Satan - Scootabuse

Oct 13th, 2014
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  3. >You never should have taken in Scootaloo
  4. >She lived with you for 3 weeks and you already fell for her
  5. >How can a grown man fall for a little filly
  6. >Could it be her "out there" attitude?
  7. >The way she acts and looks?
  8. >Either way you couldn't handle these sickening urges
  9. >She'd bend over to look at a bug on the floor and you'd stare at her privates in this lewd position
  10. >You'd lie in her bed when she was at school and smell her pillow to get the scent of her
  11. >Your feelings developed into sexual urges towards her
  12. >One day you couldn't take it anymore
  13. >She was bending over the table eating french fries and you couldn't control yourself
  14. >You remember her horrible screams
  15. >You remember the blood
  16. >You remember how amazing it felt but how horrible you felt after
  17. >And now she is pregnant
  18. >Pregnant with your bastard child
  19. >A rape child someone would say
  20. >You regret it every day
  21. >You know there is nothing you can to to gain her trust back
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