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  2. For HP:
  3. 1. For the first scan, choose 'Exact Value' for Scan Type.
  4. 2. Enter in the character's current HP times 2 + 1 into the Value text box. (For HP of 1, this would be 3; 5 would be 11; 20 would be 41, etc.)
  5. 3. Press the First Scan button.
  6. 4. Change the character's current HP either through battle, healing, changing their max hp through equipment, or using the Orb of Life-Drain.
  7. 5. Repeat step 2.
  8. 6. Press the Next Scan button
  9. 7. Repeat steps 4-6 until there is only one entry on the left.
  10. --
  11. For XP:
  12. 1. For the first scan, choose 'Unknown Initial Value' for Scan Type
  13. 2. Press the First Scan button.
  14. 3. Note the character's XP multiplier for the XP type you are tracking (found in Status > Basic Info > Adv. Stats)
  15. 4. Get some XP.
  16. 5. Change Scan Type to 'Increased value by...'
  17. 6. Multiply the XP you obtained by 2, then by the multiplier as a fraction. (1 for 100%, 0.5 for 50%, 1.5 for 150%, 2 for 200%)
  18. 7. Enter the value obtained from step 6 into the Value text box.
  19. 8. Press the Next Scan button.
  20. 9. Repeat steps 3-8 until there is only one entry on the left. You may have to modify the characters' XP multipliers to ensure that they have a different multiplier than each other character for at least one scan.
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