Chapter 54 of Shieldbro, Tanuki, and Firo

Sep 20th, 2014
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  1. As expected of the trash king
  2. Chapter 54
  4. Farewell
  6. We returned to where the boss died to check up on those heroes who have fainted with volunteers and villagers.
  7. So unnecessary.....
  9. Well I had to return to get materials from the wave for my shield to abosrb, since the Assault Shadow Goblin and Shadow Lizardmen were only shadows they could not be absorbed.
  10. No, I have a feeling that if i make a lump of shadows and compress it I should be able to absorb it.
  12. Shadow Shield
  13. Ability Unsealed......Equipment Bonus: Darkness Resistance (Small)
  15. The other guys are omitted because the only equipment bonus they provided was for stats.
  16. (Tl note: It's not because I'm lazy he just says 他の奴等は全部ステータスアップ系の装備ボーナスしかないので省略する。)
  17. The big ghost-like fish that the other Heroes defeated is quite desirable.
  19. "Aan~"
  20. "Don't eat it."
  22. Because Firo was about to eat the head I ordered her to stop.
  23. As for why this bird went berserk, the cause is still unknown.
  24. My speculation is that it should be due to the dragon core that this fellow carelessly ate.
  26. "But......"
  28. When I was about to pick it up my hand fell through and onto the ground, it was quite surprising.
  30. "How did you pick it up?"
  31. "I used wind magic on my hand"
  32. "Hah......"
  34. I can't even touch it barehanded,this sure is quite the strange fish.
  35. I asked the volunteer soldiers to bring the other heroes here, It seems their exclusive weapons are necessary.
  36. Since one of them possess a weapon with a cheap attribute that is useful, I'll have to borrow it.
  37. According to Firo, the item itself has to have magic imbued.
  38. My shield absorbs a part of the head.
  40. Soul Eater Shield
  41. Ability Unsealed......Equipment Bonus: Skill "Second Shield" Soul Resistance (Intermediate) Mind Attack Resistance (Intermediate) SP Up
  42. Special effect: Soul Devour Sp recovery (Weak)
  44. Even though the demon head was dismantled the name did not disappear so it doesn't really matter.
  45. I absorb another part but there is no change either.
  46. However, I am curious as to what the Second Shield skill does. As for soul resistance......It is probably resistance against attacks of this type.
  47. the name Soul Devour makes me slightly anxious. It seems I can eat souls; it's quite unpleasant.
  48. The shape of my shield changes slowly. The design seemed to be based off of this demon's head since it is attached to my shield.
  49. ...... It's defence is greater than the Chimeric Viper Shield.
  50. It seems Soul Devour is a skill that is exclusive to this shield.
  52. So I reach out my hand.
  53. When I do so I am unable to touch the flesh of the soul eater.
  54. But it still feels different somehow.
  55. Good.
  56. I don't want anything that will consume souls, I don't have such a hobby.
  57. It's probably a counter effect. It will probably just absorb the enemy's SP.
  58. Now then, what will the skill Second Shield do?
  59. I'll experiment.
  61. "Second Shield!"
  63. Air Strike Shield -> Second Shield
  65. An icon appears.
  67. "Air Strike Shield!"
  69. After I confirm the Air Strike Shield appearing I once again call out
  71. "Second Shield!"
  73. ......Another shield appears.
  74. I see. It seems I'll be able to add another shield on top of Air Strike Shield within it's effect duration.
  75. This will have various uses, but the performance of the second shield may be different.
  77. I pay more attention to the remains of the Soul Eater.
  79. "I want to absorb the rest, but then those annoying fellows won't shut up about it......
  81. They probably won't shut up.
  82. This is troubling since there are beings stronger than the heroes who are already the strongest in this world.
  83. If those three are this weak, even if I become strong I won't be able to take it easy.
  84. Sigh...... Should I just leave?
  86. "Master, can Firo have the rest?"
  88. The bird is slobbering everywhere while being noisy.
  90. "Can't be helped......"
  92. I cut the area from the back bone to the tail and give it to Firo.
  93. Who ate it it one gulp.
  95. "This texture is like a slime~"
  96. "Wait a minute bird. When did we encounter slimes?"
  97. "Uhmm you see~"
  99. I'll omit the details and abbreviate.
  100. As a result I was angry.
  101. In the meaning that I didn't get to absorb any by my shield.
  103. "Alright, let's help out with the reconstruction of the village."
  105. Along with the volunteers we started helping out around the village, by processing demon corpses and reconstructing any damaged buildings.
  106. Still, I cannot help everyone. So my top priority became making meals and treating injuries.
  108. "Okay!"
  110. The volunteers obediently did what I asked without question.
  111. It seems I don't need to doubt them anymore.
  112. One night passed after the long fight, it seems the knights have finally arrived.
  113. Along with the volunteers I was summoned by an angry knight leader.
  115. "Bastard! who gave you permission to selfishly take my soldiers!"
  116. "This isn't the Hero-sama's responsibility! we were the ones who wanted to help and borrow his power."
  117. "What? You lot call yourselves knights of Merlot Mark? By siding with the shield bastard?"
  118. "You know...... this is quite the disgrace scene, if you have a problem with our behaviour just get rid of us right?"
  120. The volunteers protected my by frankly expressing their opinions.
  121. According to the stories I head, the upper echelon of the knights had a meeting after they found out that the volunteers wanted to help a Hero.
  123. "I think that if these guys weren't here there would be much more damage."
  125. the villagers who heard what I said also nod.
  127. "The other heroes and their companions were brought to that building to rest after they were defeated by the formidable enemy who appeared during the wave."
  129. Though they weren't asked to the villagers take care of the Heroes and their companions.
  130. Thanks to the prescribed medicine, they will have a complete recovery in a few days.
  131. Due to the fast recovery they regained consciousness today.
  133. "Hurry up carry out Hero-sama and their companions, send them to the Treatment Institute Immediately!"
  134. "Hey...... They are going to be fine. Priority goes to the villagers and others who are severely injured."
  135. "The Heroes are our top Priority, For this world and our country."
  137. What an arrogant answer......
  138. Well, it seems their problem is that I prioritized the treatment of villagers.
  140. "Whatever. Go away, I'm busy."
  141. "Wait, Shield"
  143. The knight leader calls for my to stop, so I turn around and ask for the circumstances.
  145. "What is it this time......"
  146. "You need to give a report, so come to the castle."
  147. "No thanks, that place stinks."
  148. "I'm telling you to come!"
  150. Do you have the authority? Even though this is meaningless why does it still have to be prioritized.
  151. The volunteers lower their heads and look down, but I just ignore it and turn around.
  153. "Hero of the Shield-sama I beg you, please go......"
  155. ......Oh, this guy obeyed my instructions and acted properly.
  156. I cannot coldly refuse,though it is also necessary to go collect my metal wagon from the old man.
  158. "Hah......"
  160. I look back while scratching my head.
  162. "Fine. I'll go. But I'll only meet this guy once."
  163. "Thank you very much!"
  165. I nodded to the volunteer who expressed his thanks.
  166. This, we went straight to the castle.
  168. Next day.
  169. We arrive at the castle town and enter the castle.
  171. "The shield's companions have to wait in another room."
  172. "Why am I the only one that goes?"
  174. Why is this guy acting so overbearing?
  176. "Hey, can I leave yet?"
  178. This is going to be a giant waste of time.
  180. "Please don't go. There are various things that you must hear."
  181. "I would have liked to talk about them before coming here."
  183. The process of how the other heroes got smashed and how we defeated the enemy was already explained.
  184. It seems one of the volunteers confirmed what I said since he happened to see it.
  185. In any case, if the trash king tries to force something on me I'll just run away.
  186. Due to Raphtalia and Firo I will not be easily caught.
  188. "Quiet! You are in the King's presence!"
  190. I was guided to the throne and the trash king greeted me with a grim expression.
  191. It seems he already heard the story. He seems to be irritated.
  193. "Although it is regrettable, thanks to the shield the wave was defeated. Though I don't believe it."
  194. "Is that any way to thank a person?"
  195. "Insolence!......Well, it's fine. I only want to ask one thing. Though I'm sure you're lying."
  196. "......What do you want"
  198. It is a little annoying that he believes everything I say to be false.
  200. "Shield, how did you outwit the other heroes and steal their strength? You have an obligation to speak, though I don't believe it. Now speak. Though I know you're lying."
  202. ......So it's about that. The trash king is concerned that the other heroes are weaker than me.
  203. Hah. I am so disgusted that I can't even talk.
  204. Honestly, Glass beat the other heroes up.
  205. Even though the Heroes outnumbered her they still lost.
  206. Did I only win due to compatibility and the fact that the other party was worn out? Or were the other heroes weak and not even exhaust her.
  207. I should look around that vicinity when I'm free.
  208. But, what to do here.
  209. Alright.
  210. I showed a radiant smile to the trash and gave him a thumbs down.
  211. "Prostrate yourself if you want to find out."
  212. "What?"
  214. All that's on the trash king's face is a dumbfounded expression.
  215. that's a very interesting face. I want a picture.
  217. "Did you not hear me? It seems trash has poor hearing. I told you to rub your head on the ground if you want to know."
  218. "Yo-Yo-Yo"
  219. "What's wrong? You sound like a screeching monkey. Oh I see, the trash king of this country is indeed lower than a monkey. Though I would rather be talking to a monkey."
  221. The trash king's face is instantly dyed-red, and stares at me like I'm responsible for the murder of his parents.
  222. Ah, this feels pretty good.
  224. "You bastard----------------------!"
  226. The cry of the trash king echoes throughout the castle.
  228. Enemy from the wave in front, and trash king in the back.
  229. But, I do not intend to be defeated by either.
  231. And in this way I parted with the trash king.
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