Weighty Worries of a Zebra Part 2

Jan 25th, 2013
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  1. Weighty Worries of a Zebra
  3. **This is a shameless Fetish story, evacuate now if you don't want that.**
  5. **Contains: Belly expansion, Plot expansion**
  7. Zecora yawned, unsure how long she had actually slept. Last night had been a rather long one, and she was still fuzzy as to exactly why she felt so good. Whatever the case there was the matter of what time it was, she hadn't set any sort of alarm and given how late she stayed up it was probably close to noon. Even her slightly laid back lifestyle had its needs.
  9. So she opened her eyes, and began to roll out of bed. As she neared the edge she was suddenly aware of a large weight wrapped around her waistline, and how that new weight was dragging her off the cot with it. She barely had time to realize what was happening before her entire body was brought down on top of it.
  11. Zecora, blanket and all, plummeted to the floor only for her to land on a rather soft cushion. At least she thought it was a cushion, her face was still inches away from the floor, and moving elicited a rather uncharacteristic feeling from her gut; one she may not wish to stop. She got a hold of herself, and pushed herself up off the floor. A rather strange sense of heft to her midrift as she finally brought it off the ground, and her rump... She cast a look their way and found the blanket rolled up all around her, blocking the view.
  13. She cast it aside, torn section included, and wasn't entirely prepared for what she saw. Her belly hung low and bloated out to the sides. It seemed to belong to somepony who was near the end of carrying twin foals, and her plot. She couldn't quite see it around the edges of her stomach but it definitely felt rounder, although she couldn't quite feel it wobble when she gave it a shake. It didn't make much sense to her, she had to get a better look at it all. There was a standing mirror in her room luckily, large enough to get a view from any angle.
  15. So there she stood in front of it, trying to understand how her body had gained so much overnight. Zecora didn't even remember feeling the weight being packed on, last night had been so peace-... That's when it returned, the memory of last night. She blushed at her recollection, what that was to her seemed to just be a blissful little guilty pleasure of a dream. The push of her paunch growing, the tingle that made her rump feel so grand, it all had to just be a dream. Yet here she stood looking at the aftereffects of such. It all seemed so unreal, but she reached out to touch them all the same; starting with her rump.
  17. Her plot was strangely firm, the skin pulled tight over the large curves of her hips, yet it was still one of the softest things she had ever touched. It hadn't dimpled or overtaken her hind legs, yet it had definitely grown; she could swear that there was a sheen to it at the right angle. As for her stomach, she had to sit in order to get a good idea of its true size, and sitting down upon her rather large set of... cushions made it all easier. When she had finished blushing from realizing how much she actually liked the feeling of them against the floor Zecora went back to her investigation.
  19. Her belly was large indeed. Pushed out and to the sides a bit as well, yet it didn't seem to be stressed in any way. Almost like her midriff had accommodated the size of her stomach by simply... getting bigger. That was not the strangest part however. When she stroked it she had to bite her lip. The feeling of her softer than usual fur, the hairs being moved out of place stoked something beneath the sensitive surface. She rubbed a second time, her paunch giving just enough to drive that feeling deep into her, a shiver ran across her body as a slight groan from her throat followed it.
  21. She shook herself out of it, if she continued on that path she might just do something rather unpleasant to herself. Her hooves ached to press on, the second pass eliciting a slight rumble from her belly that rocked her senses again. It took everything in her to push it from her mind, something was wrong here and it reeked of magic. She got off her plot, and made her way to the main room of her home.
  23. It wasn't until she got to the doorway leading out of her bedroom that she noticed the top seemed a little closer than it should be. Was she getting taller? No, no, that was simply impossible. Weight gain was one thing, but height was another matter to worry over. She had enough on her plate at the moment. A thought of such elicited a moan from her stomach, and suddenly she felt a rather strong pang of hunger. Not the strongest she had ever felt, but one part of her thought that it was stronger compared to what she had felt last night before bed.
  25. She looked to the kitchen, the doorway not far from her bedroom's door. A snack, she resigned herself to, just enough to take the thought of food from her mind so she could concentrate on more important matters. Once within its confines she went over to one of her various cupboards filled with treats from Ponyville. She reared up on her back legs so she could reach her mouth inside one of them to grab a tray of just what she wanted, not noticing she had just done something that usually required a step ladder to accomplish. She didn't spend long with her nose inside it, the combined smells of many different sweets driving her mad.
  27. What she brought back was a tray of six cupcakes, special from Sugarcube Corner. While they may not have a very high count, each one might as well have been worth three, an experiment by the owners to make the greatest cupcakes ever. She had yet to have one, but the container they were within kept them fresh for a time beyond reckoning.
  29. One, she told herself, just one.
  31. She bit into the closest one, not even opting for a plate. The sweetness that glazed her tongue drove her wild, she wasn't sure if it was the frosting or the actual cupcake she wanted more. Her mouth dug deeper, her pace quickening until she hit a core that tasted of candy fruit soft enough to chew. The rest was over with in a flash, a single delicious weighty stone of sweet rested in her gut. Yet she gazed upon the five that were left, frosting unequaled, light fluffy cake, and surprisingly delicious candy cores. The hunger pang returned despite its company.
  33. She dove into a second one without remorse, its weight soon joined its brother in her gut. Then a third, time seemed to skip as she downed the fifth, and the sixth was gone in almost a bite. The empty tray then stood alone as a testament to her hunger. She was panting by the time she finished, and she licked the crumbs from her mouth only to feel a strange ache from her waist. Her stomach seemed to need something from her, and she carefully rested upon her two heavenly cushions to answer it.
  35. Zecora's paunch had stretched to accommodate the six super cupcakes, a feeling of fullness just outside her grasp. Yet she still wished to answer this strange need that had erupted from her stomach. She could swear that her belly had a slight blush to it, as she felt a strange warmth overtake her body. Her mind became slightly cloudy as well, and she decided to caress her gut as she tried to understand what she felt.
  37. The first stroke left her in shivers, what had been sensitive before had just become madly reactive to her gentlest touch. Both her hooves went into pushing and kneading the pile of firm dough that was attached to her body. The ache driving her onward to feel that shiver inducing stroke again and again, moan after moan.
  39. She wasn't sure how long she sat there, idly pleasing herself, but eventually she felt a familiar pressure return; unaware to what it might herald. Each stroke suddenly felt so much greater, the occasional moan was now almost constant. Her stomach felt like it was pressing against its bounds, her heart sending throbs through her body that tried to push it past its limit. Yet all she could do was continue to stroke, shivers erupting across her body with every pass, she needed more, she needed release.
  41. Suddenly her gut felt rather warm, warmer than the rest of her body and smoother than before. It drove her mad, each stroke of her hoof pressing harder to exploit such pleasures from her body. Then her belly throbbed, the feeling of which made her stop her mad strokes for a moment, a deep throaty wail of pleasure joining her belly's sudden increase in size.
  43. Before she could hope to recover a tingle joined the party, extending from her gut and moving down to her sultry curves on which she sat. A second throb pushed her gut beyond its limits again, and a storm of goosebumps spread across her rump that seemed to be filling out more of her kitchen floor.
  45. She began to message herself once again, wanting to never be free of such pleasures. She felt a third one building up, her stomach slowly losing its softness as it firmed up for another growth spurt. Her hooves dug deeper, fighting the firmness as best she could, the strokes sending her mind into a place she had been few times before. She cried out as her gut throbbed forward to slightly brush against the floor, another wave of tingling reaching down into her rump as its shape softly brushed even more of her home.
  47. There was one left in her, she didn't care how she knew this, she just wanted more. Even though her gut had already almost doubled in size she still wanted more. She managed to somehow wrap her arms out around the entirety of her paunch and pulled it close. Each hoof swirled in a different direction as she nuzzled what she could with her face.
  49. The last one seemed to want to take its time, all the better to her. She continued to message herself, the warmth of her own stomach a comforting place to be as it seemed to leech out into her extremities. Everything she did to herself just made her create a noise that she couldn't bear holding in. As the pressure began to return again, her arms fought against it, trying to keep her belly in a hold as it continued to elicit shivers from her highly sensitive form. Eventually though her belly won out, and her mind was racked with the greatest pleasure yet.
  51. She stopped her idle rubbing as her mind was overwhelmed, her stomach simply grew before her eyes. It approached a point where it seemed she might be expecting an entire family's worth of foals to be born, then the growth slowed as the pressure neared her limit. That didn't seem to matter as the pressure continued to grow, her belly's slightly red sheen more visible now more than ever. Her plot tingled incessantly as she fell onto her back, stretching the skin over her paunch to its limit. She just moaned as the pressure built, her heart throbbing deeply in her gut, the warmth soaking into every fiber of her being.
  53. Her limit seemed reach, even then her stomach attempted to rip past it regardless of how tight it had become. All she could feel was the throbbing of her stomach, contantly trying and failing to extend farther like it wanted to, like she needed it to. Then Something deep within her changed, a limitation of size undone with an unknowable spark. Her stomach surged forward to an impossible size, her mind a blank as it touched the roof of her kitchen for a moment before the shape began to even out. Her body felt like it was being stretched as her plot's maddening electricity reached a new height. Their size seemed peeked, as the warmth of it all the only comforting blanket she needed to weather the aftermath as the growth slowed. Eventually the fallout of the feelings subsided, but not until she had spent a time just contemplating the last few glorious minutes.
  55. With her worship over what had just happened finally ended, and her senses returned she was awestruck. What was once a belly that held twins was now a place to keep an entire family's expected generation, its size a few feet from the roof of her kitchen and yet still it retained that softness she loved. She reached out for her plot, amazed that she could actually find it within her grasp. She could feel its curve, one that had become even more rounded. Yet it still felt firm underneath her softened fur, more like a strong support than an ample cushion. Although it would still depress when prodded.
  57. Zecora couldn't understand what had happened, but she knew she had to get to the bottom of this. She rolled off her back onto her stomach, unsure how she was going to proceed. It wasn't until she realized her hooves could touch ground that she discovered something new. Her entire body had grown, somewhat, the paunch of her belly and size of her rump was still far too large for a pony even her size; but she could move thankfully.
  59. She didn't have time to wonder how tall she had become, but she had to keep her head low in the kitchen; her mohawk teasing its roof all the while. When she passed through the doorway back to her main room she felt her stomach get pinched by it, and a slight moan escaped her. She recalled those feelings, how much stronger they were when she was in the midst of growth, how little food she had eaten to already grow this large. Zecora knew that she had to find an answer before the next tremendous pang of hunger struck, for she wasn't sure if she could hold herself back from emptying her entire kitchen, and then... she wasn't sure how big she would get.
  64. End Part 2
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