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May 13th, 2015
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  1. Our beloved Hype-Green- / Glodhungry streamer ExarionU is running against the splits of the amazing streamer LysDesTenebres!
  3. Now running against ExtraTricky's 1:54 splits from August 2013! This was the first Pokemon speedrun I watched.
  5. Now running against Werster's original 1:51 splits from March 2014! I ran against these splits when going for 1:50 last summer.
  7. These are the splits from Werster's console 1:51 run, which he achieved two weeks after the console/emulator split in September 2014.
  9. Now running against mumpfel77's first 1:51 run! Mumpfel is a skilled Red runner who never gets bored of resetting. ;)
  11. 1:48. Run against at your own risk.
  13. Good = the splits I expect a good run to have. Meeting these will enable me to use safer strats. Bad = the splits I expect a bad run to have. If I'm close to these, I will YOLO the entire late game in attempt to get 1:48.
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