WarpedRealm release 1.5

Aug 27th, 2022
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  1. Release 1.5 Changes:
  2. - Adjusted orc archer spawnrate
  3. - Added 3 new quests to the wilderness
  4. - Added 3 new weekly quests
  5. - Fixed double exclaimation mark in a few questnames and descriptions
  6. - Added new type of quest "bring back x items", If you get 2 at the same time you first have to finish the one you get asked for when interacting with the npc
  7. - Linked custom items together with the questing plugin to allow for "bring back x custom item" quests
  8. - Fixed error where some enchants would trigger twice at once
  9. - Fixed Impervious sometimes working even when not wielding a sword
  10. - Added new job "Builder", useful for big scale builders that want a bit of money on the side. Not very good for people that dont build lol
  11. - You cant interact with NPCs at spawn anymore giving you quests from dimensions you havent unlocked yet
  12. - Copper armor now gives 1 more armor per piece
  13. - Buffed copper armor block power and rating
  14. - Fixed glitch where deathmessages would loop twice or thrice sometimes
  15. - Fixed typo in deathmessage description in the store
  16. - Added new rule regarding alt accounts, added this in the discord, the server in /rules and the store on the rulesetpage as well
  17. - Adjusted miner expgain and moneygain a bit
  18. - Fixed an issue where jobs would pay twice sometimes
  19. - Nerfed spectral wraith interceptors a bit
  20. - Adjusted a few sellprices in /sell
  21. - Fixed few typos on the wiki
  22. - Renewed ddos protection
  23. - Lowered a few repair prices
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