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  1. [20:17] <Kas`Bramblefoot> "Quiet, you foul-mouthed little cutpurse," growled the man, shaking the kender mercilessly. Apparently, she had angered someone that had the sensibilities, or just the initiative to be quick enough to catch her. But -what- had she stolen that would have made him -that- mad?
  2. [20:17] <Kalian> "That is a kender,"  Kalian whispered to Mercy, while pausing by the open threshold. "She calls herself Kas. She is trouble, nearly always. If we are quiet and go into the tavern now she might disappear without getting us involved in the nonsense she's involved in this time."  He gave her a look for the near nudging of the ribs! "I said I was healing faster than I expected,
  3. [20:17] <Kalian> not to test them."  A wry smile followed this while, doing the worst possible thing of course, and watching.
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  6. [20:17] * Jay entered the Tavern through the front door, dressed in his black sleeveless tunic, black trousers, soft battle worn boots and red sash with 4 foot long gunblades tucked into them. The man was a giant, nearly 8 feet tell with hair that came down to the base of his neck, a neat part in the middle rounding that black locks around his face. Over his eyes were thick fresh bandages that reached...
  7. [20:17] * Jay ...nearly down the bridge of his nose and half way up of his forehead. He tapped his way into the Tavern using a red tipped cane to feel infront of him, forcing him to walk with causious lumbering steps.
  8. [20:23] <Clarus> '... The bird? The bird is not edible,' she informs the imp flatly while pouring herself a cup of mint-drenched tea from the delivered pot of it.
  9. [20:25] <Brenna> And the blind, lumbering giant was followed by a large wolf, who used him entering to come in, herself. She limped straight to the hearth and plopped down, panting a bit from exertion and laid her head onto those immense paws. Silver-flecked golden eyes looked around with a cold and distant stare, the scar over her left eye more red and angry than it normally was.
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  13. [20:27] * `27` Huffs. HUFFS. How dare she! It snorted and leapt behind the bar to ruin Cadens and likely Lexiana's and Astrids day by breaking glasses.
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  15. [20:31] <Mercy> This sort of behavior from Kalian doesn't really compute with the way he's acted in the past, and his whispering solicits a quirked brow and a puzzled expression.  "But...she could get hurt, if he holds her like that for very long.  It could injure her leg!"  If she were shuffled along, she'd go without really resisting, but she watches intently as the pair go along.  
  16. [20:40] * Kalian knows he should do something. He knows he should. It is the right thing to do and Kalian, who honestly fears no conflict has no problem whatsoever with jumping into a confrontation. However, this is Kas. Kas, once saved will invaribly get into more nonsense, involving him. He noted the look on Mercy's face as well and just shook his head before attempting to explain. "This...
  17. [20:40] * Kalian is natural selection. She does this to herself. No creature in the wild, that carried themselves as she does, with blatent disregard to all things, would live much further than their first hunt."  Of course now, Kalian aside of his better judgement unslung Acadys, Bow of the Dawn from his back, strung the massive composite Hirsalas wood longbow and knocked a yellow-fletched arrow.
  18. [20:40] * Kalian "But I will save her...again."  He murmured, leveled the bow at the man holding Kas and announced himself. "I am Marshal J`Venn of the Shadow Hunters. Put the kender down. Now."
  19. [20:43] * Jay taps his way halfway into the tavern and looks around in the only way he can, raising his head and swiveling it around Right up until he heard Kalien's cry just outside. Jay swiveled around and dropped his cane by the door navigating back through the tavern by memory alone, not touching a single piece of the furniture. He stood back towering over the Elf Marshal, his blades in his hands...
  20. [20:43] * Jay ...Ready to back his Leader all the way. "I'd do as the man says." Jay reaffirms for Kalian.
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  26. [20:54] <Mercy> She looks appropriately pleased as she wins this little fight, and Kalian goes off to the rescue of the kender in need.  Before he dashes off, she reaches up to press a kiss and a whisper to him, and then she's off into the bowels of the Raven.  
  27. [20:58] * Kalian normally has this very intense countenance when facing off against an adversary. However, when Mercy whispers in his ear, the expression melted into a slight, boyish smile. Some days, it's good to be a good guy!
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