Deadly Sin: Greed

Oct 30th, 2012
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  1. Heap up a pile of gold within my sight,
  2. Then pile another; more is always best.
  3. Amass still more and pack the treasure tight!
  4. Collecting art’s another worthy quest.
  6. To have, to hold, to own, that is my goal.
  7. I care not how, if it’s within my reach.
  8. Nor do I care on whom it takes a toll,
  9. I cling to what is mine just like a leech.
  11. I want it all; each gemstone bright, each bell,
  12. Or book, or candle, game, or DVD.
  13. There is no thing of mine that I would sell;
  14. What’s mine is mine, and it is all for me.
  16. Perhaps I do have more than what I need
  17. But still want more, and so you call me Greed.
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