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Dadonequus Discord Part 275

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  1. >The night passes to day.
  2. >You may be unaware, but you cuddle on your pillow tightly. as if it was your very marefriend. Drool soaked into it's comfy body.
  3. >Even as the sun shines through the windows, you stay asleep.
  4. >That is..until you hear some voices as the bedroom door opens.
  5. >"He's still asleep, is he? I'm surprised nopony woke him" Says one voice...very familiar...Discord?
  6. >"Well, my little darling insisted he get as much sleep as he could get. I wasn't about to say no since it wouldn't be any trouble. But, I also didn't know he'd sleep for that long. His sister even left, insisting on the same thing. Is he usually a heavy sleeper?" Another voice, yeah..that was Filthy Rich.
  7. >"Verily, but I'm sure he'll grow out of that phase soon enough. Besides, it's not so bad. It always means I'll know where to find him on times like these." Discord says, but you were just waking up and still cuddling onto your pillow. So you didn't care to see what he might be doing.
  8. >"I'd hope so. It's been a while and there's important things to be done. Well, I'd assume there would be. Then again, I don't know much of the business of a draconeequs. Speaking of which, I'd like to thank you for finally signing off on my project for Los Pegasus" Filthy Rich said. That actually made one of your ears perk up....you remembered that. Filthy Rich was trying for a very very long time trying to get Discord to sign off on..something.
  10. >"Oh not at all Mr.Rich. I should be thanking you instead. I had no idea the opening proceeds for the "chaos coaster" would go to animal shelters around Equestria. I am sorry it took me all this time to agree to it, but I never really believed in chaos being a corporate matter. But, it does sound better than a "Princess" coaster or whatever nonsense you were going to try next with Princess Celestia. Now, let me ask. You did say that there would be a statue erected of myself since I'll be making the biggest donation AND a personal letter will be sent to Fluttershy and Princess Twilight Sparkle on my good deed, right?" Discord was sounding pretty smug about this
  11. >"Well, yes, of course. It was in the contract aft-"
  12. >But Filthy Rich gets cut off as you are suddenly lifted in the air, making you yelp in surprise.
  13. >"Yes yes, good whatever. I must be going now, no time to talk." Discord says in a hurry
  14. >"B-but Mr.Discord, there's still a few things I'd like to talk about. And my daughter was asking for Anon to join her and I for some lunch and if you could, I'd like you to j-" But nothing more could be said as you and Discord disappear in a flash.
  15. >Filthy Rich just stood there, stunned at how quick that went. "...Now what do I tell her...hrnnn"
  16. >Meanwhile, you plop onto your bed, bouncing a little as Discord appears in front of your mirror, adjusting a Hawaiian shirt and sunglasses. "Oversleeping again Anon? On our special day? You're lucky i'm in such a good mood right now or I'd have traded you in for that captain changeling, he seems eager to please"
  17. >You roll onto your back as your mind starts to wake up from the grogginess.
  18. "What happened?..A-am I back home?"
  20. >Discord let's out an annoyed "Yes..." As he snaps his talons. making you don a blue Hawaiian shirt. the back saying "I LOVE THE CRYSTAL EMPIRE". Discord then props you up to a standing position with his own paw and talons as you wobble a little from your tiredness.
  21. ""Huh..W-what's going on exactly?"
  22. >"Our plan? Our plan to do nothing but enjoy the Crystal Empire while the princesses squirm in agony thinking we might try to wreak havoc on the kingdom. That plan." Discord starts scratching at his teeth, making sure it's nice and shiny.
  23. >Oh...OH SHIT, THAT'S TODAY?!
  24. >And then you put your hoof to your chest. You didn't feel the effects of the poison anymore...but..those feelings.
  25. "T-that's today? H-hold on Discord. I'm still getting over last night. I was hit with love poison and...woo. That shit is strong...what even happened to Chrysalis? What did Diamond Tiara have to say whens he woke up? I'm..still a little confused here"
  26. >"Anon.." Discord grips his talons. he was ACTUALLY trying to be patient with you. But he was eager..or perhaps late..for what he had to do.
  27. >He then turns with a smile as he gently pats you on the head. "Chryssie tried to sneak off somewhere, but she was easy to put on lockdown for the day despite her silly complaints. As for your little marefriend, she seemed to just want to let you sleep and "Dream of the future"..I assume she meant with you being married or some rubbish like that. But, that does explain her attitude when I spoke to her. She kept telling me she'd make a great "Stepdaughter". Discord shivered "It was unnerving, as for you my dear Anon. I need you to wake up, we're short on time and the princess's train will be arriving at the city soon. So...let me see your "DO NOTHING" face"
  29. >Discord stares intently at you as you yawn and rub your eyes. Then he grins "Perfect! I couldn't agree more that the empire can be boring, but do be a little chipper about it and we should do fine." Discord rubs his brow as he sighs in relief "And here I thought we'd have a problem"
  30. >Ok...then.
  31. "Discord, seriously. I'm just a little jarred. I was over there and now I'm over here. Can I get a second? A lot happened last night. I just need some time to unwind. I need to speak to Diamond Tiara"
  32. >The poison's effect. even while worn off. was circulating through your system by ways of memories. Chrysalis was right, it did it's job. You felt like you at least had to say "Good morning"
  33. >"No can do Anon, you already said you'd do this with me and we are running out of time." Discord turned away from you, and looked out the window into the abyss, his voice growing softer as he thought of the plan ahead "Anon, you're my pal. My little chaos buddy. And although I have not spawned you, I like to think of you as a little piece of myself. You said you were alright with this. You had all this time and you chose to sleep through it. Is it not fair to me to just leave me to go do the things you speak of?" He turns to you, you couldn't tell if he was faking it, but he had tears in his eyes "Would you leave me to torment Twilight on my own? This won't work without you. You know that"
  34. >And now..you could feel guilt ride up on you. He was your friend. And he had wanted to do this for a long while. You said you would. You gave him your word. But fucking dammit. Diamond...
  35. >And then there was Chrysalis....well, she was on lockdown. It should be ok.
  36. >You give up. Hell, who knows. Maybe you needed this. Maybe one upping the princesses could be fun and get your mind off Diamond Tiara. Thinking the way you are now due to the poison's lingering effects, should it have any, could be dangerous.
  38. "Alright, ok. Ooook...I got it. You're right. You've been looking forward to this and it would be pretty unfair for me to take it away from you. So, what's the plan. What do we do first?"
  39. >Discord's face lights up with glee and he picks you up with his paw. his Paw growing in size to accommodate you as he boops your nose with his talon. "That's the spirit!" He chuckles before slyly snaking towards the portal door, still holding you up. "Yes, well. First we must greet the princesses and make them aware of our presence. That should spook them for sure. And then? We just go and relax somewhere, and fate will do the rest. Simple, no?"
  40. >Yep...simple enough that you felt you couldn't make a mistake.
  41. >You yawn and straighten yourself up. Blinking a few times to adjust your eyes.
  42. "Ok, I got this. I totally got this. But when we're done..I can go see Diamond..right?"
  43. >Discord rolls his eyes and taps your noggin lightly "Head out of the gutter Anon, you can do as you please when we're done but for now I need you to focus on just this. No questions. Just chaos"
  44. "Alright..got it"
  45. >You nodded in determination...until one last thing hit your brain.
  46. "What about Celestia and Luna?"
  47. >As you thought about it. You'd think that they might try to personally question you on what you might be up to.
  48. "Don't you think they'll try to get me to tell them why we're really there or something?"
  49. >Discord shrugs "I'm not too worried about that Anon. I mean, not unless I'd have to suddenly be worried about finding you swimming with the fishes in my aquarium."
  50. >That makes you tense, super tense. but only a moment until you realize he'd never do it. Not at this point.
  51. "Yeah yeah, whatever. You don't need to try to scare me you know I'm down with this"
  53. >Discord chuckles at that "I know I don't have to. But you also act as if I wouldn't do it either. I can make it where you can breath underwater. That's the easy part. The hard part would be trying not to lose my gut as you try to swim away from the sharks. I may not be able to pull you out in time if I'm too busy laughing"
  54. >Ok, that was a little more scary. He was just trying to scare you for shits and giggles obviously. Might as well just go along with it before he actually seriously does something.
  55. "Alright, alright. I get it. Scary stuff, yadda yadda. Didn't you say we were on a time limit or something?"
  56. >"Oh my!" Discord slaps his cheek with his talons "I did, didn't I. Well then, let us make haste!..ooohhh..but before I forget!"
  57. >Discord snaps his talons. making an envelope appear on your dresser. "While I'd actually like to be the one to give these photos to Fluttershy. I thought that maybe, this one time, it'd be nice to let you be the one to brighten her day. Don't tell anypony I said this but. Ahrm" He coughs a little and says in a low voice "But I figure that she'd be happier if you showed her the pictures. And besides..." Discord tries to look a little macho "I don't have time for the excessive amount of affection she'd show if I presented them to her. You know how it is with her. It's too much for somepony like me"
  58. >Well that was bullshit.
  59. >Still, that was awfully nice of him. He was actually letting you be the one to show her the pictures and get those precious cuddles that would sure to follow. He was...giving you that oppurtunity...what a nice guy.
  60. >You thought about asking him about Filthy Rich as well. But. you'd save that for AFTER all this.
  61. "Thanks Discord...Welp, alright. Let's do this. I'm ready..I'm primed"
  62. >You pump your leg like an arm
  63. "I'm pumped!"
  64. >"Excellent!" Discord then puts you down as he changed the door very slightly to appear at the train station. "Then let us go partner, let us go and ruin the princess' day!"
  66. >Discord lifts you with his magic and passes through the portal door with you. It takes the both of you directly over the train station.
  67. >You notice the train hasn't come in yet. But Shining Armor was waiting alone with a couple of his guards. He didn't seem of sound mind. He was fidgeting and his mane was a little wild.
  68. >"Ahh splendid! The train hasn't arrived yet. We still have time to prepare!" Discord jovially did a flip before looking down upon the train platform with glee.
  69. "Yeeeahh..but"
  70. >You point to Shining
  71. "What's with him? He looks like he just got out of bed and had too much coffee"
  72. >Discord looked down at Shining and dismissed his existance with a roll of his eyes and a gesture of his paw "Pffft, who cares. Probably realizing what a mistake marriage is"
  73. >Discord then pulls out a telescope from out of thin air and looks through it. Spotting the princesses's train "Ahhh, there they are! They'll be here soon. Anon, are you ready?"
  74. >Hrn, well...it WAS just Shining Armor. He wasn't too important. You focus your thoughts on the princesses, and psyche yourself up with...well...nothing.
  75. "Yeah! I got it!"
  76. >Discord makes a fist and holds it out towards you as he continue to gaze at the train. "Almost here..."
  77. >You just look at the talon fist. Not really understanding why he had it so close to you. After a small pause, he looks towards you, slightly annoyed "Anon? Sometime today?"
  78. "Uhhhh..."
  79. >Wut?
  80. "Sometime today what?"
  81. >Discord waves his fist a little in a "bumping" motion, making a phantom hoof appear to fist into it.
  82. >....ohhh
  83. "You want a brofist....hoof..thing..ok ok"
  84. >You smile sheepishly as you bring your hoof to his talons.
  85. "Yeeehh...erm..let's do it.."
  86. >Discord taps on your head as he looks at you with seriousness "Anon, focus! One slip up and one of them might catch on to our plan!"
  87. >Well damn. ok, maybe he was right. You had to be serious! You give yourself a slap to the face and try to get SUPER psyched for...nothing.
  89. "Ok! I got it this time! I'm primed and ready to go!"
  90. >"Excellent" Discord was too focused to stay mad at you for long. In fact, he wanted to see you succeed. He didn't want anything to go wrong while also wanting to see what you can do vs. the Princesses in a setting like this. "Just another moment and we'll make our move. Trust me Anon, the payoff will be so sweet you may very well need to be hospitalized....Which is fine since you'd be used to that."
  91. >...ha...real funny...you wondered if that was even a joke. But whatever, he was just being enthusiastic. You trusted him.
  92. >You both witnessed as the train finally came to a stop.
  93. >"Alright" Discord gave a toothy grin as he rubbed his paw and talons together "It's a private train so only Princess Celestia,Luna, and our dear Twilight should be the only passengers. We only have one shot at this Anon, and it has to be now. Are you sure you're ready?"
  94. >You nod, and bounce left to right as you float in mid air
  95. "Yes already! you've hyped this enough that now I'm actually getting excited."
  96. >"Good...I trust you Anon. These are our targets. You have no reason to cower or fear them for we are the puppet masters. And absolutely nothing will go wrong as long as we pull the right strings...now then.." Discord snaps his talons. Instantly warping you and him to the side of the train. Discord was wearing his shades over his eyes as he held beach seats and a map and acted like you both were actually on vacation "...and here we are Anon! Scenic Crystal Empire. You've seen it before of course, but this time. We'll be seeing the sights and wasting our money on all those wonderful tourist traps!"
  97. >You follow behind. Wearing a straw hat as you lug in two travel suitcases on your sides. Ok..gotta act the part. Just play off of him.
  98. "All the sights huh? C'mon Dad, is this place really all that great?"
  100. >Discord let out an involuntary chuckle..he liked that "Oh don't be so introverted. This place has a few places and even poniesthat would open your mind beyond Ponyville if you gave it a chance..."
  101. >Discord then smirks and points to Shining Armor "except for him, he might just make you want to go back home. So homely looking, I wonder how Princess Cadence can deal looking at that every night"
  102. >Ok, that was funny. You hold in a giggle as you step close to Discord and gaze at Shining Armor. Who has now just noticed the both of you. His guards already standing at the ready as Shining Armor stands to the ready. Alert and at caution at both your presence.
  103. >"Discord...and...Anon?" He didn't know how to feel, he was already nervous about everything else. But he put on a brave face, ready for anything, and not liking the fact Discord was here at all "...What are you doing here Discord?"
  104. >Discord rolled his eyes and acted ignorant "The same could be asked of you. Shouldn't you be useless somewhere else? I'm on vacation and..." Discord hears the train doors open stops for a moment as he acts even MORE insulted at Shining's insinuation "I really REALLY don't like the fact that you are addressing me as if I have done something wrong. Can't you see that-" Discord is stopped as he hears Twilight yell out "DISCORD". An evil smirk briefly appearing on his face.
  105. >You and him turn towards Twilight, who had stepped out the door and didn't look too pleased. "Discord! What are you doing here!?" She puts her hoof to her forehead and groans "Don't tell me you came to cause trouble. Today isn't the day for that Discord. You need to go somewhere else."
  107. >Discord tries to act as insulted as possible. While surprised. "Oh? Is that how it is? I don't know whats going on here but I would have thought the Crystal Empire would have been more welcoming to visitors who are on vacation. Anon.." Discord makes a regretful and saddened face at you "I'm so very very sorry. It seems our vacation will have to end prematurely. It appears we're not wanted"
  108. >You force your ears to droop as you sit on your butt and look down. Looking depressed.
  109. "...awwww, I was really looking forward to this too."
  110. >"Anon?" Twilight notices you, and softens up, but then gets suspicious of Discord again. "Ok, why is he here. What vacation are you talking about?"
  111. >"Twili..let me handle this" Shining Armor steps up towards Discord "It's up to me to figure out why here's in the Crystal Empire. It's my job."
  112. >Twilight steps towards her brother and puts a hoof on his side to calm him down. He seemed so tense, he even shook at her touch. "Shining, it's alright. If Anon is here then maybe...just maybe...He's here on whatever vacation he's talking about. I know I didn't tell him anything about today. I don't think Fluttershy did either."
  113. >"She didn't mention anything on whatever dumb thing you're talking about. I'm here for my son. To show him a good time and to teach him the culture of this Empire in the form of a vacation. But.." Discord says with a smug look "Leave it to all this bias towards me to ruin the mood"
  114. >You tug at Discord's leg and look at him with big sad eyes. This was a good start..sorta. You didn't see the enjoyment in this part. But of course, Twilight becoming suspicious later on was supposed to be the kicker. And if it was "Lesson Zero" levels. it'd be hilarious.
  115. "Does this mean the vacation is over?"
  116. >"Ohh Anon." Discord pets you on the head, then looks to Twilight with a grin "Tell me Twilight...is it over?"
  118. >But just because Twilight was speaking kindly to her brother to help him not worry. It didn't seem to mean she actually trusted Discord. She looks at him with great suspicion. "Discord, why don't you just save the vacation for tomorrow? We're going to be doing something important"
  119. >Discord shrugs "Isn't there school tomorrow?"
  120. >Twilight stops. She realized there was school tomorrow. She, being a mare of learning, couldn't possibly expect you to skip a day of school for a vacation. Even if it was to...well..learn. As Discord put it.
  121. >"I...well."
  122. >Discord turns away as he looks upon the city ahead of him "I had been planning this for awhile Twilight. It's very unfair to just turn us away because you have "something" important to do. Wouldn't you say?"
  123. >"That depends Discord. I feel there is more to this "vacation" than you are letting on. It's not like you to think so simply"
  124. >That voice...
  125. >Princess Celestia was the next one to step out of the train, along with her sister Luna.
  126. >"Ahhhhhh, Princess Celestia..and her sister Luna. My my, how VERY unexpected to see the both of you here."
  127. >Celestia nor Luna didn't seem to pleased with Discord's presence. Hell, they even looked at you with the same look. It unsettled you.
  128. >"The same. Discord, I'm asking you, as a friend, to leave. Today is not the day for your trickery" Even as Celestia says that. There was a sternness in her voice.
  130. >"Trickery? What would make you think that?" Discord held his paw to his chest "It hurts, it hurts so much that you would think that I'd be here to cause some kind of mischief."
  131. >"As my sister has told you Discord, this isn't the day. We can see through your deception and we are trying to be as pleasant as possible with you as to not cause a scene" Luna seemed even more suspicious and impatient than Celestia.
  132. >"Really..hmmm" Discord starts floating as he lays his back in the air. Looking straight up as he taps his chin. "So, when you invite me to the gala it's alright. But when I had planned a vacation for my son, then it's a problem? Is that what I'm hearing?"
  133. >"DO NOT TOY WITH US TODAY DISCORD!" Luna shouts. It actually makes you step back and hide behind Discord as he comes down to "defend" you from Luna's frightful nature.
  134. >"Princess Luna!" Discord gasps "Scaring my son? How terrible of you. This isn't Nightmare Night. Doing things like that will seem....tyrannical"
  135. >"Calm yourself sister" Celestia held Luna back. Luna herself, was angry. She felt Discord and even you were here to ruin something extremely special and rare. Important to every crystal pony and the culture they have here. And especially important to Cadence and Shining Armor. She knew, just from the way you were acting, that you were faking it. It infuriated her that you'd go along with this. But Celestia wanted to quell her sister's fear. She already had a plan. "Discord, if you will not leave. Then I must have it on your word that you will not interfere in our affairs nor will you come near the castle itself. It will be off limits to you and your son for the remainder of the day."
  136. >Discord just..agrees to it. Of course, this was all part of his plan. "Of course, you won't have a problem from me"
  137. >"Really?..." Twilight was stunned. He answered so...simply. "And how do we know we'll keep your word?"
  139. >Discord rolled his eyes and pointed to you "Anon would tell you if I did anything wrong. He's my son after all, truth is a virtue I want him to learn. So if I lied, I'd expect him to tell all of you of my wrong doing"
  140. >You looked towards him, then back at the Princesses....shit! Ok..act natural.
  141. "I guess I can tell on Dad if he does something wrong...no in fact."
  142. >You salute
  143. "In the name of Aunt Fluttershy, I'd definitely do it"
  144. >And that seemed to have set off some sort of sense in Celestia. At first, she looked at you with distrust. She didn't want to distrust you, considering the whole Chrysalis thing. But if you were here and going along with it without hesitation. Then she felt you were going to far. She just didn't know what was actually going on.
  145. >But then she smiled at you. It was...almost creepy. "Funny you say that Anon, I'm glad you're being a good colt about this. And I'm sure your aunt will be very glad to hear it. In fact. You both can tell her about the vacation right.." Celestia's ear vibrates for a moment "Now"
  146. >Celestia actually gives a smug look towards Discord as more ponies step out of the train.
  147. >...familiar ponies.
  148. >With a certain Pony that made Discord subtly snap back in fear the moment he saw her.
  149. >"Pinkie, you really need to cut down on the snacks. You'll want to look your best when we are in the presence of Princess Cadence and Prince Shining Armor. And I'm running out of handkerchiefs to clean that muzzle of yours." Rarity says, with a small giggle as she magically wipes Pinkie's muzzles. Cleaning her cake stains.
  150. >"Sorry, I just couldn't help myself. Royal cakes are just soooooooooooooo yummy!" Pinkie says giggling, hopping off the train gleefully ignorant of the handkerchief itself.
  151. >"I just wanna know what a "Crystalling" is, nopony has told me yet!" Rainbow Dash hovers out, looking as impatient as ever.
  153. >"Simmer down Rainbow Dash, we just got here. A'hm sure we'll be told everything when we meet up with Princess Cadence" Applejack was next as she looked around to take in the scenery.
  154. >"Ohhh, I'm just absolutely excited. I bet the royal baby is sooooooooo cute and....Discord? Anon?" Fluttershy was the last to step out. That's what caused Discord to tense up. Hell, now even you were scared. you didn't expect her to be here, but she put on an ignorant looking smile as she closed her eyes. She looked so happy to see the both of you "I didn't know you both we're invited. Discord, did you make a promise to behave just so you could have an invitation? I didn't think you'd want to meet the new royal baby that badly. And you even brought Anon. Oh goodness, this would mean we'd be visiting as a real family...but" Fluttershy just realized as she looked about "Where's Nymous"
  155. >Luna was the only one catching on to Celestia's play as Celestia looked to Discord with even greater arrogance. "Yes, Discord...where is Nymous?"
  156. >SHIT SHIT SHIT! You nearly started to sweat. You didn't know Fluttershy would be here. You could even see Discord falling apart. Trying to put on a brave face. SHHIIITTT!
  157. >"Woah woah woah, what? How did HE get an invitation? Anon is cool, I don't mind him. But..Y'know...Discord?" Rainbow Dash pointed out. Already finding the whole thing suspicious.
  158. >"Rainbow Dash, don't say that in front of Anon. I think it's very nice that they are both here. It means Discord is trying to set a good example by behaving. Princess Celestia, thank you so so much for giving him this opportunity. I think it's very nice"
  160. >"Actually, Discord is here on his own accord. He's on vacation with his son and has agreed not to bother us. But yes, he will be behaving nonetheless. Won't you Discord?" Celestia felt she made a quick checkmate in stopping Discord's scheme, while not outing you as well. She didn't like that you may have been up to something. But she knew enough not to throw you into the same boat as Discord in front of Fluttershy and the other ponies.
  161. >"Yes" Discord said in a half growl as he smiled and slowly waved to Fluttershy "Helloooo Fluttershy, how unexpected to see you here...today...on this day." His voice was strained.
  162. >Twilight walked up to Luna to see if she was alright, speaking to her privately. Luna of course explained it as a sort of "Trigger" from the old days. While this went on. Fluttershy walked up to you with a smile. "And hello to you too Anon, how did the sleepover go? Oh! oh!" She got excited "Did you get pictures of you in that cute little outfit?"
  163. >....just stay calm Anon...just stay fucking cal,. You put on a smile,and go and hug Fluttershy. Trying not to sweat anymore than you have,
  164. >You nod, trying to be as happy as possible. Because really, you did want to make her happy.
  165. "Mhmm! Me and Dad got really good pictures. But I don't have them here, but after we're all back in Ponyville. I'd love to show them to you!"
  166. >"Oh, now I don't know if I can handle the day at all. So many wonderful things at once just makes me feel oh so excited." Fluttershy squeed.
  167. >"Oh indeed, I would wager my boutique that the pictures' quality must match Anon's enthusiasm" Rarity gives you a gentle pat on the head "They must look exquisite to garner this much excitement. As a fashionista I must ask for at least one photo to keep as a memory to such wonderful work"
  168. >Well then, at least you knew Rarity wouldn't be disappointed. But to avoid a further scene. You would avoid who actually took the photos.
  170. "Oh, I'm sure you'll just love them Miss Rarity! And you too Aunt Fluttershy."
  171. >Dammit, Discord was looking like he going to blow it. Then you'd both be in trouble. For him, you had to make a recovery. So you look right at Princess Celestia.
  172. "So, what exactly is going on with you all anyway? Why are you here? It must be pretty important if the princesses and the elements of harmony are all here at once."
  173. >Celestia's arrogance began to fade as she spoke more regally. "We're here for a very rare and wonderful event Anon. I'd like to extend an apology for not inviting you and your father in the first place. But, it was actually Princess Cadence who handled that. As for you, are you truly here just for a vacation? Is there any particular spots you really wish to see? or learn about?"
  174. >Hrn. She was trying to slip you up with your lack of knowledge of what really goes in in Equestria. Luckily for you, you know enough about the empire to keep on your hooves.
  175. "I want to see Spike's statue for one. And learn about this King Sombra guy."
  176. >You lift up your horn.
  177. "I mean, I do have this, and I am here. It would be kinda dumb not to learn about all that"
  178. >That should put Celestia in check. In fact, that play caught Discord's interest it seemed. He said nothing, he just observed.
  179. >"That's true. I suppose having a replica of Sombra's horn would make you interested in his history. Well then, I hope you both have a pleasant day. You both can come to the castle for when the baby is made public. It's not as if there'd be any trouble then. It's just for now, I'd think it'd be better if we all went along our business."
  180. "...agreed."
  181. >You do your best to act mature about it. And nod.
  183. >"Wow, Nonny is being all adultish!" Pinkie gives Discord a sly smile "Discord, he's not being YOUR foalsitter today riiiiiiiight? That'd be pretty funny" Pinkie giggled. Almost everyone joining in.
  184. >"Eheh, Anon foalsitten' his dad. It ain't too far fetched neither. Anon is pretty mature, at least. That's what ah noticed anyway"
  185. >Discord's face goes red with fury for a moment before he hears Fluttershy join in on the giggling. Which immediately makes him feel some shame. He crosses his arms and turns away, feeling miffed "Hmph! Foalsitting me? Please, I'm quite capable of behaving. But..." Discord does his best to stick to his plan, he wanted to plant a seed of doubt. But be subtle enough to not be noticed by Fluttershy "I suppose we'll have to see what the day will bring. Oh, and Fluttershy" Discord turns to her with a big ole happy smile "I do have a surprise of my own that will brighten up your day more than any baby could. I'll save it for when I see you at home, that combined with the pictures will be one of the best moments of your life." Discord then looks to Shining Armor with a smirk "And considering the way you're acting. I think that may be a fact"
  186. >...crap, he overdid it. He was trying to regain ultimate control.
  187. >"What? What's that supposed to mean!?" Shining Armor took it as an insult to his child.
  188. "A-ah!"
  189. >You cut in, Dammit Discord.
  190. "I'm sure Dad didn't meant anything by it. Remember, Dad could ummm..be kinda weird with his word. But.."
  191. >You look at Discord.
  192. "I'm sure deep down that he's totally ok with the baby. I'm sure he's just a little tense due to the situation..aheh..right Dad?"
  194. >Discord didn't realize what he did that first until he looked down at your sweating face. Then to Fluttershy's concerned face. He realized what he did, and once again reels it back. "O-oh, why yes..Of course. Being accused of things would make me tense. In fact, I'd think it might be better if we all go do what we need to do, just as Princess Celestia suggested. And Fluttershy, I very much hope you'll have a day of happiness today. If not here, I'll make sure you'll smile later." Discord does a bow, which prompts Fluttershy to hug him.
  195. >"Oh Discord, I'm sure my day will be happy all around. I hope you and Anon have a happy and good time as well. I'm sure absolutely nothing wrong will happen today" Fluttershy hugged him warmly, and then went and hugged you...ahhh...it felt nice "And Anon, I hope you learn a lot today. Remember to pay attention. Alright?"
  196. "I will, I promise"
  197. >...dammit...
  198. >"Ahrm..and uhh" Twilight was finding this a little hard. But she approached Discord and did a small bow "As the Princess of Friendship. I'd like to apologize and take responsibility for the accusations made here today." Twilight took another moment to cool down. Just because she said it, didn't mean she wasn't on high alert. But she did feel that maybe she went too far in accusing Discord before he did anything. "Soooo, ok then. erm. Is everypony ok? Everypony fine?" Twilight was still nervous as well.
  199. >The entire group nods.
  201. >At this point. Things calm down. You give everyone a hug. But you could feel a tenseness in the hugs you get from Luna and Celestia. Oh yeah, they were worried. Hell, you didn't know what to think right now either now that the rest of the mane five also appeared. You had no idea what Discord had planned. You thought Celestia or Luna would pull you aside to speak to you privately. But they didn't. Was the plan cancelled? You'd have to step away with Discord to find out. But Fluttershy being around must have definitely changed things. All you knew was that you felt something was going to give right there and then and ruin everything for everyone. But if you could get through that. Then the rest of the day should be easy. What else could go wrong. Right?
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