Unity vs Dying Derp (4/5/2021)

Apr 6th, 2021
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  1. Unity vs Derp
  3. R1:
  4. Unity starts off with a good leg kick to the right thigh of Derp. They both exchange solid right hooks afterwards. However, since Derp is on both of his feet while Unity is balancing back, it is to be assumed that Derp has the greater impact here.
  5. They both stuff each other's attacks for a while until they both lose balance and Derp finds an opportunity to launch up and try to kick Unity behind him; but, Unity backdashes out of trouble.
  6. Derp MvC2 style superjumps into range but Unity shut down the wombo combo with a lil clinch catch while Derp is off balance landing. They both off balance in the position and back step into stance. They both miss strikes inches by their vitals with no meaningful strikes until Unity backsteps into the cage and jumps off to hit a left hook around the face of Derp. He attempts to latch a grip on but instead opts to try to kick but misses.
  8. 10-9 Unity
  10. R2:
  12. Unity starts off with a crapoeira kick, this will be disregarded. Unity tries to jump off the cage to do a rolling kick but Derp catches him and tries to slam him. But Unity scrambles back onto his feet before any real damage can be done. After getting back to their feet, Unity sets up a pretty nice spinning back kick out of the encounter. Derp catches it and pulls him in but Unity comes back with a right forearm strike into Derp's neck. Unity attempts to move to the back but cannot latch on. Derp escapes.
  13. Unity does a front somersault for no reason and is about to eat a kick when he kinda cheeses the position and crapoeira kicks him again. After some more spinning, he hits a right forearm to Derp's neck again with great impact.
  15. 10-9 Unity
  17. R3:
  18. Unity starts off with a bunch of crapoeira kicks. This makes for a very sloppy exchange that I will ignore for a moment.
  19. Derp gets to his feet and starts swinging hard on Unity. But then Unity sets up a very nice 360 back kick on the ground. In a very wild exchange on the ground, Derp lands the more meaningful strikes. Whilst Unity was pushing the action and putting Derp on the ground, it was through the usage of a lot of cheesy techniques not meant to grapple or advance the fight; but, to gain an advantage in positioning by disbalancing their opponent by flying around.
  21. 10-9 - Derp
  23. 29 - 28
  24. Unity
  26. Ultimately, Unity could have won this fight a lot cleaner with less cheese. Some moves were very exciting but the excessive attempts at them is what really caused the quality of the fight to sour in the end.
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