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  1. /me He didn't really see her lift into the air, but did slightly hesitate and lifted his head upwards slightly as she lifted into the air, shrugging after a moment and continuing to trot along the path, weaving around through the trees and occasionally stopping to feel around before turning at some points and continuing to walk; Right out into a bit more of an open area. There were still trees and some marsh-like bits of terrain, but there was much less trees and the ground was much more visible and cleaner. It didn't take that long for him to get to it either, discounting the multiple dozen stops he made for a short time apiece on the way. As he made his way out onto the clearer area, he settled into a sitting position out on the field, giving a sharp, almost ringing whistle out into the air, several pairs of glowing green eyes showing in the surrounding shadows before they began growing closer, the whistling stopping as soon as the glowing green figures came into close view, (c)
  3. /me Sweet Cream simply sitting there and smiling as they showed, not making much sound or movement before he stood once more as one of the Timberwolves grew near, coming from the shadows and 'stalking' closer to him, the colt giving another short whistle of a sound to it, the wolf pouncing towards him; which he just slightly sidestepped, giving a small 'thunk' stop its head and inciting a sharp yip of a sound from the creature as it fell to its side, the Colt setting again beside the Timberwolf and petting along what would be its neck for a few moments as the other Timberwolves walked into view, one of them nudging up against the Colt's side and brushing its cheek to his own, another giving a drawn out lick with an odd looking tongue along his face before pressing its forehead to his own. (e)
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