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  1. {"title":"**Unlock Channels.** ↓","description":":headphones: **<@&661682375327088664>**\n> Use music bots in <#661688648734998529> and <#661688755505332271> channels.\n\n:video_game: **<@&661682354754027544>**\n> Use gaming bots in <#661650289727897612> and <#661650304319750165> channels.\n\n:peach: **<@&661682379542364160>**\n> View content in <#661649724578725888> and <#661650254764048404> channels.\n\n━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━\n**Click on the reactions below to give yourself these roles.**","image":{"url":""},"color":16777215}
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