generic bingo deluxe rules

Dec 9th, 2017 (edited)
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  1. General Rules:
  3. Games cannot be played simultaneously.
  4. Generally, only modes that are typically friendly for a standard SRL race. Simple VS modes should not be used. Generally, if multiple modes exist, only story and campaign modes should be used.
  5. Games should generally only be played from a new file.
  6. If desired, starting from an old file to use an unlockable character is permitted. This generally applies to fighting games and racing games.
  7. Race files are permitted in games where they are common, well-defined, and would otherwise make the game pretty unusable (10+ minute intro). This includes Majora's Mask and Super Mario Sunshine. See the Rules section of a specific game's SRL page for guidance.
  8. Save files that allow you to access more content in roguelikes are permitted.
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  11. Bans:
  13. Multiplayer is banned.
  14. Romhacks are banned.
  15. Browser-based games are banned.
  16. Unless they've been previously raced on SRL, games developed by the racers are banned.
  17. Test, debug, dev, sandbox, and similar modes in which you can spawn stuff as you please are banned.
  18. Scribblenauts, Garry's Mod, Minecraft's creative mode, and any other games that blatantly have similar issues are banned.
  19. Fixed seeds in roguelikes are banned (random seeds are permitted).
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  22. Goal Rules:
  24. Constant goals, such as no saving, apply to all games played.
  25. You must accomplish all goals during gameplay unless otherwise noted. For example, for "read a book", you cannot simply watch the opening cutscene of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door to complete the goal. You must find a book and read it during gameplay.
  26. For all "obtain" goals, you must not possess the object by default.
  27. For all "learn" goals, you must not possess the ability by default. An exception to this is if the goal is to "learn how" to do something and if the game explains how to use the ability, even if you already have it.
  28. For all "enter (area)" goals, you must transition into it from a different area and not simply begin the video game in that area.
  29. For all "defeat" goals, the target does not need to die. Your own character cannot be the target.
  30. For all "ride" goals, the means of transportation must move.
  31. For all "upgrade" goals, you must already possess some form of what the goal requires for it to qualify as an upgrade. Upgrades don't have to be permanent, but must at least remain until they/you are damaged (stars in Mario don't qualify for an armor upgrade, for example).
  32. Goals in which you must do more than one of something can be split across multiple games.
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  35. Specific Goal Rules (note: goals that are fairly straightforward are not covered below):
  37. No saving:
  38. Saving at any point nullifies this goal. This includes autosaving.
  40. Buy 3 items from a shop:
  41. Duplicates may be purchased. A form of currency must be exchanged for each item.
  43. Obtain 3 extra lives:
  44. Your life counter must go up by three. You do not necessarily need to collect three different items. Losing lives does not affect your progress for this goal. Getting a game over to restock lives does not qualify.
  46. Defeat a knight:
  47. Armored character with some sort of weapon.
  49. Complete an autoscroll section:
  50. Platforms that go back an forth on a short cycle are not autoscrollers. The screen must either scroll at a fixed rate or you must be unable to change the pace at which you progress for a reasonable period of time. The entire game shouldn't be an autoscroller, as you are required to complete an autoscroll section (therefore, most rhythm games do not qualify).
  52. Obtain a potion:
  53. Healing is not necessarily a required effect, as long as it's some sort of consumable that is clearly similar to a potion, such as an elixir. It does not need to be used, just obtained. Mushrooms, first aid kits, etc. don't qualify.
  55. Do a dance:
  56. One move is arguably not a dance, so multiple moves should be chained together for it to qualify. For example, Mario's "breakdance" move and star animation in Super Mario 64 would not qualify, although a few chained dance moves upon completing a level would.
  58. Touch a cloud:
  59. You must be able to physically touch the cloud. Falling past a cloud in the background does not suffice.
  61. Defeat a zombie/mummy:
  62. Undead character or character entirely wrapped in bandages.
  64. Climb to the summit of a mountain:
  65. Must be clearly a mountain and not a small hill. If the summit is pointed and you are unable to stand on it, you must be able to reach very close to the point.
  67. Complete a prologue/tutorial:
  68. Gameplay is not required. Must be clearly defined as a prologue, tutorial, or instructions on how to play the game, controls, etc. You must complete the entire prologue or tutorial, aka until the game says it's complete or until you are no longer being given such information.
  70. Barrel roll:
  71. You must be the initiator of the barrel roll.
  73. Obtain a card:
  74. Must be clearly defined as a card. Arbitrary squares or rectangles with images on them are not cards by default.
  76. Drain an enemy bar:
  77. Enemy must have some sort of health bar and it must be fully depleted.
  79. Complete a bonus/special stage:
  80. Generally must be clearly defined as a bonus or special stage. Optional mini-games that are found within a level qualify if you obtain anything, including points, from them.
  82. Defeat 15 unique enemies:
  83. You must manually keep count. Bosses and minibosses do not qualify. Each enemy must be distinguishable from one another in some clear way.
  85. Obtain a fruit:
  86. You must either possess the fruit or have clearly used or interacted with it. Tomatoes are fruits.
  88. Level up to 4:
  89. Something must clearly reach level 4. It does not necessarily have to be your character, but it must be something you have control of.
  91. Talk to royalty
  92. Must be clearly defined as a king/queen/prince/princess or obvious based on the state of the game and his/her surroundings. A character wearing a crown does not necessarily qualify.
  94. Talk to a scientist:
  95. Medical doctors don't qualify, engineers do if clearly labeled as such.
  97. New ally:
  98. Character must begin accompanying you and show up during gameplay. This includes characters who only show up during a battle. Partners and party members qualify.
  100. New vehicle:
  101. Vehicles are defined as machines that are designed to transport life or cargo. Either your character must enter a new vehicle or you must unlock a new vehicle which replaces your old one.
  103. Become poisoned:
  104. Must clearly be poisoned and not some other status effect, such as burned.
  106. Restore an ally's health:
  107. Must restore the health of an ally, partner, or party member, and not your main character.
  109. Melee weapon upgrade:
  110. Must improve or replace a melee weapon with a clearly superior alternative.
  112. Win a race:
  113. Must have at least one opponent.
  115. Enter an inn/hotel:
  116. Must clearly be defined as an inn, hotel, or a building in which you can restore your health.
  118. Disturb the bees:
  119. Bee or bees must attempt to attack you. Behavior of the bee(s) should change in some way. Defeating a bee that never acknowledges you does not qualify. Wasps also qualify.
  121. Escape from prison:
  122. Escaping during a cutscene qualifies if you were in the prison or jail cell during gameplay. If in a prison cell, must escape the entire prison/facility. If in a cell in a non-prison-like facility, must simply escape the cell.
  124. Destroy an enemy vehicle:
  125. Must be attacking you or competing against you. If done in a racing game, the vehicle must legitimately be destroyed and no longer able to race.
  127. Enter strong wind currents:
  128. Your character's movement must be affected by the wind in some way.
  130. Obtain an explosive:
  131. Explosive must be usable in some way, although it does not have to be used.
  133. Enter a volcano:
  134. Must be inside the volcano.
  136. Don't shoot:
  137. Shooting a projectile at any point nullifies this goal.
  139. Armor/Defense upgrade:
  140. Must improve or replace armor with a clearly superior alternative or armor that has a unique function. Shields also qualify. Alternatively, must clearly boost defensive stats. Shoes only qualify if they boost defense.
  142. Defeat a boss, defeat three bosses:
  143. Minibosses don't qualify.
  145. Play an instrument/song:
  146. The song, melody, or performance may be automated as long as you triggered it in some way. Instruments and vocals both qualify.
  148. Take damage from your own attack:
  149. The attack or potentially damaging action must clearly be initiated by you. You cannot simply intentionally jump into an enemy.
  151. Boots/Shoes upgrade:
  152. Must improve or replace shoes with a clearly superior alternative or shoes that have a unique function.
  154. Go through a floating ring:
  155. The ring most not be resting on the ground. If you cannot travel through the ring's boundaries, you must at least collide with the ring and trigger some effect.
  157. Light a fire:
  158. Must light an inanimate object on fire and the object must clearly burn.
  160. Ride an electric elevator:
  161. Must clearly be an elevator or have some sort of electrical system connected to it. Vertically moving platforms suspended in the air do not qualify.
  163. Catch a thief/criminal:
  164. The character must have stolen something or clearly committed a crime according to an action or the game's plot. The character must be fleeing from you and must be physically stopped.
  166. Read a book:
  167. Must interact with the book and some sort of text must be displayed on screen, even if it's a summary of the contents.
  169. Ranged weapon upgrade:
  170. Must improve or replace a ranged weapon or its ammo/projectiles with a clearly superior alternative.
  172. Hit a target:
  173. Must clearly be a reasonably traditional target.
  175. Collect letters to spell a word:
  176. Spelling a word in a word game does not qualify. The letters must be individually acquired in an area. All letters in the word must be collected.
  178. Learn a password:
  179. The password must be provided in the game due to beating a stage or accomplishing some task.
  181. Obtain an area map:
  182. A world map also qualifies.
  184. Interact with a friendly cat or dog:
  185. The cat or dog must not attack you. It must respond in some way to you performing an action near it or to it.
  187. Complete a stealth section:
  188. The section must clearly be designed to be performed stealthily.
  190. Rescue an NPC:
  191. Character must be trapped, kidnapped, or imprisoned in some way.
  193. Defeat an insect boss:
  194. Minibosses qualify.
  196. Defeat a king:
  197. Must be clearly defined as a king or obvious based on the state of the game and his/her surroundings. A character wearing a crown does not necessarily qualify.
  199. Capture an insect or fish:
  200. Must be holding the insect or fish or possess it in some way.
  202. Learn to shrink:
  203. Character should be able to shrink on command or should automatically shrink as a result of some beneficial trigger (shrinking due to taking damage in Mario does not qualify). Contorting into a noticeably smaller size qualifies.
  205. Stun an enemy:
  206. Enemy must be unable to move or act but remain alive.
  208. Defeat an enemy with a super or ultra attack:
  209. Must be a special attack that is clearly stronger than standard options. Generally should have limited use and typically shouldn't be immediately usable.
  211. Put on a disguise:
  212. Must be a disguise which is intended to give your character a different identity or conceal their presence. It should, in some way, cause other characters to treat you differently.
  214. Defeat a shapeshifter:
  215. Character must have the ability to change their shape at some point in the game.
  217. Defeat your rival/dark-side:
  218. Must be boss-like character who is fought multiple times throughout the game and is seemingly designed to be your character's adversary, or is specifically defined as a rival.
  220. Glitch out of bounds:
  221. Enter an area of the game that you are clearly not intended to be in. Some sort of unintended execution must be done to enter the area. Clips in Super Mario Bros. games and (most) zips in Mega Man games do not qualify as they very temporarily take you through an arguably in-bounds part of the level.
  223. Utilize a bubble:
  224. Must use a bubble as a utility, such as restoring your air, restoring your health, or climbing a vertical section. You can spawn the bubble yourself, although it must be used for a similar purpose and not as an attack on an enemy.
  226. Break the ice:
  227. Must clearly destroy ice, such as a block of ice, an ice floor, or an ice shield.
  229. Change the water level:
  230. Manually increase or decrease the amount of water in a room already flooded with water.
  232. Craft a weapon or armor:
  233. Some sort of material(s) must be used. Alternatively, a blacksmith-type character can craft the item for you.
  235. Transform into an animal:
  236. Must be a "traditional" animal, fake or not, and not something remotely humanoid (such as a Deku Scrub). If your character is an animal by default, you must be able to either transform into a different animal or transform back into your original animal form.
  238. Revive a character:
  239. Traditionally respawning a character after a death does not qualify. A form of revival must be specifically used.
  241. Pass through a fake wall/floor:
  242. The surface can react to your movement, but an actual hole must not open up in the wall or floor. Phasing through is required. Must be a developer-intended fake wall or floor.
  244. Turn the lights on:
  245. Some sort of light must be manually activated to make an area brighter.
  247. Gain control of an enemy:
  248. Must have control over an enemy's actions either instead of your character or in tandem with your character.
  250. Learn an ability involving wind:
  251. Learning how to hover or fly does not qualify. The air and/or wind must be manipulated in some way.
  253. Cook food:
  254. The food does not necessarily have to be consumable, but a cooking process must be started and completed.
  256. New playable character:
  257. A playable character who was not playable upon starting the game must be unlocked. It must be a character you have complete control over. For example, unlocking a new party member in an rpg does not qualify unless you also control them on the overworld.
  259. No jumping:
  260. Jumping at any point nullifies this goal.
  262. Pacifism:
  263. Defeating an enemy or boss at any point nullifies this goal. Enemies and bosses can still be hit or damaged, however.
  265. Transition into having 100 HP:
  266. Must not simply begin with 100 health, but gain or lose HP until you have 100.
  268. Win a tournament:
  269. Must be a clearly defined tournament, grand prix, or competition with multiple opponents and generally multiple rounds. Must also be some sort of indication that you won the overall event (Megaton Punch in Kirby Super Star does not qualify, for example).
  271. Beat a game:
  272. Freeware games are banned for this goal specifically given how short some of them are. Loops do not qualify (such as beating the first three levels of Donkey Kong), but being sent back to the title screen does. Alternative "bad endings" where the player just dies early in the game (such as Die Hard) do not qualify.
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