my waifu is a goddess (twix(you), idk, waifufaggotry, short)

Jun 3rd, 2018
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  1. >>
  2. >>Twilight practically is a goddess capable of going toe-to-toe with high level capeshit
  3. >>How do you feel knowing that your waifu is incredibly more powerful than you on a scale that breaks physics?
  5. >to be at her complete mercy
  6. >to feel the power radiating from her
  7. >to feel your heart rate rising and mind racing whenever you see her use magic to break laws and physics
  8. >the same way she could break bones and pierce flesh
  9. >to feel your breath catch in your throat and your muscles clench whenever said magic reaches you
  10. >she could break you
  11. >kill you
  12. >destroy you
  13. >and not just your body, but your mind also
  14. >she wouldn't even need to look your way to transform you into a brainless zombie
  15. >she's dangerous
  16. >more than dangerous, being close to such an entity is suicidal, even
  17. >so why?
  18. >why does it feel so right to be this close to her?
  19. >why does it feel so good to feel her touch
  20. >to hear her voice
  21. >to share her warmth
  22. >feeling so right you sometimes forget whether your heart is really racing because of fear or because of something else
  23. >and something else she is
  24. >something more
  25. >she's a goddess
  26. >she may be made of flesh and bones, not unlike you, but what's inside
  27. >what you can find really, really deep down inside of her
  28. >simply incomparable to anyone or anything else
  29. >this fire, this power
  30. >it scares you
  31. >it arouses you
  32. >it makes you feel safe
  33. >and when she opens her eyes
  34. >and when she looks at you
  35. >and when you really look, deep down inside of her
  36. >and you see this fire, this power
  37. >it makes you feel loved
  38. >she's not just anyone
  39. >anypony
  40. >she's a goddess
  41. >you told her that more than once before
  42. >and you will tell her again
  43. >but every time you do, she just laughs it off
  44. >"Oh please, I'm just a pony," she says
  45. >but it's not true
  46. >she's wrong
  47. >no other pony has ever made you feel this way
  48. >no other thing has ever made you feel this way
  49. >nothing else can
  51. >you don't think you'll ever understand it
  52. >why she makes you feel this way
  53. >how she does it
  54. >because every time you give it a try, every time you try to word it, she's there
  55. >in your mind
  56. >or maybe not just in there?
  57. >sometimes you think you can even feel her hooves wrapped around your neck
  58. >or feel her warm breath washing over your skin
  59. >but when you look, she's nowhere to be seen
  60. >or maybe she is, but she's hiding
  61. >or maybe she is, but she doesn't even need to be here
  62. >she's that powerful
  63. >she's a godess
  64. >she could be close to you even if she wasn't
  65. >she could touch you even if she was a hundred miles apart
  66. >she could kiss you even if--
  67. >-no, simply because
  68. >simply because she wanted to
  69. >because she wants to
  70. >she's capable of making you feel this way by simply wanting it
  71. >you hope she feels it to
  72. >you hope she feels the same way
  73. >or you wish you could make her feel the same way
  74. >but all you can do is hope
  75. >to tell her you love her, and hope
  76. >hope it reaches her the same way it reaches you when she tells you she loves you
  77. >she says it does
  78. >but
  79. >what if she's wrong about this too?
  80. >she's a goddess
  81. >and you're nothing but a puny mortal
  82. >a puny mortal that can do nothing but hope his love reaches his goddess
  83. >a puny mortal that can do nothing but hope that his love makes her feel the same way hers make him feel
  84. >a puny mortal that can do nothing but hope
  85. >it scares you
  86. >this scares you much more than her power
  87. >or maybe this is also part of her power?
  88. >it wouldn't surprise you at this point
  89. >but hope is what you have
  90. >it is all you have
  91. >so you cling to it
  92. >you have to
  93. >you can't let go of it, you shouldn't
  94. >not just for you, but for her too
  95. >because you love her
  96. >because she's a goddess
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