Inner Feelings - Tyler

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  1. The feelings i feel inside ...Rregret
  2. Regreting being alive not wanting my life
  3. Everyday and night feeling the strife
  4. A knife maybe that is what i need
  5. Clean and swift just do the deed
  6. Looks like my arm loves to bleed
  7. Everyday i have to cry
  8. Dreaming of the day i die
  9. Not even gonna lie ..
  10. Sick of the pain and the agony
  11. Please someone just end me
  12. A bullet to the brain,a bomb out a plane
  13. maybe hit by a train..drowning in a drain
  14. I know these words ryme but dont think its a joke
  15. I just wanna die,i just wanna croak
  16. Face go red with a belt get choked
  17. Blood so black with ice its coke
  18. I just wanna be gone
  19. Pain from night to dawn
  20. Use my blood to water the lawn
  21. Lawn mower mow me down to the ground
  22. Reap what u sow...What a clown
  23. Please just put me down
  24. Were a crown with no jewels
  25. Cause my life is so cruel
  26. Anybody,Somebody i need help
  27. Wanna hang myself from a shelf
  28. I just wanna murder myself
  29. 2 shots to the head
  30. 4 to the chest
  31. 1 in the back then take a deep breath
  32. The smellof the blood on the floor
  33. Give me more
  34. Blood on the doors
  35. so much gore
  36. I find pleasure in torturing my soul
  37. Death calls me because im cold
  38. Nigga my muderous thoughts shine like gold
  39. Demons and death i uphold
  40. Begone,Get out,Dont eat,Dont drink so im told
  41. Friends are what i hold most dear
  42. If only they knew my thoughts would they fear
  43. You make me feel small
  44. As small as a mouse
  45. But im the same mouse that'll run up in your house
  46. Shoot u in the head, Shoot u kids in the mouth
  47. Make a red rainbow when your blood starts to spout
  48. Get out the thoughts Tyler, that's what i keep saying
  49. While other people keep praying
  50. Lord forgive him for all his sins
  51. Thinking bout it makes my head spin
  52. I just need to Cut myself, Hurt myself keep the pain in
  53. Before i kill somebody
  54. Or some other stupid thing
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