Super Crown Tournament

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  1. Imagine if you will, a fighting game world where the super crown went rampant. Having all becoming an -ette and only one can be deemed the true super crown princess.
  3. Join the titular Bowsette as she climbs up the ranks of the Super Crown Tournament in 1 on 1 combat with her powerful fire blasts and exceptional brute force as she faces off against the likes of:
  5. Boosette, with her ability to go intangible and use effective scare tactics from a distance.
  7. Chompette AKA Chompy, with her chains at her command and not tying her down anymore and being able to knock opponents back agains the wall effectively
  9. Goombette, a little spunky minion that get around any tight spots.
  11. Kamkekette, with her wizardly powers enhanced by the crowns magic being able to play the long range game and floating in the air using her broomstick, she is one tricky juggler.
  13. Thwompette, being big, strong, and an overall tank, you can bet that with a big hit connecting you’ll be flattened
  15. Peachette, patient zero and overall lovable. Though she bares resemblance to Peach she is not her and has her own unique set of moves for the tournament.
  17. But no matter who it is that reaches for the top, a sinister motive was the cause of the creation on the Super Crown Tournament to have all the -ettes that where created by the phenomenon be eliminated one by one until the very last one standing, tired and bruised, faces off against the mushroom kingdom’s overlord.... Peach.
  19. Will Peach’s nefarious plot succeed or will Bowsette and the other Super Crowned -ettes be able to stop her scheme?
  21. >Ending story for Bowsette’s Arcade path
  23. With Peach seemingly defeated, unconscious and on the ground. Bowsette looks at her with with disgust. The rain storm starts to fall as she contemplates her next move. “It’s funny, all this time I looked to you and thought how much happier I would be if you where mine.” Bowsette started to laugh, “Now I know I don’t need you to be happy” She picks up Peach by the collar and raises her hand, flames start to come from it “Maybe I should just end it now and save all of us from your tyranny” as she hears a faint “No don’t-a do it” as she looks at Peach one last time. Bowsette sees the reflection back in Peach’s crown and sees herself in it. She closes her eyes and exhales. White flash clears the screen
  25. Cut to a Bowsette Jr going “So what happened next Mama?” She asked as Bowsette picks up off of her lap. “Peace” as a warm smile glistened on her face as she turned around seeing all the others super crowned players in the background, and Peach all unified and having a good time.
  27. THE END
  29. >Ending story for Booette’s Arcade Path
  31. “Nyahahahha” a piercing, yet soothing, laugher is heard as Booette is seen standing over Peach. “You focused way too much on Bowsette when you should’ve been focused on me!” She screeched as another laugh comes billowing out “Nyahahahha. We Boo’s do our best work whenever someone’s back is turned.” She reaches down and looks at the princess before her “Take a close look at the face that beat you, ironic isn’t it that it’s you?” Another laughter goes off as she snaps her fingers as an entourage of boos enter to take Peach away. “You know you’ll have a good time being one of my portraits, Nyahahha” as she commands her Boo’s to take her away. Fade to white
  33. We open to Booette taking a stroll down her corridor, a laughter is heard throughout as she admires the walls of portraits. Each of them all of the -ettes that the Super Crown has created. “Nyahahha, such lovely portraits of everyone is here”
  35. THE END
  37. >Ending story for Chompy’s Arcade path
  39. “Chompy no longer held down by chains, Chompy is free to run where ever Chompy wants” said the Chain chomp girl as she holds up Peach with her chains. “Chompy doesn’t like that Peach made Chompy hurt her friends, all friends are good to Chompy” tears streak down her cheeks as we see the other Super Crowned -ettes laying on the floor, beaten and batterer “So what will you do, chomp me? Do to me what you did to them?” Said Peach condescending as she smirks at the girl holding her. “You’re a dog and nothing more than to follow orders.” “No, Chompy is different, Chompy is me now.” She said baring her teeth. “Chompy will free herself her way” Flash of white, scene ending with a “BOW WOW” and sounds of chains clanking
  41. Scene comes back in to play. We see Chompy frolicking happily in a big open field. She looks down at her wrists, free of chains, hands reach for her neck, a choker, but not one that is for binding but for adornment. A shot at her face, a big toothy smile stretched from ear to ear. “Chompy likes this feeling” she said as she rushes towards her best friend Bowsette to give her a big hug.
  43. THE END
  45. >Ending story for Goombette’s Arcade Path
  47. “How can this be?” Asked Peach as she has a most puzzled and frustrated look upon her face. “The weakest of all of you, defeated me?” Goombette looking proud of her accomplishment in defeating the Mushroom Kingdom ruler. “I maybe small, but helpless I am not. Me and my friends can overcome all obstacles” as other Goombette’s and Koopettes appear behind her. “We are the proud soldiers of Princess Bowsette and we will take you in to pay for your crimes against the Super Crown Warriors!” Flash to white.
  49. Scene opens up to an award ceremony, Bowsette standing before the proud Goombette and her friends. Each receiving a medal for the capture and defeat of peach. Goombette smiling and being hoisted up on the air by all her friends.
  51. THE END
  53. >Ending Story for Kamekette’s Arcade Path
  55. How many schemes have failed. This one wasn’t a scheme, just survival. Kamekette has long since looking out for Bowsette’s interests, even from before they where crowned. Now she sees their goal beforehand, Peach, captured with her magic spells and this time no plumbers to come to her aid. “Don’t think this is over, I’ll do whatever to restore you all before the crowning” hollered Peach looking at Kamekette with disgust. Ever since the Crowning Peach has been trying to change everyone back to their original forms. Kamekette knows that she must cast a spell to make Peach forget the Crowning event and make her believe everyone has been here from the start. This is a very risky spell but she has to take it to bring peace. Kamekette started chanting her spell and then a Flash of White.
  57. Fade in, we see Peach and Bowsette enjoying an afternoon tea, like as if they’ve been friends for years. In the background we see Kamekette looking on with a happiness in her expression. “Finally young master, you’re with your beloved Peach. Having a wonderful time together with no pesky plumbers to disturb you”
  59. THE END
  61. >Ending Story for Thwompette’s Arcade Path
  63. CRASH!! The sounds one final Thwompdrop is heard as Peach is flattened under a big grey likeness of her. Getting up and wiping the dust off of her dress, Thwompette looks to Peach as a smile comes through. “You where not that tough” spits out to the floor and looks back to everyone else in the tournament. “Though I may have taken the form of this Princess my instincts are still that of a Thwomp.” She exclaimed, “None of you could stand-up to my brute strength. Time to do what Thwomps do best.” She said as she jumps up and comes down with force. Flash of white.
  65. Open scene, as we see Thwompette leaving a trail of destruction in her wake. She sees the Mario brothers approach and a smile comes through. “Let’s see how these two can handle my strength.” As the Thwompette rears back and goes full steam at them.
  67. THE END
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