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  1. check snapchat (This was another argument)
  2. Jun 22, 2019, 2:14 PM
  3. has been 16 hours, should have been enough time to think of a reply, now it’s a good time to speak up.
  4. Me: I’m not going to rush my response which would make you more mad
  5. I’m not mad, I’m disappointed
  6. Me: Everyone needs time to think stuff over to put things into words if i don’t know what to say you shouldn’t be rushing me ;-;
  7. an apology isn’t too hard to think of is it?
  8. Me: It is
  9. how so
  10. Me: Trying to put it into words? Explaining? Without you getting mad and I’m trying to understand things
  11. lol
  12. Me: “lol” idk why u said that
  13. not funny
  14. it is, being an asshole. can’t even own up to what you did.
  15. I really do not want to bring oshone up, I tried my best to not talk about it. but it is really hard if you have this belief that it was all my fault and I deserved it. hard to walk away from it leaving you with that belief. thought you weren’t taking any sides? what you just said basically shows me that you are on her side of things
  16. hello? I still exit
  17. exist
  18. Me: I’m out with my mom right now, I can’t fully reply rn I’ll reply soon sorry
  19. But just so you know I’m not taking sides no matter what you believe
  20. maybe not but you accused me for something I didn’t do. just apologize and explain and let’s get over this, I really don’t want to talk about it anymore
  21. sorry < I’m sorry
  22. Me: I’m sorry that I accused you for something that you didn’t do because I didn’t know, I’ll apologize when I can and explain (when I’m home because ik you’re bothered that I took a long time to reply)
  23. I also don’t wanna talk about this anymore but sorry again, I’ll apologize and explain soon
  24. thank you..
  25. although I told you numerous times that the problems were not of the past nor  problems that involved her
  26. 👍1
  27. Jun 22, 2019, 8:14 PM
  29. still waiting
  30. Well I was just about finished
  32. Me: I’m sorry that this escalated into something more than it should have. I think that you misinterpreted what i said and I should have explained better. What I was trying to say was how she prob felt and I was explaining why she might have did it. I didn’t say you deserved to get ignored, no one does. Once again, all I’m trying to do is help your friendship, the reason I got involved was because it was important to me that this situation got resolved oof, I hope it goes well in the end with you guys. And I’m not saying what you guys did was right or wrong I was just trying to help you be friends again. and please, i don’t like it when pressure me to take a side. Also, it really hurts me when when you say things like how I try to mean mean on purpose. I didn’t even say/think of those things .-. I can recall talked about Oshone too, that’s also a problem which you talked about alongside your problems with me and your dad. Truly the reason I don’t like talking about the past is because I’ve dealt with it for 6 years, I always try to move on and I learned the hard way, it’s not good to dwell on the past. For the thing In December I apologized because we already talked about it and I assumed the issue was resolved. I don’t know always know what you’re thinking so I now I get you don’t think the same way I do. Having to constantly apologize over and over is a bit tedious for anyone. I’m sorry i made excuses during that time but I wasn’t ready to answer because it was awkward for me. Im sorry that I hurt you because I didn’t mean it, i was just trying my best to help and give advice.
  34. Her: maybe you did not mean that I deserved it but you did say it was my fault. maybe it’s best you are not involved in this considering the fact that the problems I talked about with her were about you. you said it yourself, you don’t want to be involved in this, so just leave it, then you won’t be pressured to take anyone’s “side.” it’s not the best for you to be in the middle of this.. if she talks about me again, suggest that it’s something she should be speaking to me about, not you. I don’t have much hope that the friendship will get repaired anyway. even if I become friends with her again, this can happen again. I don’t want to go through it again. I thought friends were there to help you and support you through your tough times. I did not pressure you to take any sides, but what you said the other day showed me that you were leaning more towards her side. maybe it’s a problem from the past, but you didn’t have to react to it in a rude way and be a bitch about it, the least you can do it just say sorry.. but instead you totally just failed to acknowledge how much I was hurt and also showing no signs of feeling pity for me.  but it sure seems like it happening again, right now, but in a different scenario. ex: making a valid? excuse to not talk through the issues (but after i say i’m waiting, say the excuse before instead :/)that I brought up and possibly not following through and just avoiding it if I didn’t remind you again, like just now. and.. no, we never talked about you making constant excuses to avoid giving an answer my question(s) that I deserve. yeah, you’re right, I think I should just move on from her. I did, until I saw her in food basics with you. I still can’t believe you lied to me that day of not knowing that she was still and ignoring me or is still not speaking to me. and i still can’t wrap my head around the fact that you never asked me about her and how i felt before, even though you knew she was still ignoring me.. everything I said is the absolute truth.
  36. “I didn’t even say/think of those things .-.”
  37. can you specify which things you didn’t say/think? I don’t remember which part.
  38. “I can recall talked about Oshone too, that’s also a problem which you talked about alongside your problems with me and your dad.”
  39. typos, can’t fully understand
  40. Jun 23, 2019, 2:08 AM
  41. First of all I never said it was your fault, I don't understand how you keep thinking that, you can go through our convos because I never said directly to you that this whole thing was "your fault" I think you misunderstood what I said ;-;
  43. Me: Im trying to support you both and give advice but you feel like that is a way of me taking Oshone's side. And you literally said that I should take a side in that photo (which would be yours) thats why I said what i said. It wasn't a problem from the past and I wasn't trying to be "bitchy or rude"
  44. Again, I'm not going to take sides and you can't keep thinking whatever I said was in favour of her, I'm actually trying to help but you don't see that..
  45. soo yeah.. you're the one who was pressuring me to take a side.
  46. And I havent been talking to Oshone because im trying not to involve myself now.
  47. idk about the friendship but I have hope that it can get repaired if you guys just talk it out, but I don't want that to turn into a bigger arguement.. so it's just important to understand each other when you do.
  48. I did acknowledge how you were hurt and I did comfort you but it's really unfair when you say how I didn’t ;-;
  49. I literally went out with my mom today and you say that's an excuse to not talk through the issues, yes you say you're waiting but I told you yesterday I need time to reply and you cant say something like "Oh it's been 16 hours should be plenty of time to reply" because I was trying to give you a reply and you kept rushing it. I went out at night because my mom's friend came over, we had dinner so I didn't reply. Today was a busy day and I’m sorry I didn’t I didn't tell you because you would feel it would be an "excuse" it honestly hurts when I'm telling the truth and you think it is a lie.
  50. Once again you assumed that I wasn't going to reply but the whole time I was thinking and trying to put it into words so that you can actually understand my apology and explainations and move on.
  51. I'm sorry for not telling you that I was talking to Oshone at that time, but I was only trying to encourage her to talk to you, you may not understand my actions but they were never meant to snake you. During the times I talked to her i just tried to understand but I didn't get everything that happened.  I only started to talk to her because I was trying to help her talk with you and repair your friendship again. I always thought of your feelings and I did ask about how you felt, i remember going to the library and i asked you about if you wanted to be friends with oshone again, that day I was trying to understand how you felt so you can't say how i never ask about how you felt ;-; I always cared but you weren't there to see.
  52. “I didn’t even say/think of those things .-.”  I don't remember what you said too oof
  53. for the last sentence it was just how you said you only talked about 2 problems so I pointed out how there was also that problem
  54. the whole time, I thought she went to you to talk about me.. but like, it would have been really ironic. once again, the reason why she did not specify what problems I was talking about with her was because they were about you..
  56. Her: that’s kind of you to try to repair my friendship with oshone. it’s best you stay out of it though, because it’s not your friendship, therefore not your responsibility to try to help fix things because it can make things worse and it did. so just keep yourself out of the middle of this please. I don’t want to be close friends with her anymore, if she ever wants to talk, i’ll hear her out and reply. I just want to be happy with you 🥺 we are done talking about this issue, I forgive you for everything. I’m sorry for doubting you and bring this up in the first place, just wanted a clarification
  57. 👍1
  58. Jun 23, 2019, 10:09 PM
  59. Me: I took some time to think before I wrote this over, and also because I went out a lot today to go eat for lunch and dinner lel
  61. I’m glad we’re done talking about this oof it escalated into something bad
  62. thanks for understanding/forgiving, but I still hope that you guys can be friends again. I just hope in the future you can trust me more when I’m trying to help
  64. Me: I also wanna be happy and I just don’t like arguing with you, but it was hard to give you a clarification when you assumed things oof
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