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  1. A - I took a First Aid class yesterday.
  2. B - Seriously? What did you learn?
  3. A - Recently, my friend got burned. I know what I have to do.
  4. B - Mom told me you should run cool water over the burn.
  5. A - Yes, exactly. But, uf it hurts you, call an ambulance.
  6. B - Where to call?
  7. A - 112.
  8. B - My mother broke her leg in the summer. She cried all night, but my dad took her to the doctor.
  9. A - What did the doctor do?
  10. B - He gave medicine and to put a cast on.
  11. A - How long they had to keep him?
  12. B - Hmm... 6 weeks.
  13. A - Very long, but what is not done for health.
  14. B - Exactly. When are these classes?
  15. A - On Friday.
  16. B - Thanks. See you.
  17. A - See you.
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