A Dazzling Pack VIII

Nov 13th, 2016
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  1. "Will you stop eating all of my snack cookies?"
  2. >"Relax, I've only had one."
  3. "No you fucking haven't! I saw you stuff like ten in your mouth!"
  4. >You try to yank your cookies away from Adagio, but your alpha is insistent
  5. >She tried to swipe at the little bag of cookies, mashing your face against her chest as she did so
  6. >The two of you leaned back and forth on the small, shitty, plastic stool you were sitting on, each of you trying to get the cookies
  7. >You fought the good fight, but it was no use
  8. >Your packmate had the overwhelming advantage of being seated in your lap, and those small hands of hers were as quick as a whip
  9. > After about five minutes of the two of you making fools of yourselves, she managed to snatch the cookies out of your hand
  10. "Noooo!" you whined, trying to reach up and grab them as she brought the bag to her opened mouth. "They're mine! Get your own fucking cookies!"
  11. >Adagio wrapped an arm around you, pinning your face against her chest in a way that made your arms useless
  12. >You wiggled and squirmed with all of your might, but the poof was too mighty
  13. >You could only watch helplessly as bite-sized cookie after bite-sized cookie fell from the little bag and into her mouth
  14. "Dagy! Gimme my fucking cookies! Stop eating them! They're the best part of my lunch! Stopeatingmyfuckingcookiesgodammit!"
  15. >Adagio, her eyes shining, looked down at you as she dropped the now empty cookie bag onto the table and began to chew
  16. >Your heart sunk with each crunch
  17. "You cunt," you muttered as you began to hatefully bite at a cloth-covered breast
  18. >You could feel one of her hands reaching up to tickle the back of your neck as she chuckled, sending bits of YOUR cookies everywhere
  19. >"Stop being such a baby," she said through her mouthful. "They're just cookies."
  20. "They were MY cookies," you growled, finding her nipple and biting down
  21. >Poof tensed in your lap, her thighs slapping together in surprise
  22. >A playful growl escaped her throat as you began to apply more pressure
  24. >It made you want to bite down harder
  25. >...
  26. >But you REALLY didn't want to hurt poof over some stupid cookies
  27. >...Even though you actually kinda did
  28. >Those are your fucking cookies...
  29. >When she finished chewing, she swallowed, licking her lips
  30. >"I don't know why you get so worked up over a bunch of cookies. If you wanted more you could have packed the whole box for lunch if you wanted."
  31. "It's the principle of the thing! I can't just bring more than one bag of cookies to lunch!" you said, poking her in the stomach. "That was the special part, the reward that I get after finishing everything else, and you just fucking ATE them."
  32. >On either side of you, grump and lil' blue giggled as they ate their lunches
  33. >The bitches...
  34. >They could have helped you...
  35. >They could have saved your cookies from certain doom...
  36. >Adagio rolled her eyes as you began to sulk
  37. >"Are you really that worked up that I ate your cookies?" she asked
  38. >You said nothing, only looking up at her and frowning
  39. >Shaking her head, poof got out of your lap and stood up
  40. >"Fine, if you're going to be a crybaby about it then I'm sorry," she said, wrapping her arms around your neck and pulling your face against her belly. "I'll go and get you some more cookies if you want them so bad. Will you forgive me then?"
  41. >Your eyes narrowed as the bottoms of her breasts rubbed against the top of your head
  42. "...Go and see if they have some of the ones that they make homemade here," you commanded, poking her leg. "If they do, get me two of them."
  43. >"Oh course, my jewel," the siren murmured, running her fingers through your hair. "I'll get you the best cookies that they have in this cesspool."
  44. >You ignored the other girl's giggles, nodding
  45. "You better," you grumbled
  46. >Patting the top of your head like a dog, Adagio released you and made her way to the snack line
  47. >With poof no longer taking up all of your vision, you could see your other girls
  48. >Both Sonata and Aria were both eating their lunches
  50. >And by eating you meant EATING
  51. >They had already gone through the sandwiches that you made this morning, and the fruit
  52. >The two of them were now working on the tacos that you had leftover from the night before
  53. >All twenty of them
  54. >As you waited for your cookies, you sat back and just marveled at how much your girls put away
  55. >Though all three of them were half of your size, the sirens ate like a trio of burly lumberjacks
  56. >Big lumberjacks
  57. >They ate more than you
  58. >In fact, you were pretty sure that they ate more than anyone else that you've ever met
  59. >And you knew a guy that was a competitive eater for a living
  60. >Breakfast, lunch, dinner, it didn't matter
  61. >The second that you put the food down they began shoving it in their faces like they hadn't seen food in days
  62. >You sighed, looking back down at what was left of YOUR lunch
  63. >You would have liked to finish it up, but you knew that you couldn't
  64. >Poof was not only the one to sit in your lap during lunch time, she was the one that fed you
  65. >You weren't allowed to touch the food; only she could
  66. >Why, you had no idea
  67. >Adagio didn't do this for breakfast or dinner
  68. >You could feed yourself during those, and both grump and blue could sit in your lap to their heart's content if they wanted
  69. >But right now, that was a big no-no
  70. >A BIG no-no
  71. >As usual, when you asked about it, they said that it was a siren thing
  72. >...
  73. >Bullshit siren culture...
  74. >Why the fuck couldn't you feed yourself?
  75. >Why did a cookie thief have to feed you?
  76. >Out of the corner of your eye, you could see the large bag of Ruffles cheddar and sour cream chips that you had put in Grump's lunch this morning
  77. >They looked good...
  78. >Real good...
  79. >Grump, as if sensing your stare, paused mid-bite and looked over at you
  80. >"What?" she asked through a mouthful of taco
  81. >Before you could answer, she followed your gaze toward her chips
  82. >A thoughtful expression coming to her face, she then leaned over and looked toward the snack line
  84. >For some reason or another, a smile came to her face
  85. >A devious, delighted smile
  86. >The same smile, you recalled, that she usually wore right before she got suspended
  87. >...
  88. >Oh no...
  89. >"You want some of my chips, Anon?" she asked, getting up and hopping into your lap
  90. >Oh no...
  91. >Humming to herself, grump wiggled around to get more comfortable before reaching over and grabbing the chips
  92. >Wrapping an arm around your head, and pulling you against her ample bust, she opened the bag and reached inside
  93. >"I'd be happy to give you some," she cooed
  94. >Beside you, Sonata had stopped inhaling her food to look at the two of you wide-eyed
  95. >"Aria! What are you doing?" she asked. "You're going to get in trouble if Dagy sees--!"
  96. >Grump continued to hum as she leaned down and nuzzled you
  97. >She pulled out a couple of chips from the bsg
  98. >"Come on, eat a couple before Ms. Mean gets back."
  99. >You watched as the chips slowly made their way toward your mouth
  100. >...
  101. >You know
  102. >This probably isn't a good idea...
  103. >But...
  104. >Licking your lips, you opened your mouth, awaiting the cheddar-y, sour creamy goodness
  105. >Aria chuckled, looked far more pleased than she should have
  106. >"That's right, you open up nice and wi--"
  107. >From halfway across the cafeteria, you heard a shout
  108. >Not two seconds later, something flew through the air and smacked grump right in the mouth
  109. >"DFJBVdkjfbvd!"
  111. >The siren, sputtering, nearly fell out of your lap in surprise, showering both you and her with chips as she threw up her arms
  112. >You watched as what hit her in the face bounced off her teeth and landed on the table
  113. >It was a cookie
  114. >A cookie wrapped up in the cheap, shitty wrapping that the school used
  115. >"ARIA!"
  116. >Aria, looking frazzled by the sudden and unexpected attack, stiffened
  117. >Both you and her looked over to see Adagio stomping toward your table
  118. >She had a cookie clenched in a hand
  119. >And BOY did she not look happy
  120. >...
  121. >Oh no...
  122. >You all were going to be in the school paper again...
  123. >"What the heck, Adagio?" grump said, wiping her lips with the back of her hand. "What the heck are you--"
  124. >"You get off of him RIGHT NOW or so help me I will MAKE you!" poof interrupted, her teeth bared
  125. >This caused Aria to bare her fangs
  126. >"Why don't you fucking make me?" she demanded, mashing your face a little more firmly against her boobs
  127. >This, it seemed, was the wrong move, because you swear to God you could see FLAMES in poof's eyes
  128. >...
  129. >Oh no...
  130. >Then, in front of God and every single person in the lunchroom, your packmate let out this weird bark-growl
  131. >Aria, eyes narrowing, released you and stood up, letting out a bark-growl of her own
  132. >The two of them marched toward each other, hands balled into fists and their fangs gleaming in the artificial light of the room, until they were forehead-to-forehead, growling like a couple of weirdos
  133. >...
  134. >Shit...
  136. >This was one of those dominance things wasn't it?
  137. >...
  138. >Oh no...
  139. >Not wanting a fight, you brushed the chips from your shirt and began to stand up
  140. "Come on girls. Stop that shit and--"
  141. >"SHUT UP!" they both barked, so loud that the students sitting around them jumped
  142. >Mouth snapping shut, you quickly sat down as they stared each other down
  143. >And stared...
  144. >And stared...
  145. >This staring went on for a long, long while
  146. >Since the teachers weren't stupid enough to intervene--they still remembered what happened to the gym teacher no doubt-- all that any of you could do was just quietly sit there and wait for the worst
  147. >...
  148. >Maybe the worst wouldn't happen though?
  149. >Maybe this was just some weird thing where they had a stare-off?
  150. >You were pretty sure that gorillas did something like that, and you didn't see why magical fish monsters wouldn't
  151. >...
  152. >Yeah...
  153. >Maybe--
  154. >Before anyone could reach, Adagio reached over to the nearest table, grabbed a metal lunch tray, and smacked Aria right in the chops with the thing
  155. >Grump let out this yelp-whine as the blow lifted her into the air and sent her colliding with a table full of students
  156. >As soon as she landed, however, grump was back on her feet
  157. >She looked perfectly fine, growling menacingly before charging toward the poof
  158. >Adagio dropped the tray--which now had a lovely faceprint of grump-- and charged right at her
  159. >The two collided with no small amount of force
  161. >"CUNT!"
  162. >"BITCH!"
  163. >"I'LL SHOW YOU!"
  164. >...
  165. >Fuck...
  166. >Something flew up into the air as they smacked together
  167. >You, along with most of the students in the lunchroom, watched as it fell toward you
  168. >It was the other cookie that Adagio had in her hand
  170. >"FUCK YOU!"
  172. >You caught the cookie
  173. >Though a little squished, it was still perfectly edible, and warm to boot
  174. >...
  175. >Unwrapping the cookie from its packaging, you took a big bite out of it and looked back toward your two girls
  176. >Adagio had Aria in the air
  177. >Grump was thrashing around and biting
  178. >Two girls were still growl-barking and cussing each other out
  179. >"STOP BITING ME!"
  181. >"YOU LITTLE--"
  182. BANG!
  183. >"OW! WHAT THE HECK, ADAG--"
  184. BANG!
  185. >"OW! QUIT IT!"
  186. BANG!
  188. >You began chewing your cookie as your alpha began slamming poor grump against a table, humming as the semi-melted chocolate chips hit your tongue
  189. >Hmmm...
  190. >It was still warm...
  192. >Quickly swallowing your mouthful of cookie, you were about to take another bite when someone ELSE settled in your lap
  193. >It was lil' blue
  194. >She was watching the fight with interest as she nommed on the other cookie that poof had thrown over
  195. >"Boy oh boy, Dagy is kicking Aria's butt," she muttered with a wiggle
  196. >You looked up at blue, a sinking feeling coming to your stomach
  197. "Sonata, you might want to--"
  199. >Your spider senses began to tingle
  200. >Ohfuckingshitsomethingscoming!
  201. >Without a second thought, you ducked under the table as best as you could
  202. >Not half a second later, Aria--thrown through the air by poof--smashed into blue and sent her flying out of your lap
  203. >"DFKNVDLKF!"
  204. >Both her and grump slammed into a table full of students before hopping to their feet and immediately started going after each other
  205. >Cookie still in hand, you picked your head up and looked around
  206. >...
  207. >Shit...
  208. >Now Sonata was doing that weird bark-growl thing...
  209. >Looking over your shoulder, you saw poof racing toward the two as fast as she could in those weird high heels of hers
  211. >You took another bite out of your cookie as she hopped onto a table and jumped elbow first toward the other two
  212. >Pained whines filled the air as they all crumbled to the air into a pile of fists and teeth
  213. >"OW!"
  214. >"I'M SORRY! I'M SORRY!
  217. >"FUCK YO--OW!"
  218. >"OW! LET GO OF MY HAIR!"
  219. >"NO!"
  220. >...
  221. >Where did Sonata's cookie go?
  222. >She better not have dropped it on the ground
  223. >That was supposed to be YOUR cookie...
  224. >Just as you were about to look around for it, ANOTHER butt found itself in your lap
  225. >You let out a groan
  226. >Who the fuck was it this time?!
  227. >Cinnamon invaded your senses as red and gold hair came into view
  228. >A pair of small, slender hands wrapped around your neck, pulling your cheek into a bust that wasn't quite as big as Sonata's, but still a good deal bigger than grump's
  229. >"What the heck are those three doing?"
  230. >You looked up to see a green pair of eyes, bright and mischievous, stared down at you
  231. "Oh, hey Shim Sham," you said, taking another bite out of your cookie. "What the heck are you doing here? I thought you had gym class or something this period."
  232. >Sunset Shimmer, aka the person that had helped you settle into this crazy world, aka the Sirens ‘parole officer’, aka bacon, gave you a cheeky grin
  233. >The girl was wearing a pair of slightly too-small shorty shorts and a just as tight shirt
  234. >Her hair was tied back into a pony tail and you could definitely smell sweat on her
  235. >"I was, but I heard that your girls were going bananas again, so I wanted to come over and see what was going on," she explained, watching as Sonata gave Adagio a fucking azure drop.
  236. >Unsurprisingly, it wasn't very effective
  237. >"So what's going on? Am I going to need to get the other girls?"
  238. >"OW!"
  239. >"FUCK YOU!"
  241. >Sunset, the fucking food thief that she was, tried to pull some of your cookie apart when she thought that you weren't looking, only for you to slap her hand away
  243. >Not again
  244. >This was your cookie
  245. >YOUR. COOKIE
  246. "No, no, it's fine," you assured. "They're just... being them I guess."
  247. >The two of you watched as Adagio threw Sonata over a table, then grabbed another metal tray so that she could lay into grump
  248. >Sunset grunted
  249. >Giving your head a pat, she pressed more of her weight against you
  250. >"Alright, if you say so," she said in bemusement
  251. >It was then you remembered what had happened the last two times when someone was dumb enough to sit in your lap
  252. >...
  253. >Oh no...
  254. "Sunny, get your fat ass out of my lap. The others are--"
  255. >A growl, long and low and threatening, filled the air
  256. >You stiffened, noticing that the sounds of fighting had ceased
  257. >Slowly turning, you saw each of the girls staring at you
  258. >They all were battered and a bit bloody
  259. >Adagio's hair was a mess and Aria had a fat lip, while blue's top was torn
  260. >Each and every one of the girls had their fangs bared
  261. >Their eyes glowing and narrowed, and their body language was tense and angry
  262. >...
  263. >Oh fuck off
  264. >The girls slowly made their way toward you
  265. >Sunny, it seemed, had also noticed the change in mood, eyeing the sirens with a small, puzzled frown on her face
  266. "Sunset," you said calmly. "Don't make any sudden movements. They detect that shit."
  267. >"What are they doing, Anon?" she asked out of the corner of her mouth, leaning down toward you
  268. "I'm pretty sure that they're about to come over here and tear your arms off," you calmly told her
  270. "Huh," Sunset murmured, just as calm as you as she scratched her chin. "I guess I can see why they wouldn't want me sitting here. I mean, I know that I'd beat the tar out of someone that sat in my stallion's lap..."
  271. >The girls came ever closer, death in their eyes
  272. "They're not going to beat you up, Sunny. They're going to tear your arms off," you corrected
  273. >Now, you liked Sunny
  274. >She was a pretty alright horse-girl, all things considered
  275. >So you didn't want any part of her to be torn off
  276. >Not even a little bit
  277. "Now, what we gotta do is distract them. I'll take my shirt off and--"
  278. >As you began to go over your escape plan, a smile came to Sunny's face
  279. >A crazy smile
  280. >The kind of smile that you didn't very much care for
  281. >Before you could finish your sentence, bacon spread her legs, reached under her ass, and grabbed your cock
  282. >SDKnfsldknslknlk!
  283. >"HONK!" she chirped
  284. >You twitched in startlement
  285. >The girl's eyes widened as she then hopped up and made a beeline toward the cafeteria exit
  286. >What the fuck is wrong with that--
  287. >An unholy sound escape Aria's throat as she threw back her head and roared
  288. >Both her and Sonata took off after her as poof sprinted toward you
  289. >The two of them fast but Sunset was just a bit faster
  290. >The crazy bitch was giggling as she dodged and weaved through the tables, her eyes glowing
  291. >...
  292. >That stupid fucking--
  293. >"Anon!"
  294. >You grunted as Adagio, growling, slammed into you
  296. >She quickly wrapped her arms around you, pulling you close
  297. >"Why is it the SECOND that I take my eyes off you that something like THIS happens?!" she snarled, rubbing herself against you. "I can smell her scent all over you... That stupid Equestrian!"
  298. >...
  299. >You sighed, looking down at your hand
  300. >Your cookie was gone
  301. >On the floor
  302. >Ruined
  303. >Destroyed
  304. >...
  305. >FUCK
  306. >Closing your eyes, you wrapped your arms around poof and bit her tit as hard as you could
  307. >Goddamn lunch time...
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