Demon's Souls Any% Magic route

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  1. Usefull video guide [here](
  3. start:
  4. -----
  5. Start magician, skip Tutorial
  6. Get to the world 1 archstone and warp to 1-1
  8. 1-1:
  9. ----
  10. Make your way through the level as usual.
  11. Pick up the firebombs, continue with the level.
  12. Roll the boulder.
  13. Roll into the wooden structure containing the boulders to break it, eat a grass and equip catalyst in your left hand.
  14. Run over the bridge, pull lever.
  15. Get turpentine, if you are at low HP suicide, if you are at high HP drop down the stairs.
  16. *Phalanx*
  17. Walk forward for 1-2 seconds, throw 2 firebombs. Keep throwing the bombs but after the first 2 aim a bit lower since Phalanx is moving towards you.
  18. use turpentine. Empty your stamina with 2H R2's then switch to catalyst and 2 flame toss > repeat till the demon is dead.
  19. Get soul and warp back to the nexus
  21. Nexus:
  22. ------
  23. Go and say hi to the monumental
  24. Reload profile
  25. Warp to 4-1
  27. 4-1:
  28. ----
  29. Make your way past the balanced skeletons.
  30. Either do the fancy 4-1 skip, or go around
  31. Get Crescent Falchion +1, continue with the level
  32. Get on top of the wall, do the roll towards regenerators ring.
  33. Make your way to the boss, pick up half moon grass.
  34. Equip Crescent Falchion +1 during the fog gate animation
  35. *Adjudicator with Flame toss*
  37. Nexus:
  38. ------
  39. Use Swollen Demon's Soul durin the standup animation
  40. Make your way to the maiden
  41. Level: 31 Magic
  42. Warp to 3-1
  44. 3-1:
  45. ----
  46. Make your way through the level.
  47. Get your nexial Binding ready.
  48. Pickup Prison of Hope, 3F Key
  49. Use nexial binding.
  50. Warp to 3-1 again.
  51. Take a right and open the gate.
  52. Equip Regen ring during the opening of the gate animation.
  53. Pickup the Prison of Hope 4F Key and Prison of Hope 4F Cell Key
  54. Do 4-1 skip (if you don't pickup ring of magical sharpness on the way)
  55. Roll through the arrow trap, pink up CRR (clever rat's ring) (take a hit for the setup later).
  56. Unequip regen ring
  57. Make your way up the tower, kill the guy, get the key and reload the profile.
  58. Use drops to get into CRR range
  59. *Fool's Idol*
  60. 4 1 handed R1 -> Flame Toss -> 4 2H R1
  61. Get the soul and continue 3-2.
  63. 3-2 & 3-3:
  64. ----------
  65. Go through the area (NOTE. if you manage your stamina well enough you can get the elevator perfectly)
  66. Pick up 6 fresh Spices (can be picked up later if you have trouble getting the elevator).
  67. Kill the prisoners, continue.
  68. Activate the cage on the other side of the fire, walk out and get the 2 fresh spices.
  69. Walk on top of the cage and equip regen ring.
  70. Try not to go above 190 HP.
  71.  Max HP for CRR to be active is 165. The regen ring gives 4HP/s so if you are at 162 take off the ring if you don't want to take any chances.
  72. If you are ~190 take some fall dmg from dropping off the elevator.
  73. Make your way through the swamp.
  74. At the bridge leading back to the second set of prisoners, reload your profile to reset elevator cycles (can be skipped but not advised).
  75. Kill yourself some more prisoners.
  76. Flame Toss will be your main way of dealing dmg. the Crescent Falchion for when they are close.
  77. Try to play unlocked as much as possible.
  78. *Maneaters*
  79. Get the soul at the Archstone and continue to Old monk.
  80. 1 handed R2 for the baby centipede monsters
  81. 2 handed running attack + a roll for the mindflayers.
  82. *Old Monk (Crescent Falchion)*
  83. Try to be aggressive, you can strafe his orbs. Attack before he does regen stamina while he rolls away.
  84. Use Mixed Demon's Soul while waiting.
  85. Warp back to the Nexus.
  87. Nexus:
  88. ------
  89. Say hi to the Maiden.
  90. Level: 25INT 13END
  91. Warp to 3-1
  93. 3-1 (revisited):
  94. ----------------
  95. Take a right, go up and open the gate (normal level progression)
  96. Make your way to the staircase of the floww, open the gate, drop down and rescue Frake.
  97. Use nexial binding.
  99. Nexus:
  100. ------
  101. Use lead Demon's Soul
  102. Learn: Soul Ray, Homing Soul Arrow, Cloak. and Remember those 3 spells.
  103. Cast HSA(homing soul arrow), Cast SR(soul Ray) with camera down. This kills Frake.
  104. equip regen ring while he dies
  105. Pick up his stuff.
  106. Warp to 5-1.
  108. 5-1:
  109. -----
  110. Take drops to get to the bridge.
  111. At the first fog gate equip ring of magical sharpness.
  112. Roll against the red ballsack enemy to push him out of the way then kill the enemies at the end of the bridge with SR.
  113. Enter Leechmonger boss fight equip CRR over regen ring during the fog gate animation.
  114. Take a left then drop down to the planks below.
  115. *Leechmonger* HSA + SR or the first cast, then HSA to kill him.
  116. Don't pick up the soul and continue to 5-2.
  118. 5-2 & 5-3:
  119. ----------
  120. For navigation through the swamp see [this]( video.
  121. Pick up Cat ring.
  122. Follow the video for further info.
  123. Use nexial binding to return to the nexus.
  125. 4-2:
  126. ----
  127. Go through the level, after opening the door drop left and equip Cat's ring.
  128. Go up the stairs, open illusory wall continue to the enemy that drops pure bladestone.
  129. Drop down, open the Load profile menu and load the profile as soon as you hit the ground (make sure Cat's ring is equipped).
  130. [VoD]( for reference.
  132. 4-3:
  133. ----
  134. Get inbounds again, heal to full and trigger the fight.
  135. Equip CRR over Cat ring.
  136. Take 2 hits from the flying stingray monsters to activate CRR.
  137. kill 6 of them, use cloak and run to the storm ruler.
  138. Shoot 4 SR's at storm king to kill him.
  139. *Storm king*
  140. Use nexial binding.
  142. 2-X:
  143. ----
  144. Make your way through the level as normal, after the narrow corridor perform the 2-1 skip as shown [here](
  145. Equip cat ring during standing up animation.
  146. Take 2 hits from the first miner on the right for CRR.
  147. Do cat ring drop down to flame lurker.
  148. Switch Cat ring for CRR during the fog gate animation, cast cloak as soon as you're in the fight.
  149. Run behind flamelurker and kill him with HSA -> HSA, SR
  150. *Flamelurker*
  151. Skip the Archstone.
  152. Pew Pew with the ballista.
  153. Run to the other one, more Pew Pew.
  154.  cast HSA and kill him.
  155. *Dragon God*
  156. Nexial bindng to get back.
  158. 1-2:
  159. ----
  160. Warp to 2nd Archstone.
  161. Run through the tunnel.
  162. Make sure to stop running while leaving the tunnel, this will delay the spawn of the dragon.
  163. Do more running.
  164. *Tower knight* with HSA + SR, pick up the soul at the Archstone.
  166. 1-3:
  167. ----
  168. Cast cloak before the dogs.
  169. Roll through the boulder.
  170. Kill enemies with SR.
  171. Keep moving forward, walk off on the right side where the path ends, then roll to the right (if your character if facing 12 o'clock roll towards 5 o'clock.
  172. Roll the fireball again, kill enemy cross the fog gate.
  173. Continue the level until you reach the spot with 2 crossbow guys.
  174. Take 2 counterhits for CRR.
  175. Cast cloak before you reach the big stairs.
  176. Hug right on the stairs.
  177. *Penetrator* HSA -> HSA + SR.
  179. 1-4:
  180. ----
  181. Cast Cloak before entering the square.
  182. Cast Cloak again before the dragon.
  183. Run across the bridge, the square pillars which are sticking out, you have to cross them when the SFX from the dragon firebreath is done.
  184. One is at the same spot as the first fat official, one is right after (there are multiple of them, just these 2 matter).
  185. If the first fat official put's his axe on the ground he will flame toss you, so be prepared to dodge it shortly after you cross the second fat official.
  186. Full stamina bar when the dragon flies away, then run for it (hug right).
  187. Use cloak, eat fresh spice and enter the fight.
  188. Kill Allant with HSA, roll away, cast and eat spice as necessary.
  189. Use nexial binding.
  191. Nexus:
  192. ------
  193. Talk to Maiden
  194. Kill true king Allant
  195. Kill maiden
  196. Win the game
  199. Check IGT with another Profile that has already completed 1-1.
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