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  1. Check out Cat's video to get a general idea before reading this (pay attention at 1:45 of the video)
  6. Legend:
  8. wp = waypoint
  9. link colours: b = Blue
  10.                     g = Green
  11.                     r = Red
  12. HR = Hailrake
  15. Create scion
  16. ----------------
  17. - Check tarkleigh for move speed boots , bbg helmet / gloves, bbb will do fine
  18. - Check nessa for bbg or bbb wand as well.
  19. - Buy explosive trap and rustic sash with the highest roll.
  20. - Stash and log out
  22. Create Templar
  23. --------------------
  24. - Check tarkleigh for move speed boots , bbg helmet / gloves, bbb will do fine
  25. - Buy a freeze pulse, socket it in ur bbg with onslaught.
  26. - Socket explosive trap in another socket.
  27. - Gear up and get going
  29. (Note: Rmb to always get waypoints)
  31. While leveling
  32. -----------------
  34. ~~ Act 1 ~~
  35. - Allocate ur skill point while moving to mud flats.
  36. - Once entering mud flats, stick to the left and find the first glyph
  37. - Kill a small pack for gem levels if possible while finding all 3 glyphs.
  38. - Proceed to the submerged passage and get the wp
  39. - Now then enter the coast through the wp and enter the Tidal Island for your Quicksilver flask
  41. (Note for Tidal Island: If you hit a ledge b4 you see HR while moving to the boss, run the other way around)
  43. - Try and kill a pack for gem levels, kill HR and logout
  44. - Always check Tarkleigh for movement speed boots, as the shop resets when you level up
  45. - Collect Frost bomb and Frostblink as quest rewards from Tarkleigh
  46. - Collect the Quicksilver flask and Arcane Surge from nessa
  47. - Buy Orb of storm and link Arcane Surge in the bbg setup with Freeze Pulse and Onslaught
  48. - Go via wp to the submerged passage, try to level up to level 4 as soon as possible
  49. - Leave a portal near the staircase nearing towards The Ledge.
  51. (Note: Once you are level 4, replace Freezepulse with Frostbomb, socket Orb of storm and Frost Blink)
  53. (Impt note: NEVER over level your Arcane Surge. Tip: Right Click the + sign as soon as the gem levels up)
  55. (More note: Always remember to allocate your points)
  57. - In Ledge keep moving and use Frost Bombs to one shot packs for onslaught and Flask charges
  58. - For most Unique area boss, just ignore it and keep moving
  59. - Once you are in The Climb kill whatever you can without costing you any time.
  60. - Enter Lower Prison and take the waypoint.
  61. - Go back to the Encampment and take Portal you left behind and find the flooded depths.
  62. - Kill the boss, logout and pick up the passive point reward.
  63. - Collect the Added Lightning Damage Support from Nessa, link it with Frost Bomb and put Arcane Surge
  64. with Frost Blink and Orb of Storm.
  65. - Go back to the Lower Prison wp and go do the trial of ascendancy.
  66. - Then find the entrance to the Upper Prison.
  68. (Note: Monsters might feel tankier but just keep pushing and killing and level up to 10 as fast as possible)
  70. - Go to The Warden's Quartet. While moving to the boss try to sort your inventory and socket
  71. Added Lightning Damage Support with the Explosive Trap.
  72. - Kill Brutus with all your damaging skills including Frost Blink. Logout
  73. - In town collect Flame Dash and replace Frost Blink from Tarkleigh and use excess Scroll of Wisdom
  74. to buy Sapphire Ring or do the vendor recipe* for it.
  76. (Note: Vendor recipe ( Iron ring + any blue gem (you can use the freezing pulse))
  78. - Go to Prisoner Gate via Waypoint and find The Ship Graveyard while killing mobs with Frost Bomb.
  79. - Find the wp, leave a portal infront of The Ship Graveyard Cave if you come across it while searching for
  80. The Cavern of Wrath
  81. - Take the wp for Cavern of Wrath and go back to town.
  82. - Take the portal and go to The Ship Graveyard Cave and find the Allflame. Logout
  83. - Go to The Ship Graveyard wp and kill the Boss Pirate, Fairgraves. Logout
  84. - Collect the skillpoint and move along to Cavern of Wrath via wp
  86. (Note: Equip Sapphire ring if you have it for easier fight)
  88. - Go to the Cavern of Anger and then make your way to Merveil's Lair.
  89. - Move to act 2
  91. ~~ Act 2 ~~
  93. - Link Added Lightning damage back to Frost Bomb.
  94. - Don't talk to any npc unless you have to sell things, go to The Old Fields after that.
  95. - If you found a second QuickSilver in act 1, skip the den
  96. - If not leave a portal near The Den and move to The Crossoads
  97. - Take the wp for Crossroads, go back to town and take the portal to The Den.
  98. - Kill the The Beast and logout.
  99. - Take the second QuickSilver, equip it and go to the Crossroads via wp
  100. - Proceed to Chamber of Sins, head to level 2, do the trials of ascendancy and kill Fidelitas. Logout
  101. - Get the Herald of Thunder as quest reward, buy Herald of Ice, Herald of purity and Wave of Conviction.
  102. - Enter the Riverways, pick up the wp and Enter the Western Forest.
  104. (Note: As soon as you are level 16, replace Frost Bomb with Orb of storm and put Wave of Conviction
  105. in the Arcane Surge set-up)
  107. (More notes: Only activate your Heralds in boss fight for damage, stack Explosive Trap on top of bosses
  108. while they are in their animation to give a huge burst of damage and use Orb of Storm and Wave of
  109. Conviction after the Trap Stacking.)
  111. - In the Western Forst find the wp and proceed to The Weaver's Chamber
  112. - Kill the boss for quest item and Logout.
  113. - Collect Control Destruction Support from Silk. Purchase Trap and Mine Damage Support if possible
  114. and link one or both gems to your Explosive Trap.
  115. - Go to the Crossroads via wp, and go down to The Fellshrine Ruin.
  116. - Find the entrance to The Crypt and do the Trial of Ascendancy. Logout
  117. - Go to the wp of Crossroads and walk to The Broken Bridge.
  118. - Find and kill Kraityn. Logout
  119. - Go to the Riverways wp find Wetlands and kill Oak, find the wp and go to The Western Forest.
  120. - Go to Alira's camp and help her.
  121. - Run south and kill the Guard Captain and open the passage.
  122. - Go to the Wetlands wp and enter the Vaal Ruins. Break the Ancient Seal and go to the Northen Forest.
  123. - Go to The Caverns pick up the wp and take the Movement Speed Craft.
  125. (Note: If you have not found any movement speed boots, you can craft Movement speed on your boots.
  126. make sure you have a prefix open up.)
  128. - Find your way to the Vaal Pyraimid and kill it as said on more notes.
  129. - Logout becos the door takes 300 years to open.
  130. - Use the wp to move to act 3.
  132. ~~ Act 3 ~~
  134. - Kill the Guard captain, talk to clarissa and move to town.
  136. (Note: If you are underlevel, keep repeating the zone before town to get to level 21.
  137. Use ctrl + click on entrance to create new instance)
  139. - Go to the Slums and make your way to The Crematorium.
  140. - Do the Trial of Ascendacy and hurry to save Tolman before piety.
  141. - Now suffer in guilt becos you didn't save Tolman
  142. - Pick up the amulet and Logout and pass it to her. Watch her cry too.
  143. - Receive the key and go the Slums again and find The Sewer.
  144. - Enter The Sewer and find all 3 busts for Hargan Quest.
  145. - Enter The Marketplace and take the wp there.
  146. - Enter the Catacombs and do the Trial of Ascendancy. Logout
  147. - Return to The Marketplace via wp and find The Battlefront.
  148. - Find the wp in The Battlefront and pickup the Ribbon Spool
  150. (Note: If you are below level 24, enter the Solaris Temple and level on your way to find the wp
  151. in Solaris Temple Level 2)
  153. - After Solaris Temple Level 2, use the wp and return to The Battlefront and find The Docks.
  154. - Feel free to farm a good bit of experience while finding the Thaumetic Sulphite, Logout after that.
  155. - Return to Battlefront and travel to the Solaris Temple level 2 or you can use the wp if you had it alr.
  156. - Talk to Dialla, pick the rare jade amulet and receive the Infernal Talc quest item.
  157. - Go to The Sewers via wp and burn the Undying Blockage.
  158. - Enter they Ebony Barracks, pickup the wp, kill General Gravicius.
  159. - Enter the Lunaris Temple and find the wp in level 1. Logout
  160. - Collect the Conductivity from Maramoa
  162. (Note: Make sure to try and cap your resist before facing Piety. Priortize Fire Resist for easier fights.
  163. against the Topless ladies shooting spikes out. )
  165. - Find piety in Lunaris Temple 2 and kill her. Logout
  166. - Go to the Ebony Barracks via wp and make your way to the Imperial Gardens
  167. - Find the wp there, finish the Trial of Ascendancy and find The Library
  168. - Enter The Library, find the wp beside siosa and look for Loose Candle to open The Archives
  169. - Enter it and find all four Golden pages and visit Siosa
  170. - Remember to have a an Orb of chance to buy the Lightning Spire Trap
  172. (Note: Once you hit level 28, drop Explosive trap and 3-link or if possible 4-link your Lightning Spire Trap.
  173. Reccomended gems to link with LST: Trap and Mine Damage Support, Elemental Focus Support,
  174. Constrolled destruction, Added Lightning Damage Support or Added Cold Damage Support depending
  175. on your socketed colours. NEVER EVER USE CONCENTRATED EFFECT SUPPORT on LST)
  177. (More Note: Do not use Controlled Destruction support on Orb of Storm.)
  179. (Check Skills for final gem set-up)
  181. (Lightning Spire Trap v2 means u can consider adding Advanced Trap Support in place
  182. of a damage support)
  184. (Orb of Storm v2 means you can add Lightning Penetration Support in it if you have a 4-link for it)
  186. (Experiment with the Support links to V2s setup to see what you like)
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