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  1. <Petrol> hey sabu
  2. <Sabu_> yes?
  3. <Petrol> all good?
  4. <Sabu_> sup
  5. <Petrol> you disapeared
  6. <Sabu_> some of us have shit to do irl?
  7. <Petrol> hah
  8. <Petrol> what happen to your bouncer it quit
  9. <Sabu_> they raided the box
  10. <Petrol> my box?
  11. <Petrol> the accounts you have on my server
  12. <Sabu_> no my other box
  13. <Petrol> oh ok
  14. <Petrol> hmm
  15. <Sabu_> i don't think they can touch your box
  16. <Petrol> some idiot called zippieirc was trolling
  17. <Petrol> few days back
  18. <Petrol> with spam asking us to remove you
  19. <Sabu_> hah
  20. <Petrol> he put my home address phone number email addresses and registeration of company up everywhere
  21. <Petrol> hah
  22. <Petrol> xraygod ended up hacking his amazon account and got his cc info and address and number :D
  23. <Sabu_> zippie is a looser
  24. <Petrol> think he quit the spam because of that :)
  25. <Sabu_> give me the info
  26. <Sabu_> lol
  27. <Petrol> ZippieIRC Cambion
  28. <Petrol> Everyone can be happy. this is my final post for a little while. how long? who knows. -Shutting Down-
  29. <Petrol> il give you the info when zippie is around
  30. <Petrol> xraygod*
  31. <Sabu_> he is lying
  32. <Sabu_> i can't even hack amazon
  33. <Petrol> nop he ant he pasted it on trustnetwork last night
  34. <Petrol> he got access to his account somehow, so i call it a hack hah
  35. <Sabu_> show me the info if it was pasted
  36. <Petrol> i dont have it in logs atm
  37. <Petrol> you can ask zippie if he got any pizzas dilivered to him
  38. <Sabu_> get them i'll wait
  39. <Petrol> sec
  40. <Petrol> if your sabu reply to me on your irc server
  41. <Sabu_> i'm on my phone walking in new york
  42. <Sabu_> if you got something for me say it
  43. <Sabu_> if not you're wasting my time
  44. <Petrol> your not sabu
  45. <Petrol> i got nothing for you
  46. <Sabu_> because you had nothing to start with
  47. <Petrol> good
  48. <Petrol> il talk to you once you reply to me on your network
  49. <Petrol> and il show ya the info
  50. <Petrol> i have it
  51. <Petrol> not gona paste anything now
  52. <Petrol> bye
  53. <Petrol> go fool someone else zippie
  54. <Petrol> how did you like the extra cheese pizzas?
  55. <Sabu_> this is jess btw
  56. <Sabu_> if you have zippie's info, lets see it
  57. <Sabu_> i call bullshit
  58. <Petrol> xraygod has it
  59. <Petrol> go to him
  60. <Petrol> stop using sabu's nick
  61. <Sabu_> or what
  62. <Petrol> whos jess?
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