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  1. Submitted by a local public service official.
  3. Sheriff Abdalla
  4. It isn't just little boys he's been accused of being in compromising situations with. Several yrs ago there was a bust at a rest area on 250 In Harrison County, OH (next to Jeff Co). The stop is known from homosexual solicitation and drugs. The officers found Abdalla there in a "compromising position" and he had a fit, trying to say he was there on official business and it wasn't what it looked like. The officers reminded him he was no longer in Jefferson Co and told him if he came back again and they caught him, he would absolutely be arrested. Can prob verify with deputies at Harrison Co Sheriff Dept who were working there back in 2003. Troopers and Rangers who work that stretch 2. I do not know the names of the guys who busted him, but I was told by coworkers, then, who got the story from the officers on the bust.
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