Overworld buildings

May 22nd, 2018
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  1. ** You can only build on territories you own
  2. ** Building or upgrading costs an action
  3. ** When you build, the terrain you built on is destroyed. For example, building a "Temple" on a "Plains" tile means that tile is no longer considered "Plains" but "Temple" instead.
  4. ** Druids can build on "Forest" tiles without destroying them completely. The tile is still considered "Forest" for the purpose of druidic faith gain and mobility penalty against attackers.
  5. ** You can also a building, it costs 1 action.
  6. ** You get a price reduction according to your 1d100 roll, 1% for each 5 points (rolling 100 = 20% price reduction)
  8. 1)Build a City. (20% Fortification, 100 Growth, 3 wealth, +2000 progress per turn)
  9. *For every newer city the cost increases: *50,000(1st) **100,000(2nd) ***150,000(3rd) ****250,000(4th) ***** 400,000(5th) ****** 600,000(6th)
  10. *Cities can only be built on "Plains" tile and not closer than 3 spaces from one of your other cities
  11. **Upgrades (Each time your nation levels up you get to upgrade each of your existing cities with one of the upgrades below.)
  12. [Guilds] This city generates additional 1 wealth per mine/lumber-mill adjacent to it
  13. [Metropolis] Population growth is increased by 30. Allows adjacent buildings to be upgraded more than once
  14. [Dock] All of the tiles that are adjacent to the river this city is adjacent to are considered as adjacent tiles to this city.
  15. [Castle Town] This city's fortification is increased by 30%
  16. [Divine Glory] additional 500 progress for every adjacent temple to this city tile
  17. [Nature's Fruit] Additional 10 growth for each "Forest" tile adjacent to this city
  18. [Blood Throne] Gain twice the progress from battles adjacent or on this city tile.
  19. [Garrison] The maximum times your nation can attack other nations in a turn is increased by +1
  21. 2)Build a Farm (4 wealth, 30 Growth)
  22. * Farm costs 5,000 gold
  23. * Farm can only be built on a "Plains" tile adjacent to a city or region.
  24. ** Upgrades (an upgrade costs 10,000 gold. You can only upgrade the same building once)
  25. [Gristmill] +20 Population Growth
  26. [Refinery] +2 wealth
  28. 3)Build a Lumber-Mill (8 wealth, 20 Growth)
  29. * Lumber-Mill costs 5,000 gold
  30. * Lumber-Mill can only be built on a "Forest" tile and up to 2 spaces away from a city or region you own.
  31. * Lumber-Mill destroys a random adjacent "Forest" tile and converts it to "Plains" each end of turn . If there are no "Forest" tiles nearby, it doesn't generate wealth
  32. -- Lumber Mill has no upgrades --
  34. 4)Build a Temple (10% fortification, 1 Faith, 2 wealth)
  35. * Increases your nation's Faith by +1
  36. * Temples cost 10,000 gold to build
  37. * If a temple is destroyed or removed by any means, you lose 2 permanent points of faith
  38. * Temples can only be built adjacent to a city or a region.
  39. ** Upgrades (an upgrade costs 20,000 gold. You can only upgrade the same temple once)
  40. [Sacrifice Altar] +1 Faith, -10 Population growth
  41. [Sanctuary] Attacks against this tile will receive 30% fortification penalty. Can only be built if there are cliffs in an adjacent tile
  43. 5)Build a Region (10% fortification, 1 wealth, 40 Growth, +300 progress per turn)
  44. * Region costs 15,000 gold to build
  45. * Region can only be built on a "Plains" tile adjacent to a city or a region. Druids can also build a region on "Forest" Tiles.
  46. ** Upgrades (an upgrade costs 25,000 gold. You can only upgrade the same region once)
  47. [Outer walls] Fortification increases by additional 30%
  48. [Housing Project] Population Growth is increased by 30
  50. 6)Build a Mine (20% fortification, 5 wealth, 20 Growth)
  51. * Mines costs 20,000 gold to build
  52. * Mines can only be built on a "Cliffs" tile and up to 2 spaces away from a city or region you own.
  53. ** Upgrades (an upgrade costs 30,000 gold. You can only upgrade the same mine once)
  54. [Deep Tunnels] +3 wealth
  55. [Defensive Complex] Fortification increases by additional 30%
  57. 7)Build a Castle (50% fortification, 3 wealth, 20 Growth)
  58. * Castles costs 30,000 gold to build
  59. * Castles can be built on any tile and anywhere within the territory under your control.
  60. * Raiders attacking your nation will not gain loot for tiles with castles on them
  61. ** Upgrades (an upgrade costs 40,000 gold. You can only upgrade the same castle once)
  62. [Provincial taxation] additional +1 wealth for each adjacent region tile
  63. [Rally Point] If you attack a neighboring nation from a tile adjacent to this castle, your attack roll gains a +10 boost (can't pass 100)
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