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  1. smackdown phase 2
  2. chapter 21
  3. evolution (triple h(c) and legacy(c)) vs neville and shamrollins vs the wyatt family (bray wyatt luke harper and joe coffey)
  4. johnny gargano(c) vs andrade almas 2 out of 3 falls match
  5. bobby lashley vs adam cole
  6. dean ambrose vs dolph ziggler
  7. tm61 vs best friends
  9. chapter 22
  10. triple h(c) vs bobby lashley
  11. johnny gargano(c) vs low ki
  12. legacy(c) vs best friends
  13. hardcore holly vs eddie edwards
  14. ricochet vs adam cole
  15. tm61 vs diy
  17. chapter 23
  18. triple h(c) vs ricochet
  19. low ki(c) vs eddie edwards
  20. legacy(c) vs the hart foundation
  22. chapter 24
  23. triple h(c) vs ricochet
  24. eddie edwards(c) vs hardcore holly
  25. legacy(c) vs diy
  26. chad gable vs kurt angle
  27. bray wyatt vs bobby lashley
  28. dolph ziggler vs eric young
  30. chapter 25
  31. bray wyatt(c) vs triple h no holds barred
  32. eddie edwards(c) vs hardcore holly
  33. legacy(c) vs diy
  34. dolph ziggler vs pentagon jr
  35. low ki vs dean ambrose
  36. neville vs samoa joe submission match
  38. chapter 26
  39. bray wyatt(c) vs eric youg
  40. eddie edwards(c) vs pentagon dark
  41. diy(c) vs legacy tornadoe tag match 2 out of 3 falls
  42. dolph ziggler vs chad gable
  43. adam cole vs ricochet
  44. triple h vs neville i quit match
  46. chapter 27
  47. bray wyatt(c) vs bobby lashley steel cage match
  48. eddie edwards(c) vs pentagon dark vs bobby roode vs andrade almas
  49. diy(c) vs tm61
  50. wgtt vs the hart foundation
  51. luke harper vs daniel bryan
  52. dean ambrose vs low ki ambrose asyllum match
  54. chapter 28
  55. bray wyatt(c) vs big damo
  56. eddie edwards(c) vs pentagon dark submission match
  57. diy(c) vs tm61 ladder match
  58. ec vs shamrollins
  59. chad gable vs dolph ziggler 2 out of 3 falls match
  60. daniel bryan vs joe coffey
  61. samoa joe vs jobber
  63. chapter 29
  64. bray wyatt(c) vs samoa joe
  65. pentagon dark(c) vs eddie edwards no hols barred
  66. diy(c) vs wgtt
  67. shamrollins vs best friends
  68. randy orton vs triple h vs bobby lashley vs daniel bryan #1 contender match for the world title
  69. dean ambrose vs andrade almas ambrose asylum match
  71. chapter 30
  72. bray wyatt(c) vs daniel bryan
  73. pentagon dark(c) vs dolph ziggler
  74. diy(c) vs ricochet and neville
  75. shamrollins vs wgtt
  76. dean ambrose vs hardcore holly ambrose asylum
  77. randy orton vs triple h steel cage match
  79. chapter 31
  80. daniel bryan(c) vs samoa joe vs bray wyatt
  81. dolph ziggler(c) vs hardcore holly
  82. diy(c) vs sanity
  83. chad gable vs adam cole
  84. ricochet and ken shamrock vs nevile and seth rollins
  85. cesaro vs randy orton
  87. chapter 32
  88. daniel bryan(c) vs samoa joe hell in a cell match
  89. dolph ziggler(c) vs randy orton
  90. diy(c) vs best friends
  91. wgtt vs tm61
  92. dean ambrose vs pentagon dark ambrose asylum match
  93. adam cole vs ricochet vs seth rollins vs ken shamrock vs neville 5 pack match to determine #1 contender for world title
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