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  1. <group>
  2.   <translate time="71.15">
  3.    <point X="9.53" Y="0" Z="0"/>
  4.    <point X="6.7387" Y="0" Z="-6.7387"/>
  5.    <point X="0" Y="0" Z="-9.53"/>
  6.    <point X="-6.7387" Y="0" Z="-6.7387"/>
  7.    <point X="-9.53" Y="0" Z="0"/>
  8.    <point X="-6.7387" Y="0" Z="6.7387"/>
  9.    <point X="0" Y="0" Z="9.53"/>
  10.    <point X="6.7387" Y="0" Z="6.7387"/>
  11.   </translate>
  12.   <rotate time="62.9" X="0" Y="1" Z="0" />
  13.   <scale X="0.4" Y="0.4" Z="0.4" />
  14.   <models>
  15.    <model file="C:\Users\ricar\OneDrive\Documentos\CG19-master\Files\sphere.3d" />
  16.   </models>
  17.  </group>
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