Gearhead Story

Aug 11th, 2018
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  1. >be me
  2. >30 something mechanic
  3. >talk with coworker one day
  4. >”Hey anon, have you heard about this thing called steampunk?”
  5. >He shows me the cosplay
  6. >Old steam era clothes with goggles
  7. >Nerf guns painted bronze
  8. >And the gears
  9. >Dear god, the gears on everything
  10. >Start to go full autism on this crime against steam
  11. >Gets even worse upon seeing airships
  12. >Sure, blimps and zeppelins were things but these just looked slapped together
  13. >No thought. No class.
  14. >Years later, daughter gets into cosplay
  15. >She starts asking the missus about making steampunk stuff
  16. >She starts making a costume and I see the nerf gun getting spray painted
  17. >Oh hell no
  18. >If my girl’s gonna go out and start sticking cogs on shit, she’s gonna do it right
  19. >Start spending weekends working on a “proper” steam weapon
  20. >Months later I’m driving her to a convention
  21. “Hang on, before you go…”
  22. >Hand her model chemical thrower
  23. >Looks like a rifle with tubes and vats and shit on it
  24. >The look on her face when she saw it
  25. >Never been a more proud father
  26. >I drive off and already see people asking her about it
  27. >Today was a good day
  32. >It was around then that the truck hit me
  37. >Be me
  38. >Weird dragon horse mutant
  39. >feel younger for some reason
  40. >like I’m in my prime again
  41. >Spent the first week or so freaking out about dying and being a horse mutant
  42. >tfw never see wife and daughter again
  43. >Weird looks don't help self greif
  44. >Keep moping as a homeless horse in magic horseland
  45. >Recognize this as some show my little girl used to watch
  46. >No tears anon
  47. >Too late for that
  48. >Bum around in some nice winged horse’s house
  49. >Finally get to see a mirror
  50. >This is me now
  51. >Some brass colored clawed horse freak
  52. >Continue to mope for another week when I hear about a shipyard
  53. >Apparently they have airships in magical horse land
  54. >And they actually work
  55. >Decide to check it out
  56. >Might as well get a job so I can help pay this dude’s rent
  57. >Start after a day and see the ass piping job in the engine room
  58. >No wonder they didn’t wanna fly this, it was a ticking timebomb
  59. >Mechanics and I gotta rework the entire piping system
  60. >Start looking over plans
  61. >Gear setup is inefficient as all hell
  62. >Start reworking entire plan
  63. >Add a gear shift feature just for good measure
  64. >mfw I impress them and get to lead the reworking
  65. >Start changing things out and notice someone left the engine on
  66. >Fucking amateurs
  67. >Rest of mechanics just leave because of the safety hazard
  68. >I say fuck it and go back to getting this ship working
  69. >Get face full of hot steam
  70. >Dont even care
  71. >Dragon horse bitch
  72. >Turn off engine
  73. >Keep working
  74. >Get the room safe for the rest of the normal horses
  75. >mfw get promoted to lead engineer
  76. >mfw I basically own this ship
  77. >mfw they start calling me Gearhead
  79. >Start hearing about ships getting sent to Star Harbor
  80. >Captain wants to send us there
  81. >Navigator and I both tell him we can’t handle the Magistorm
  82. >He goes anyways
  83. >Ship gets harder to control
  84. >mfw navigator and I called it
  85. >mfw captain tries to jump ship while we try and pilot the thing to safety
  86. >Get the rest of the crew to leave
  87. >”What about you Gear?”
  88. >This thing’s my baby now, I’m not losing it
  89. >Crash and burn hard
  90. >I’m okay, barely
  91. >The crew made it to the Harbor anyways
  92. >They save me from the wreckage and get me back to good health in the town
  93. >Lost second daughter
  94. >Check back on wreckage a while later
  95. >Balloon’s toast and the engines are mostly out
  96. >Hull still in good enough quality
  97. >Some patchwork done on it and it could at least be seaworthy
  98. >Shame it’s so far out from the harbor
  99. >Still, the crew and I made it
  100. >They’re all planning to go home when they can
  101. >I wanna see what the captain was so excited about with the veil here
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