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Fallout: Beyond Equestria, 41: Northern Blues (Part 24)

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  1. [2013-06-19 13:30:54] <Kkat> 3The robot finally turns to Kid, "My name is Pink-E.  And I'm the Official Welcome Party Spritebot for the Crystal Empire!  Welcome again!"
  2. [2013-06-19 13:31:01] <Kkat> 3Kid breathed through her teeth. "Yeah. Pink-E? Please. Lead th' way to that library entrance. Please."
  3. [2013-06-19 13:31:11] <Kkat> 3Pink-E bobs.  "But everyone hasn't had their breakfast yet!"
  4. [2013-06-19 13:31:20] <Kkat> 3CopyCat rubs her head. "My headss hurtss... I think I have a horn growing on the inside."
  5. [2013-06-19 13:31:26] <Kkat> 3"After breakfast, we will start the tour!"
  6. [2013-06-19 13:31:53] <Kkat> 3Fallout: Beyond Equestria, Session Forty-One: Northern Blues (Part Twenty-Four) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UH01FhqMdc8
  7. [2013-06-19 13:32:20] <Kkat> 3--- Session Begins ---
  8. [2013-06-19 13:34:10] * Mitzi eyes the robot warily. They seemed to be nothing but bad luck
  9. [2013-06-19 13:35:14] * CopyCat holds her head between her hooves and moans. "The only cure for eating too many sprinkles is to eat more sprinkles..."
  10. [2013-06-19 13:38:15] * Noble_Heart looks to CopyCat, gently patting her shoulder. "We have made poor decisious Ourselves in the past. We recommend relaxing as best you can."
  11. [2013-06-19 13:38:34] * Bookwright eats breakfast.
  12. [2013-06-19 13:38:59] * Shatara sits and eats as well.
  13. [2013-06-19 13:41:46] * Kid is perfectly happy eating her own provisions.
  14. [2013-06-19 13:42:45] * CopyCat is a little comforted. "How can something so small cause so much-- Oh! Donuts!"
  15. [2013-06-19 13:43:36] * Kid raises her hoof. "Hey, I don' know if I trust that dough. It's pretty durned old, I mean..."
  16. [2013-06-19 13:45:22] * CopyCat sits next to the Pinkie-bot and smiles as the next batch is made. "Soo... do they come with sprinkles?"
  17. [2013-06-19 13:45:33] * Noble_Heart levitates one of the blaster-heated donuts and carefully examines it a few moments, curious as to their edibility.
  18. [2013-06-19 13:46:54] * Mitzi doesn't even know what doughnuts is!
  19. [2013-06-19 13:53:36] * Kid munches quietly. Mmm. Hay and pepper.
  20. [2013-06-19 13:54:21] * Bookwright looks up at CopyCat. "Jush go aroun' fron' and ge' shome yershelf."
  21. [2013-06-19 13:55:15] * CopyCat doesn't wait for an answer or for Noble to finish her check, instead she bites down on the first warm donut available.
  22. [2013-06-19 13:57:06] <Kkat> 3Pink-E begins playing happy music which features a lot of kazoo.
  23. [2013-06-19 13:57:53] * Noble_Heart blinks in some surprise as CopyCat began eating, she waited to see what the other alicorn's reaction would be before she'd risk eating them herself. If one's family was going to volunteer for testing, there was no point in letting that go to waste!
  24. [2013-06-19 13:58:24] * Bookwright has been munching for a while now already. Offers one to Noble_Heart.
  25. [2013-06-19 13:58:40] * Shatara eyetwitches at the kazoo.
  26. [2013-06-19 14:01:45] * CopyCat smiles as she chews. "Ish gud!"
  27. [2013-06-19 14:02:32] <Kkat> 3Pink-E sadly notes, 'I couldn't find any sprinkles..."  But seems to cheer up, adding,  "But I made the dough this morning so it should be fresh."
  28. [2013-06-19 14:03:13] * Mitzi takes one of the doughnuts and eyes itm "Made eet frum wut?"
  29. [2013-06-19 14:03:14] * CopyCat swallows her mouthful and grins even more widely. "It's very good!"
  30. [2013-06-19 14:05:37] <Kkat> 3Pink-E chirps.  "Flour!"
  31. [2013-06-19 14:06:29] * Shatara groans a little and rubs his sore neck as he attempts to enjoy breakfast.
  32. [2013-06-19 14:09:21] * Mitzi raises an eyebrow, "Wut flowers?"
  33. [2013-06-19 14:11:32] * Bookwright blinks "Not inflorescences, but white stuff made of ground up wheat. It's a major part of these donuts."
  34. [2013-06-19 14:12:00] <Kkat> 3Pink-E pauses.  "Dough out of flowers?  I don't have a recipe for that.  But my food improvization program says that should be delicious!
  35. [2013-06-19 14:12:01] <Kkat> 3"
  36. [2013-06-19 14:12:54] * Kid rubs her face. "Flour. Really ground up-" Bookwright probably did a better job of explaining it, anyway. "Look, we can take this food t' go, I'd like to get goin' as soon as possible." So that Pink-E has less of a chance of getting shot. Don't fuck up.
  37. [2013-06-19 14:12:54] * Mitzi just looks confused
  38. [2013-06-19 14:13:22] * Mitzi shrugs and eats the doughnut. Hopefull there wasn't any chocolate on the one she picked
  39. [2013-06-19 14:16:14] * Noble_Heart devours one of the donuts, considering the chipper ways that she had seen the others eating it seemed they were quite good!
  40. [2013-06-19 14:22:19] <Kkat> 3Pink-E announces, "We have a full day today.  So much to show you!  So many stops!"
  41. [2013-06-19 14:23:04] * Kid coughs. "Let's, uh. Start off with that library. As good a place as any."
  42. [2013-06-19 14:24:31] <Kkat> 3Pink-E protests,  "But the library is twelvth on the list!"
  43. [2013-06-19 14:24:54] * Bookwright "Just for comparison, what are the previous eleven stops?"
  44. [2013-06-19 14:31:09] <Kkat> 3Pink-E begins reciting a long list of tourist attractions, including the spa, the olympics grounds and the Equestrian Embassy.
  45. [2013-06-19 14:32:35] * Bookwright nods, cutting off the robot. "Right, okay. The library it is. Lead on, little robot."
  46. [2013-06-19 14:33:44] * CopyCat is feeling much better now that her sugar overdose has been cured by more sugar.
  47. [2013-06-19 14:34:40] <Kkat> 3Pink-E buts!
  48. [2013-06-19 14:35:10] * Bookwright "You want a 'butts', you can have mine, but after you show us to the library."
  49. [2013-06-19 14:35:37] * Noble_Heart taps her chin. "Mayhaps we should not be so keen to rush to the library? This librarian seems quite irate at the moment. It might be better if we came back later."
  50. [2013-06-19 14:35:58] * Kid considers them in order of which might have the best loot. The spa didn't seem like it would have anything but maybe a few hairgems, the olympic grounds might be good for sports equipment and, ergo, shotgun ammo if they were ever into skeet shooting, and the Equestrian Embassy seemed like it would have more info on just what happened here. Buuuuut they all took a backseat to the library. "We...
  51. [2013-06-19 14:36:00] * Kid ...can still go to th' other places! It's just been real long since I read a book. I wanna check something out." Hey, she wasn't lying. Technically.
  52. [2013-06-19 14:36:13] * CopyCat whispers loudly to Shatara. "Huh, I didn't think Bookie was into robots like that..."
  53. [2013-06-19 14:37:34] <Kkat> 3Pink-E droops, looking disappointed for a moment.  Then springs back up.  "Okie Dokie Lokie!"
  54. [2013-06-19 14:38:35] * Shatara blinks confusededly. "I...what?"
  55. [2013-06-19 14:45:21] * Mitzi hasn't yet fully learned to read, so she doubts the library would be of much interest. Perhaps Bookwright could direct her to some easy books to help her learn though.
  56. [2013-06-19 14:45:51] * CopyCat seems excited. "I'm excited!" Told you. "So should we head off? We've got a big day ahead of us."
  57. [2013-06-19 14:50:44] <Kkat> 3Pink-E begins playing marching fanfare.  "To the Library!"
  58. [2013-06-19 14:51:49] * Mitzi doesn't like this music
  59. [2013-06-19 14:52:04] * Kid starts packing it in and heading out. Finally. Some answers on how they're going to get out.
  60. [2013-06-19 14:52:21] * Bookwright winces. Music will draw attention. "Well. This is going to be interesting."
  61. [2013-06-19 14:52:49] <Kkat> 3The cheerful pink robot begins bobbing away, headed north.  "To your left, you can see the beautiful Emerald Park!  It is a favorite place for lazy summers and children's laughter!
  62. [2013-06-19 14:52:54] * CopyCat cheers and trots after the cheery pink bot.
  63. [2013-06-19 14:53:17] * Kid makes sure her shotgun's hoofy. "Yeah. Yeah, it's gonna be. Get yer shootin' stuff out."
  64. [2013-06-19 14:53:20] * Mitzi looks to Bookwright, "Can yu make eet quiet? EVeryting nearby eez gunna hear eet."
  65. [2013-06-19 14:54:10] * Mitzi sighs and takes her beam rifle off its strap. She holds it down and loose for the moment; if anything got close, she'd prefer to use her claws.
  66. [2013-06-19 14:54:19] <Kkat> 3Sorry, I mean your right.  The tour usually comes here from the other direction."
  67. [2013-06-19 14:56:19] * Kid looks right. Yup. Barren wasteland and the hint of nostalgia from a better time. Looks like what she figured the old days were like.
  68. [2013-06-19 14:56:37] <Kkat> 3"To your right... oopsie... left, if you look up, you can see the beautiful crystal spires of Princess Cadence's tower!  That will be our last stop of the tour.   ...or, not?  The new route is confusing."
  69. [2013-06-19 14:56:50] * Bookwright shakes his head sadly at Mitzi, "Pinkie Pie was reputed to be impossibly and irrepressibly cheerful and upbeat. If anything, this robot is probably more so because it was programmed that way. If you want to try you're welcome to, but I don't think it can be done."
  70. [2013-06-19 14:58:55] * Kid corrected the robot. "Doctor Amore. Fer one reason or another, she don't go by Princess no more."
  71. [2013-06-19 15:00:29] * Mitzi rolls her eyes, "Uh cud break eet."
  72. [2013-06-19 15:01:00] * Bookwright "And if you do that, it can't show us how to get into the Forbidden Dome."
  73. [2013-06-19 15:01:51] * Mitzi nods, "Uh know, but uh -cud- du eet."
  74. [2013-06-19 15:02:21] * CopyCat chuckles. "I bet Mitzi could break the Dome too if she tried hard enough."
  75. [2013-06-19 15:06:06] * Mitzi shrugs, "Uh'm gud at eet, but Uh want tu be gud at uther tings too."
  76. [2013-06-19 15:07:02] <Kkat> 3Pink-E continues to lead you, pointing out sites no longer there.  Ahead of you, the Stable-Tec facility rises above the wreckage of the Crystal Empire.  "...And I'm sure you're all familiar with Stable-Tec!"
  77. [2013-06-19 15:07:26] * Noble_Heart takes a look up at the giant tower, tilting her head to one sid eslightly as she follows along with Pink-E. "Indeed. We were planning to visit their facility before meeting you."
  78. [2013-06-19 15:09:04] <Kkat> 3"Stable-Tec is... would be our next stop.  But we are skipping to the library."  Pink-E pauses.  "Is everyone skipping?"
  79. [2013-06-19 15:09:22] * Bookwright "Well... I do want to see Stable-Tec..."
  80. [2013-06-19 15:09:34] * Kid huffs. "Aw, what the hell. We're here. Let's check it out."
  81. [2013-06-19 15:10:30] * Kid points at Pink-E. "You don't get t' get destroyed, though. If you're in a dangerous situation... Don't get into a dangerous situation."
  82. [2013-06-19 15:11:43] * Noble_Heart pats Kid on the head. "We are certain that Pink-E will be fine. She has been here for two hundred years after all! It is doubtful that such a fine specimen of Earth Pony technology would be likely to get itself into trouble it could not handle."
  83. [2013-06-19 15:12:59] * Kid rose her hoof, correcting Noble. "She's been behind a giant bubble shield fer two hundred years, and she's the first we met. I ain't takin' no chances."
  84. [2013-06-19 15:16:11] * Kid notices the hypocrisy, thank you. "We're takin' this chance 'cause we have an ulterior motive t' check it out fer them folk we last met. After this, we head t' th' library."
  85. [2013-06-19 15:20:57] * CopyCat rubs her chin. "Weeell, I do want to go to the library, but I guess we can take Pink-E's tour of Stable-Tec first."
  86. [2013-06-19 15:21:47] * Shatara shifts a little uncomfortably at the sight of the large Stable-tech logo.
  87. [2013-06-19 15:25:53] * Bookwright makes for the door.
  88. [2013-06-19 15:28:49] * Noble_Heart nods her head, following along with Pink-E.
  89. [2013-06-19 15:29:15] * Shatara trails in behind.
  90. [2013-06-19 15:29:41] * Kid hefts her shotgun and loads for robot before heading in. "I'm expectin' a lot of malfunctioning robots. Ya'll?"
  91. [2013-06-19 15:30:11] * Bookwright is expecting only more and more questions with unsatisfactory answers.
  92. [2013-06-19 15:31:03] <Kkat> 3Pink-E leads you towards a smaller building adjacent to the main Stable-Tec facility.  The peeling yellow sign in front has the familiar Stable-Tec logo with the words "S-T Vis_tor's  _enter" in stately block letters.
  93. [2013-06-19 15:33:06] * Bookwright starts looking eagerly for the totally-lacking-content fluff pamphlets.
  94. [2013-06-19 15:33:11] <Kkat> 3A crystal fountain out front, long dry and cracked, has statuary of a stable-dweller colt and filly prancing happily, wearing Stable Barding and PipBucks
  95. [2013-06-19 15:35:58] * Bookwright tries the door. Maybe it's unlocked!
  96. [2013-06-19 15:36:08] * Kid creeps on, looking for loot and survival tools
  97. [2013-06-19 15:36:52] <Kkat> 3The front door of the Stable-Tec Visitor's Center is locked.
  98. [2013-06-19 15:39:08] * Bookwright rattles the pushbar, then checks the lock. After a brief examination, "Nope. I can't open this."
  99. [2013-06-19 15:39:42] <Kkat> 3Pink-E pauses expectantly at the door.  Then, when it doesn't open, the robot extends a little mechanical manipulator and pushes the doorbell.  Then resumes waiting.
  100. [2013-06-19 15:40:15] * Noble_Heart frowns and tilts her head to one side. "We do not believe anyone is likely to answer..." Actually the prospect of someone answering was more worrying than no one answering, at the moment.
  101. [2013-06-19 15:43:47] <Kkat> 3Pink-E bloops.  "Oh dear.  Dessert must have slept in again.  The Visitor's Center should be open by now."  The odd pink spritebot bleeps,  "Hold on.  I'll go open it."  
  102. [2013-06-19 15:44:04] <Kkat> 3The bot zips off around a corner.
  103. [2013-06-19 15:44:37] * Noble_Heart spread her wings as the bot zipped away, heading up towards the roof to keep an eye on the odd bot without interrupting it unless necessary
  104. [2013-06-19 15:44:55] <CopyCat>  /me waves Pink-E off. "I like her."
  105. [2013-06-19 15:45:02] * CopyCat waves Pink-E off. "I like her."
  106. [2013-06-19 15:45:17] * Kid frowns. "She need t' not get shot.
  107. [2013-06-19 15:46:49] * Bookwright "It's not a 'her', it's an 'it'. Don't forget that in the event of choosing between the robot and a real flesh and blood creature, the flesh comes first."
  108. [2013-06-19 15:48:11] <Kkat> 3The visitor's entrance is a large set of double-doors covered in gold fleck and embossed with the Stable-Tec logo.  Vaguely similar, in fact, to the front doors on the Solaris R&E building, but less ostentatious.  There are small, heart-shaped windows on each door, allowing a glimpse inside.
  109. [2013-06-19 15:48:36] * Bookwright glimpses inside, because what the heck. Windows work both ways.
  110. [2013-06-19 15:50:49] * Kid rolls her eyes. "I can think of a lot of blood I'd shoot before that particular robot." She said, looking around for loot. "Thanks." She said to the robot.
  111. [2013-06-19 15:54:28] * Kid would've said that last bit, if the robot pulled through right then.
  112. [2013-06-19 15:57:22] <Kkat> 3Inside, the Stable-Tech visitor's center is dark, but Bookwright can make out the outline of furniture, a visitors desk, a magazine dispenser and more.  Something moves, but it is hard to make out.
  113. [2013-06-19 15:58:26] * Bookwright "There's... something in there. Can't make it out. Could be the robot, I guess... Does anypony have a flashlight I can borrow?"
  114. [2013-06-19 16:02:48] * Shatara offers pipbuck lamp?
  115. [2013-06-19 16:05:02] * Bookwright "No, no, I need directed light. Thanks, but that won't work."
  116. [2013-06-19 16:05:38] <Kkat> 3Noble_Heart sees Pink-E dart into a small circular opening in the side of the building, concealed behind a couple of dumpters -- an access point that a foal might be able to creep through and that looks designed for sprite-bots.  The cover meant to go over the access point is discarded a few yards away, the hinges shattered and the casing cracked.
  117. [2013-06-19 16:08:05] * Noble_Heart frowns, swooping down from the roof to peer in throught he hole, worried about what might be on the other side. If she could get a good view inside maybe she could follow...
  118. [2013-06-19 16:11:46] <Kkat> 3The moving object inside seems to have either moved out of sight or stopped in the darkness.
  119. [2013-06-19 16:12:56] * Kid frowns. "Whatd'ya see?" She says, wrapping her hoof in some of her winter barding.
  120. [2013-06-19 16:14:19] * Bookwright doesn't look away. "A whole lot of darkness and something moving."
  121. [2013-06-19 16:16:42] * Noble_Heart frowns, unable to see much inside, she wings back to the group. "There is an entrance which the sprite bot has used. A small pony might be able to fit through it. But We could not see enough inside to risk teleportation."
  122. [2013-06-19 16:17:46] * Kid tries to move Bookie aside. "I'm gon' break th' window so we c'n get inside. Objections?" And then Noble. "... Ya'll shoulda brought me with y'. Teleport them folk inside, I'll cut around the way an' track down th' bot."
  123. [2013-06-19 16:18:13] * Bookwright "I'm willing to wait a little longer for the robot to try to open the doors, if you are."
  124. [2013-06-19 16:19:15] * Kid starts to head around the back. "I ain't."
  125. [2013-06-19 16:22:04] <Kkat> 3The hole leads down a metal tube with conduits, maintenance lids and high-voltage warning labels.
  126. [2013-06-19 16:23:33] * Bookwright shrugs, and knocks loudly on the doors. "Hurry up in there little robot. Please."
  127. [2013-06-19 16:25:40] <Kkat> 3At the end, the spritebot extends another little manipulator, this one with some sort of key mechanism attached.  Pink-E shoves the key into a locking circle, spins it, and opens the far hatch.  A moment later, she zips out of sight inside the Stable-Tec center.
  128. [2013-06-19 16:28:44] * Kid goes inside, not touching any of the very dangerous looking fancy technical tomfoolery, and instead kept looking for things that looked like they were just /actively/ trying to kill her.
  129. [2013-06-19 16:31:30] * Kid , before going inside, looks at one of the voltage thingies
  130. [2013-06-19 16:31:44] * Kid warnings. That's the thing.
  131. [2013-06-19 16:32:59] <Kkat> 3The spritebot access is indeed just barely big enough for Kid... but it would be a tight fit with a chance of getting stuck.  Fortunately, everything high-voltage appears to be in well insulated cables or behind maintenance lids that are clearly not designed for pony workers.
  132. [2013-06-19 16:34:33] * Kid pokes her head out. "Any luck with th' robot?" She shouts.
  133. [2013-06-19 16:34:46] <Kid> (out to the side of the building.)
  134. [2013-06-19 16:47:02] <Kkat> 3Both Noble_Heart and Bookwright hear voices not far away, Bookwright catching a bit of the inadequately hushed conversation,  "...heard it come this way..."  As Kid looks away from the sprite-bot access point, turning towards Noble_Heart, she spots the small group of heartless sneaking towards the Stable Tech facility from the direction of Emerald Park.
  135. [2013-06-19 16:48:41] * Noble_Heart twitches her ear, looking up the direction of the voices. That was not a good sign.
  136. [2013-06-19 16:48:50] * Bookwright looks round. "Wait a tick, did you folks hear that? I think there others coming this way..."
  137. [2013-06-19 16:52:09] * Bookwright draws his weapon and gives the door another thump. "Now would be a really good time, Pink-E."
  138. [2013-06-19 16:52:36] <Kkat> 3The voices hush up as they draw closer.  
  139. [2013-06-19 16:54:59] * Kid blinks... And then bolts back with the others. "We gotta ambush 'em. They heard us, we gotta go stick 'em up before they do it to us. Guns out, horns alight, get ready."
  140. [2013-06-19 16:55:06] * Kid draws her shotgun.
  141. [2013-06-19 16:58:24] * Bookwright already has his weapon drawn. Takes cover behind the fountain.
  142. [2013-06-19 16:59:19] * Shatara checks to see if the roof and/or sign makes viable cover...
  143. [2013-06-19 16:59:19] * Noble_Heart frowns, moving forwards and casting her shield, readying herself for a fight.
  144. [2013-06-19 17:01:35] <Kkat> 3Both the roof and the sign make for good cover.  The sign is a sturdy wooden affair that looks like it could stop most lower-calibre bullets.
  145. [2013-06-19 17:02:51] * Kid takes no chances when it comes to stopping bullets. Last time, it was a rather big bullet that knocked her out of the fight. Or, well. It felt like it. "Get me up on the roof. Please." She whispered.
  146. [2013-06-19 17:06:05] <Kkat> 3Likewise, the dumpsters around the side of the building would make excellent cover.
  147. [2013-06-19 17:08:40] * Noble_Heart nodded her head, wrapping her magic briefly around Kid and levitating the filly towards the roof as she flew to take up a place where she could fire.
  148. [2013-06-19 17:11:56] * Shatara joins the others on the roof and brings out both rifles.
  149. [2013-06-19 17:16:48] <Kkat> 3From the rooftop, neither Noble_Heart nor Kid can see where the heartless are hiding, but they must be fairly close. Shatara, however, spots them block away, in the ruins.  Two of them are in the crumbling walls of a house, one of them setting up what looks like mortar.  The third is behind a set of newspaper dispensers, a revolver in her mouth.
  150. [2013-06-19 17:23:16] * Shatara squints at the ponies down the block, fiddling with some kind of tube...Flugelhorn? No...slowly his mind assembles the pieces along with the ponies. Baseplate, Bipod... He squawks with alarm, scrambling for the sniper rifle and drawing a bead.
  151. [2013-06-19 17:24:09] * Bookwright looks up at Shatara "What's got you riled up?"?
  152. [2013-06-19 17:35:04] * Shatara fires two rounds, one into each of the heavy weapons crew. "They've got a fk'n mortar!"
  153. [2013-06-19 17:41:18] <Kkat> 3Shatara gets off two good shots, one each on the ponies setting up the mortar.
  154. [2013-06-19 17:43:57] * Bookwright 's eyes widen. "Where are they?"
  155. [2013-06-19 17:46:25] * Kid jolts up. "What?! Where?"
  156. [2013-06-19 17:47:44] * Shatara points downrange, towards the approprate rubble. "There! In that house!" He resumes looking through the scope, searching for how they react to being stabbed by sneaky snipey bullets.
  157. [2013-06-19 17:50:29] * Kid hides behind the roof a little more. "Alright! When they start firing, start firing, bookie!"
  158. [2013-06-19 17:55:06] * Bookwright calls up "I'm not staying still while they shoot mortar shells at me! Noble Heart, let's take the fight to 'em!"
  159. [2013-06-19 17:57:07] * Bookwright moves from taking cover to covering the distance towards the crumbled house with the mortar crew, eyes alight and weapon drawn.
  160. [2013-06-19 17:57:22] * Shatara notes his companions taking a more agressive stance. "W-wait! There's another by the newsstand too! Be careful!"
  161. [2013-06-19 18:01:15] * Bookwright acknowledges Shatara with a shouted "Right!" and keeps going until he has a flanking shot on the crouched heartless.
  162. [2013-06-19 18:02:42] * Bookwright lines up his weapon and fires on the now-flanked revolver pony.
  163. [2013-06-19 18:07:26] <Kkat> 3Two of Bookwright's magical energy shots refract harmlessly through the crouching crystal pony, but one strikes true, hitting it just below the neck.
  164. [2013-06-19 18:08:32] * Bookwright ducks behind a mailbox even as he curses the refraction.
  165. [2013-06-19 18:11:19] * Noble_Heart was not one ot wait while enemies rained death from above. She spread her wings and took flight, sprinting across open air with a swift gait and attention to where the ponies setting up that artillery strike were. Her horn glowed as lightning crashed across the sky, down into their protective cover.
  166. [2013-06-19 18:35:26] <Kkat> 3Noble_Heart's lightning strikes down, grieviously injuring one of the heartless at the mortar.
  167. [2013-06-19 18:36:19] <Kkat> 3That pony screams out and scrambles for better cover, abandoning the mortar and his companion... sniper shots and lightning are more than he bargained for.
  168. [2013-06-19 18:38:38] <Kkat> 3The other pony fires off the mortar twice, launching explosives at the roof where Shatara and Kid are.  The heartless with the revolver gallops from his position to flank Bookwright and fires off two shots at the unicorn.
  169. [2013-06-19 18:40:49] <Kkat> 3One explosive rocks detonates on the roof, the other landing in the front lawn of the Visitor's Center, the building providing ample cover from it's effects.
  170. [2013-06-19 18:42:58] <Kkat> 3One shot from the revolver pierces the metal of the mailbox, possibly killing a centuries-old parcel.  The other hit's Bookwright's left foreleg.
  171. [2013-06-19 18:47:12] * Kid can only hear a lot of ringing. And maybe a little of her own breath. And a disconcerting popping sound that she can't really stop to worry about now. She was sure that she wasn't going to survive another volley. So, she decided to go a little crazy. She sprang out of her cover, shooting once at the pony with the revolver, now that she was sure where he was.
  172. [2013-06-19 18:54:42] * Shatara cries out in pain, fruitlessly sheilding himself with a wing. "HAAAX!" he cries out over the din.
  173. [2013-06-19 18:56:38] * Kid then jumped down, her legs not liking this new job she's asking of them in working conditions like this. That can wait until later. Don't fuck up. She proceeded to move over to where the revolver pony was until she was point blank, then she let off a flurry of buckshot while diving into the opposite side of his cover.
  174. [2013-06-19 19:15:31] * Bookwright fires four more times at his revolver-wielding attacker, before interposing the mailbox between himself and his foe (again).
  175. [2013-06-19 19:16:04] * Shatara takes off, shaking away the blood as he claws for altitude, hoping distance will keep away the direct fire, and being away from the ground will deal with the explosives. He lines up his rifle on the remaining mortarpone.
  176. [2013-06-19 19:16:50] <Kkat> 3Again, one of Bookwright's magical energy shots strikes true, the others refracting through his enemy.
  177. [2013-06-19 19:17:15] <Kkat> 3The face full of buckshot is considerably more effective.
  178. [2013-06-19 19:22:06] * Noble_Heart dove downwards, swoooping low as her horn glowed brightly, another bolt of lightning arched towards the artillery pony. "Flee! Flee or face your doom!"
  179. [2013-06-19 19:25:09] <Kkat> 3Noble_Heart's lightning strikes the remaining mortar pony dead.
  180. [2013-06-19 19:29:52] <Kkat> 3At the same time, Shatara's two shots slay the revolver-wielding heartless.
  181. [2013-06-19 19:30:57] <Kkat> 3Three seconds later, the doors to the Stable-Tec Visitor's Center slide open.  "Hello, eveyone!"  Pink-E cheerfully asks. "Miss me?   ...Hey, where are you guys?"
  182. [2013-06-19 19:33:43] * Bookwright stands up, trying to avoid putting weight on his injured leg. "Okay, that was... exciting. My custom weapon is a lot less effective against these 'Heartless' than I'd like it to be, but that's more an issue of coherent light beams and their physiology than anything else." He walks over to examine the mortar.
  183. [2013-06-19 19:35:05] * Shatara glide-limps after Bookwright, muttering about 'unfair' and 'cheaters'
  184. [2013-06-19 19:37:37] * Kid huff puffs. Okay. Now her limbs are allowed to hate her. And hate, they do. As she looks ahead of her, she becomes very aware of why it's so disturbing that they... Fragment like that, since she got a front row seating this time. She also became very aware that there was a revolver in front of her. She examined it.
  185. [2013-06-19 19:41:40] <Kkat> 3The "mortar" turns out to be a 40mm grenade launcher, likely stripped from a robot or military vehicle, that the Heartless have modified to effectively lob its payload.  This is the second time you have seen the Heartless show ingenuity when it comes to weapons of destruction and war.
  186. [2013-06-19 19:42:45] * Shatara looks over the device curiously. "Oh...interesting..."
  187. [2013-06-19 19:43:06] * Bookwright marvels at it. "Wow... this is pretty neat. I want to keep it. Any objections?"
  188. [2013-06-19 19:43:33] * Noble_Heart wheels about in the air and descends towards Pink-E, her shield falling from around her. "Our apologizes. Some of the locals wanted a word, and We felt it rude not to answer."
  189. [2013-06-19 19:45:00] <Kkat> 3Pink-E nods.  "Okie Dokie Lokie!"
  190. [2013-06-19 19:45:35] <Kkat> 3The other heartless' hunting revolver is in surprisingly good shape as well.
  191. [2013-06-19 19:46:19] * Noble_Heart smiles a bit. "Are things within alright? We heard something was moving inside. We were concerned."
  192. [2013-06-19 19:48:04] * Bookwright declares. "I'm keeping it. Oooh, this is nice. Yeah."
  193. [2013-06-19 19:50:40] * Kid huffs as she gets up, picking up the revolver. Wow. It's... Quite shiny, actually. Yoink. She holds it in her mouth. It gave her much more confidence than her old revolver. Man, screw you Littlepip, this is where it's at.
  194. [2013-06-19 20:02:26] <Kkat> 3--- End of Session ---
  195. [2013-06-19 20:04:55] * Bookwright finishes packing up his new toy and returns to the others. Addressing Shatara, "Now, I wanted to take a look at you and kid. I heard those bombs go off."
  196. [2013-06-19 20:05:44] * Shatara nods. He has shrapnel cuts pretty much everywhere, but his head and hindleg look particularly ugly.
  197. [2013-06-19 20:06:34] * Bookwright "Okay, hold still. I'm not a great healer, but I've got some power to burn." He begins casting spells on Shatara.
  198. [2013-06-19 20:07:49] * Bookwright turns to Kid. "Okay, uh, kid. Lemme look atcha."
  199. [2013-06-19 20:12:56] * Bookwright casts warm healing energy over Kid, restoring her body. If not her soul.
  200. [2013-06-19 20:13:43] * Bookwright now turns inward, healing his own flesh with the power of his spirit. Mind over body, indeed.
  201. [2013-06-19 20:14:15] * Kid 's body is considerably less... Well, churned up like butter, but it'll take a lot more than a spell and a few kind words to help her soul. But her spirit's a little higher, at least.
  202. [2013-06-19 21:11:39] <Kkat> 3--- End of Sssion (Part 2) ---
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