflippi. TPT then played an Island and Avacynian Priest. Derflippi, drew, played a Plains and cast Disciple of Griselbrand. TPT attacked with the priest, played a Plains and passed. Derflippi attacked with the disciple and then played Elder Cathar. In the end step, TPT cast Forbidden Alchemy, sending Island, Shimmering Grotto and Silent Departure to the grave. TPT played an Island and Havengul Runebinder. Derflippi swung in with his creatures and sacrificed the Cathar before damage making the disciple a 3/3. He then played Dead Weight on the Havengul Runebinder. TPT played a Swamp and Thraben Purebloods. Derflippi played a Plains and Elgaud Inquisitor. TPT flashbacked Silent Departure on the Disciple and attacked with the Purebloods. Derflippi swung in with the inquisitor making the life totals 17 for TPT and 20 for Derflippi. He then played Vampire Interloper and Disciple of Griselbrand. TPT played Shriekgeist, Loyal Cathar and attacked with Thraben Purebloods. Derflippi killed the Cathar with Death's Caress. Shriekgeist blocked the interloper when he attacked, leaving Derflippi at 21 and TPT at 14. TPT played Evolving Wilds, swung for 2, (derflippi 19) and passed. Derflippi drew and passed. Evolving Wilds found an Island in the end step. Undying Evil let Derflippi deal with the Unhallowed Cathar with the inquisitor, got a spirit and the inquisitor back with a +1+1 counter due to undying. Burden of Guilt stopped the inquisitor and then urgent exorcism took out the spirit token on Derflippi's attack step. Thraben Purebloods attacked, and then Unruly Mob came down. Derflippi sacrificed the inquisitor to gain three and go back to 21 and get a 1/1 flying spirit. Derflippi traded with the Mob for his Disciple and then hit in for 1 with his spirit (TPT 13,Derflippi 21). He then played Galvanic Juggernaut. The juggernaut met Burden of Guilt and then the purebloods came in after tapping the juggernut (derflippi 18). Derflippi played a Burden of Guilt of his own on Thraben Purebloods. The game then proceeded to stalemate with players using Burden of Guilt to tap the board except for Derflippi's spirit token which hit in for 1 each turn. Chapel Geist joined the token. Forbidden Alchemy flashed back and then 3 Plains hit the grave. On his turn, TPT cast Shriekgeist and Bonds of Faith on the Chapel Geist. The token traded with the Shriekgeist, untapping the Juggernaut. Sanctuary Cat came down for TPT. Derflippi's juggernaut got tapped. He then cast and equipped Wolfhunter's Quiver to the Chapel Geist. The Sanctuary Cat came in, and then Gather the Townsfolk made 2 tokens. In the end step Derflippi shot a token and untapped the Juggernaut. Derflippi then equiped the quiver to the juggernaut and passed. Claustrophobia hit the Chapel Geist. Derflippi had a Silverclaw griffin follow up. Derflippi could not tap the purebloods so he took 4 from the cat and the purebloods. Eventually the game would end with Derflippi killing a dungeon geist with Death's Caress.
  3. After the long game 1 TPT was on the draw for game two, by his own decision. Both players kept their 7. Plains fr Derflippi was met by Evolving Wilds, which found an Island. Derflippi played a Swamp and passed. TPT played Plains Unruly Mob. Derflippi played a Lingering Souls. Spectral flight enchanted the Unruly Mob and it attacked. Derflippi played Chapel Geist and passed. TPT played an Island and passed the turn. Burden of guilt enchanted the Mob. Lingering Souls was flashed backed. Eventually, the game would end with TPT conceding because he accidentily cast Forbidden Alchemy's flashback cost for 5B instead of 6B
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