GBG Session 16: A Light in the Dark

Sep 18th, 2011
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  1. <Darkling> Hospital gowns. Don't you hate them? The way they part and show off your backside if you don't tie them right, and all the Valkyries point and laugh? At least you think they are. Well that's what's happening to everyone except Lahja at the moment. After the battle everyone was taken away to medical for exams. After a few hours of poking and proding, you're told you can move around, but stay...
  2. <Darkling> ...within the medical area.
  3. Rasia couldn't be standing any closer to Wilhelm if they were siamese twins. Or married.
  4. <Wilhelm_Faustus> Now there's an idea, eh? The Aryan is distant, distracted and staring off.
  5. Corrin gets up at once, quickly looking around for someone.
  6. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja appears to be trying to wear a hole in the floor by pacing back and forth along the same, relatively small area. She's twitchy, wide eyed, and... smiling?
  7. Corrin doesn't find who he's looking for, so he heads over to the other Pilot, stumbling on his first step. He seems distracted, movements tense. "Pilot Lahja."
  8. <Wilhelm_Faustus> It happened again. This is twice now. What had it done to him this time?
  9. <Darkling> Ivy seems in good enough condition, and has already changed into her normal clothes. She's taken a seat in her bed, typing away on her tablet.
  10. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja responds to Corrin, or maybe she's just talking to herself. It's hard to tell because whatever she said might as well be moonspeak to most unless they happen to understand Suomi. Whatever the case she keeps on pacing.
  11. Corrin keeps walking too, heading towards Ivy's bed. "Ivy! You alright?"
  12. <Darkling> Each of you were informed that Lit was in a meeting with the head of the staff at the base and wouldn't likely be around for some time.
  13. <Wilhelm_Faustus> He blinks, out of his trance long enough to examine the warm presence clinging so closely to him.
  14. Rasia :3
  15. <Darkling> "I'm alright. How are your legs?"
  16. <Wilhelm_Faustus> She's smiling but look at those bandages. Concern creases his brow.
  17. <Rasia> Yeah she kicked her own ass pretty good. Even broke a bone in her shoulder. One eye's swollen shut, she's lost fingernails... Still, she looks totally unfazed.
  18. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja changes course, and switches languages, for that matter. "I'd like to know about that, too. What was that like?" There is a certain insistence to her voice that might just border on rudeness.
  19. Corrin sighs in relief, then responds, glancing at Lahja. "They're still there." As he replies, Corrin reached for them reflexively, as though to check.
  20. <Corrin> "Are you alright?" Corrin adds.
  21. <Wilhelm_Faustus> He wanted to ask Rasia how she was, but it was obvious. He's careful to rest a hand over hers, the cold from his skin seeping through her bandages.
  22. <Rasia> A lazy noise something like a purr, her head twisting a quick check for any threats.
  23. <Darkling> Ivy goes back to typing on her tablet again, holding it up facing Lahja a moment as it clicks, then back to typing.
  24. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja looks about ready to explode at the response from Corrin. She opens her mouth as if to say something, but is distracted by the tablet and so she keeps quiet.
  25. <Darkling> "Just sending a picture to your mother." She smiles.
  26. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "I would have struck a post first if I'd known that." she says a bit flatly and wanders over closer. "How about you, Ivy? Weren't you afraid out there? Was anything going through your head at the time when things got all bright and crazy?"
  27. <Darkling> "Just orders, and that I could stop it if I really tried, then a lot of tingling and pain." She pulls up her sleeves revealing some singe marks and welts.
  28. Corrin looks on, look of relief slipping off his face at the sight.
  29. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja takes a rather long look at the injuries. "Tell my mother I said hello." she says after a while, apparently more as an afterthought. And stops smiling.
  30. <Darkling> The sound of heel clomping towards your room Wilhelm...
  31. <Wilhelm_Faustus> Oh shit.
  32. <Darkling> Freyja enters the room with a clipboard in hand, pausing only a moment at seeing Rasia before she starts towards the bed.
  33. <Darkling> "Done and done." Ivy smiles. "I think your mother misses you."
  34. Rasia bares her teeth, interposing herself between the woman and Wilhelm.
  35. <Wilhelm_Faustus> Yeah, he's ready for this...
  36. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "It's okay, Rasia."
  37. <Darkling> "If you don't mind Miss Jarah, I have to attend to my patient and ensure his health is fully intact. You wouldn't want anything these normal nurses don't know about him causing ill effects, would you?"
  38. <Rasia> A feigned charge, as if Freyja needed reminding that even an injured Rasia is dangerous, and steps aside slowly. Even now, she's trying to hate the woman to death.
  39. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "Maybe the next Jotun will cut off my imaginary head. Then I'll let you have it and you can take it to my mother next time you see her." Lahja puts on a smile again, saying that as if it were a good thing.
  40. Corrin is still standing there, jaw clenched. "Wilhelm's Unit did that to you." he finally says, flatly.
  41. <Wilhelm_Faustus> Seems like Freyja hates Rasia as much as Rasia hates her.
  42. <Darkling> Ivy doesn't quite know what to say to Lahja, ignoring Corrin and just staring at her.
  43. <Darkling> Freyja glares at Rasia, but doesn't say anything more as she fusses over wilhelm.
  44. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "I guess you could keep it for yourself if you wanted. We don't really need a Jotun to take off my imaginary head."
  45. <Darkling> She's a little more thorough than Rasia would probably like.
  46. <Rasia> Her knuckles crack to voice her displeasure.
  47. <Darkling> Ivy smiles a little forcefully. "I don't think I want you to lose your head anyway."
  48. <Wilhelm_Faustus> Just what are you checking for Freyja? Does she -know- what she's looking for?
  49. <Darkling> Looking pleased with the results, Freyja stops her examination. "I shall see you later this week at your checkup." She leaves, heel clicks echoing down the halls behind her.
  50. Rasia snaps her teeth at Freyja's back, getting up close to Wilhelm again.
  51. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "Then I will do my best to stay in one piece, imaginary or otherwise." Lahja gives Ivy a lazy salute.
  52. <Rasia> Hm? Her head swivels, picking up the clipboard.
  53. <Wilhelm_Faustus> She beats him to it.
  54. Rasia tears the image off, crumpling it tight in her fist. Rasia mad.
  55. <Darkling> "Good. I wouldn't be able to sleep just cuddling your head anyways."
  56. <Wilhelm_Faustus> An eyebrow goes up.
  57. <Rasia> "Hate her." She devours the ball of paper, before embracing Wilhelm tighter.
  58. <Wilhelm_Faustus> Well that was...
  59. <Wilhelm_Faustus> ...interesting.
  60. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja stares for a moment or two. Then in an attempt to appear casual she sticks her tongue out. "Greedy Ivy."
  61. Corrin stands there awkwardly, looking towards Wilhelm's bed for a moment.
  62. <Wilhelm_Faustus> Corrin gets a cold look.
  63. <Darkling> -------------------------------
  64. <Darkling> Back at home, it's almost midnight. Lit looked exhausted when he picked you up, let alone now.
  65. <Darkling> "I need some rest kids. Have a good night." He shuffles off to his room, almost looking defeated.
  66. <Rasia> Lit gets an affectionate nip on his way out, and then it's right back to orbiting Wilhelm.
  67. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "Good night, Lit." Lahja says, seeming to want to say a little more, but she lets it go. By this point she seems rather worn out herself.
  68. <Darkling> Ivy heads off to your room Lahja, without a word.
  69. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja stands around staring at nothing particular. And then, of all people, she stares at Corrin.
  70. Corrin stands there. As the Captain moves away, he looks towards Wilhelm again, scowling.
  71. <Wilhelm_Faustus> Not a single fuck was given, Corrin.
  72. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "Wilhelm, Rasia... do you have any plans involving the roof in the immediate future?"
  73. <Rasia> "Rr?" She looks to Wilhelm.
  74. <Wilhelm_Faustus> A slight nod and he makes for the balcony door. Hands slip into his pockets, gaze downcast as he goes.
  75. <Rasia> And there she goes, like a puppy. Or guard dog.
  76. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "Enjoy if you can, in that case. And I'm sorry about that shot I fired." She sounds sincere, albeit slightly agitated again.
  77. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "...you did what you had to. And you like firing guns." He opens the door and steps outside.
  78. Corrin glances at Lahja, then heads for the door too, fists clenched. "Pilot Wilhelm!"
  79. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "Go away." He sounds tired, already heading up the ladder.
  80. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "Corrin." Lahja paces after him. "Don't give me cause to wake up Lit. We should talk about something more important anyway."
  81. Corrin looks at Lahja, hesitates, then nods. One last, dark look at the disappearing Wilhelm, and he turns. "Lahja. What is it?"
  82. Rasia clambers up after him, never letting the boy out of her sight.
  83. <Wilhelm_Faustus> His feet crunch in the snow coating the roof, looking up for the Moon.
  84. <Wilhelm_Faustus> Looking at the boy from behind, Rasia, something isn't right.
  85. <Rasia> Hmm? She sniffs, instinctively checking for an injury.
  86. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja moves closer to Corrin, waiting for Wilhelm and Rasia to go out of sight before she mutters, her tone just above a whisper. Even then, it's an irate whisper. "I know Wilhelm can be abrasive, but after tonight I'm convinced he's a victim. And so is Ivy."
  87. <Wilhelm_Faustus> No injuries but...did someone mark him with glow-in-the-dark paint?
  88. <Rasia> ...huh. Without thinking, Rasia runs her finger down one of the marks.
  89. <Wilhelm_Faustus> A shiver down his spine and he turns to look at her. "Hm?"
  90. <Rasia> "Light." She points.
  91. <Wilhelm_Faustus> There it is around his collarbone too, Rasia.
  92. <Wilhelm_Faustus> Its like his veins are glowing, just not all of them.
  93. Corrin scowls again, shaking his head reflexively at the first part. It's a jerky motion. "He hurt her. His Unit could have killed her."
  94. <Rasia> She leans in close to see, running her fingers over them. "Hurt?"
  95. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "No." He reaches up to touch where she does. Nothing on his fingertips.
  96. <Rasia> Still worries her. She chews her lip, at least where there aren't already scabs.
  97. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "Light. What do you mean?"
  98. <Rasia> ...wut. "Light! Skin!" She points again.
  99. <Wilhelm_Faustus> ". . ." She can see the realization dawning on his face, then the look of horror.
  100. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "Yes, his unit very well could have killed her. And do you know why, Corrin? It's because some collective of jerks made them both different or exploited what was already different. They were willing to deploy her against an enormous threat. If it keeps up, they'll eventually put her up against something she can't handle or sacrifice her for a distraction. Do you see where I'm going?"
  101. Rasia blinks, frowning slowly. "Wilhelm?"
  102. <Wilhelm_Faustus> He takes off his shirt, holding it in one hand. "Where, exactly? Trace it for me."
  103. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "Better yet..." He digs for his phone, then activates the camera app, handing it to her.
  104. <Rasia> She holds it steady, taking test images to make sure it'll show up on the terrible resolution these things usually have.
  105. Corrin takes this in, brow furrowed, and not really understanding. "If you know something about what happened, spit it out." Corrin snaps, glaring. "Because you're sounding like Pilot Wilhelm."
  106. Rasia> Hmmf. She gives up, tossing the phone aside and putting her nail to his skin.
  107. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "I don't know anything more than what we saw, and that Ivy and Wilhelm are both a little different. Null Drei was obviously out of NERV's and even WIlhelm's ability to control. If things continue as they are, sooner or later Ivy will end up over her head and dead."
  108. <Wilhelm_Faustus> He does his best to visualize the patterns she traces over. Down his spine, half-way to his elbows and his collarbone.
  109. <Rasia> She's diligent about getting every line and contour, tracing repeatedly until she's told to stop.
  110. <Wilhelm_Faustus> So its his veins, or so it appears to his minds eye. "That--that's enough."
  111. <Rasia> "Invisible?"
  112. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "What?"
  113. <Rasia> "Can't see?"
  114. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "If I looked in the mirror I'm certain I could. I'm...not sure I want to." He gathers up his shirt.
  115. Rasia nods quietly, touching his shoulder.
  116. Corrin grinds his teeth together, looking past Lahja as her words continue to sink in. "That thing was smiling." he says, more to fill the silence than anything. "That thing was smiling when it attacked her." He shakes his head. "If Pilot Wilhelm didn't do it, who did?"
  117. <Wilhelm_Faustus> He grabs onto you, pulling in close, face buried against your neck. He's like ice against bare skin, to someone normal anyhow.
  118. <Rasia> To someone with Rasia's biology, maybe even colder. She envelopes him in another tight embrace, licking his cheek. "Wilhelm..."
  119. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "I don't know. Our units are living beings, remember, so maybe they have their own agendas. It would explain why they're on a leash, if Wilhelm's theory about the cords and cores are correct. I think whatever is different about Wilhelm let him serve as an alternative power source for a while or removed whatever restraints are in place. But I'm just guessing."
  120. <Wilhelm_Faustus> He steps back, hands on her shoulders, looking at her seriously. The first one tried this but...he was an ass. He didn't mean it. Good thing he -is- dead. "Rasia."
  121. <Rasia> "Wilhelm." She stares back, mismatched eyes wide.
  122. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "Ich liebe dich."
  123. Rasia closes her eyes, leaning in halfway. "Ich liebe dich." Perfect.
  124. <Wilhelm_Faustus> He comes in the rest of the way, eyes closing at the last moment.
  125. <Corrin> "They're living beings." Corrin repeats slowly, almost reluctantly, as he looks back at Lahja. "On a leash. Rasia was right?" He shakes his head again. "It doesn't matter if they're alive or not. It won't happen again. I won't let it."
  126. <Rasia> A gentle purr, and she stands upright again.
  127. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "I hope you can make a difference when Ivy is off on another base, being used as a power source by her Aesir. Power sources eventually burn out." Lahja says in a skeptical tone. "I'd like you to imagine something for me before I go."
  128. <Corrin> "Go ahead." Corrin says quietly, posture stiff.
  129. <Wilhelm_Faustus> He takes her hand, whispering to her.
  130. <Rasia> A girlish giggle, as she points to the snow.
  131. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "Here?"
  132. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "...yeah, I think we can do that."
  133. <Rasia> A knowing smile, and the camera cuts to the living room.
  134. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja's lips twitch. Is she fighting off a frown? Or maybe that combat smile of hers? "Imagine Ivy going outdoors often because she has a particular talent NERV likes to make use of. And then, despite all the precautions that were taken and all the trackings of troll movements, she dies. Stepped on a landmine. Boom."
  135. Corrin stands there rigidly, his usual certainty crumbling. "NERV wouldn't do that. It's nothing like what happened." he retorts through clenched teeth, his fingers digging into his palms. The specific wording seems to have struck a nerve.
  136. <Lahja_Ilvainen> A smile it is, however short lived. That wording was probably entirely deliberate. "NERV is using both her and Wilhelm in technology that's potentially dangerous to them. But I'll leave you with that. If you want to have any friends or anything left of yourself when this is over you'll have to start thinking outside the box." And with that Lahja turns, heading off to her room. "Sleep well, Corrin. I don't think I will."
  137. Corrin stares after Lahja, mind in turmoil. He opens his mouth to shout something at Lahja's retreating back, hesitates, then just stands there.
  138. <Corrin> "Damnit." he mutters at last, punching the wall in frustration. There's a muffled thump, and his knuckles hurt. "Damnit!"
  139. Corrin glares at the wall like it was a Jotun, then turns away.
  140. ================END================
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