Some Kind of Relationship - 33 (Shitty Gist)

Sep 28th, 2019
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Some Kind of Relationship ~ Thanks to Markues &

Some Kind of Relationship - 33

Fmc wake up knowing she fucked up.. at work she is pissed about what she did and one of her coworker asks her if she's okay and if she still has a problem with the deadline of the project. Fmc denies this this it's not because of work.

She talk with her coworker in the restroom. Coworker tells her that she dated and fucked a lot of guys so she has experience in love's matter and asks Fmc to confess what's the problem.
Fmc narrates how she met MC 4 years ago and dated him. She says how he was her high school crush and friend, so she was really happy to together with him and liked it a lot. She tells her how they just broke up because of boredom, coworker is surprised and asks her who was the one who broke up. She says how it was a mutual decision and maybe she accepted it because she felt neglected by him. So she thought MC was bored of her.

Coworker is in deep thought saying how you can't forget 4 years of love just because of boredom and asks her what happened before that and who cheated on who.
Fmc is amazed asking her if she's a voodoo or something like this, Coworker laughs saying it's only her experience. She tells her how she fucked with a man after breaking up with MC.. Coworker asks her if after this, she fucked again with her boyfriend and so cheated on her new 'lover'.. Fmc's amazed once again in front of her perspicacity and thinks she can't talk about Boss to her.*

She asks to Fmc what she wants to do now and if she still wants to see her ex-boyfriend l.. Fmc denies it saying how it was a mistake and she was just a little shaken yesterday when she met him. She says how MC is a baby, younger than her and she's tired to take care of him. She tells her how MC was brilliant at school before but he doesn't want to anything anymore so his grades dropped and can't find a proper job. She tells him how it's hopeless and wants a normal relationship.

Coworker tells her how she's doing a mistake and to think carefully about this because she might lose the man she loves just because she didn't tell him before what she wanted him to do etc.. She keeps going saying how MC is at fault but she's too because if you don't take the time to open your heart and talk about what you want to change, your lover can't think about the good answer alone if he isn't aware of the problem..
She says how she was lucky because MC reflected on himself and to not throw this chance away because only regret will remain.

Boss barges in the room asking them what they're doing, coworker leaves. Boss wants to have a talk with fmc. She leaves too bullshiting him about work. Mc all happy coz he cleared the situation with fmc. He asks friend about buying a couple of cellphone protection..

Mc heads toward fmc's office. He receives a text from fmc telling him that yesterday was a mistake she dont like him anymore and tells him that they broke up. Mc's pissed not knowing what happening anymore.. He speed his pace then stop looking at a car seeing Fmc and chief inside. He looks at them saying "da fuck?!"

To be continued..
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