Daddy-o Discord 3

Mar 19th, 2017
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  1. >You just laid there. No real feeling or emotion going through you. Just silence, as you stared up into the slowly brightening sky.
  2. >The sun got as high as noon before your emotions caught up with you. Yes, this was great, getting a second chance at life. Yes, you were beyond thankful for it. And yes, you did believe, at least a little, that KK actually wanted the best for you. Now, that would all be just PEACHY to you, if you weren't currently blinded by all of this UNYIELDING RAGE!
  3. “FUCK!!!”
  4. >Quickly flipping onto your feet, and pulling a full out sprint to the top of the hill, you reel up without stopping, and punch the tree with every bit of strength that you could muster.
  5. >Thanks to that rest giving you more energy, and the fact that your fists were now hard hooves, you actually punch through the thing completely, taking a small chunk of wood out of its side, as well as draining you of your excess energy.
  6. >Landing on all fours on the other side of the tree, you try to internally calm down, but there was nothing that could stop your rampage at this point.
  7. “How could could she possibly do that?! I threw my fastest punch, and she DODGED the damn thing! Not only that, but she knocked me on my ass by smacking me with her hair and blowing some air on me. FUCKING AIR!!! And on top of that, she's a girl! How could I let myself get smacked down so easily by a girl!?”
  8. >A girl with crazy ass magical powers, but a girl nonetheless.
  9. >You were breathing heavily now, but, due to the sudden energy loss catching up to you, actually manage to calm down a bit. Enough so, to let you think coherently for a moment. You let out a sigh and focus.
  10. “Whatever. I'll just get her later.”
  11. >There was no point in you bitching about something that you couldn't change.
  12. >By no means did that mean that you've given up, just waiting for an opportune time to strike.
  14. >You do your best to stomp and shake all of the anger out of you as you move back to the door, still plainly sitting where you left it. Maybe moving on with your new life will help you forget about this little incident.
  15. >Entering the door-portal-thingy, you end up right where you expected to, in between the two wall-chairs in Discord’s screwy living room. Unlike when you left though, there was a blatant change to the decor of the room, that being the horrible wallpaper.
  16. >Instead of the soothing, shifting green that the walls were when you last saw them, they were replaced by plain white with a decorative pattern of Discord’s face smiling happier than ever on every wall. Very unsettling.
  17. >And of course, on his couch, legs crossed with a newspaper in hand, sat Discord himself. His face was currently obscured by the newspaper that he was reading, which depicted silhouette figures made out of words all around the pages. Some of said figures you recognized, others you couldn't even fathom what they were supposed to be.
  18. >Also a thing to note, now that you're standing here after being in the steady air of the field, you could feel the air shifting around in the room. Not that you were in the mood to note anything, but it couldn't be helped.
  19. >You reach back and carefully pull the door closed, making it give off a satisfying click, to which Discord’s attention was drawn away from his reading. He peered over the top of his paper before pulling it away from his face completely, revealing the smile on his face. While seeing him happy would, in most circumstances, probably be good for you, that smile was FAR too happy for your comfort.
  20. >”Ah, Anais! There you are, I've been waiting all day for you!”
  21. >Discord takes the paper he was holding, rolls it up, and eats it in one, gigantic bite.
  22. >Figures that he wouldn't remember your name. Whatever, maybe this is a good time to take KK’s advice. New life, new name you guess.
  23. “It's Anon.”
  25. >Discord rolls his eyes “Right, right, whatever you said.” But he immediately perks up “Anywho, we have a very busy day ahead of us, so we'll need to get started right away!”
  26. >He holds up his arm and looks at the extraordinary oversized watch that suddenly appeared on his wrist.
  27. >Busy day? What?
  28. “Hold up, why are you so happy and what do you mean by ‘busy day’?”
  29. >He chuckles before floating down from his ceiling couch and landing softly in front of you.
  30. >”Weeeelllll, while you were away, I had the most wonderful nap in ages, and during that nap I had a dream that I was turned into a black lamb.”
  31. >Discord slowly starts growing black wool all over his body as he talks.
  32. >”And while I was busy admiring how soft my wool was, a large bear with stag horns, a giraffe head, and a water hose for a tail scooped me up and put me into a chair at a table made of fabric that was on fire.”
  33. >As he speaks, the various things he was describing appear in front of you, including the fabric table that was on fire, which you were magically seated at somehow, watching Discord and the admittedly stupid looking creature on either side of you. At this point Discord’s wool had stopped growing, now doubling his body size in a ridiculous proportion.
  34. >”Then the buck-giraffe-hose-bear said to me, he said,”
  35. >The bear thing talks out in a super high pitched voice, way too high for something of its stature, and finishes Discord’s sentence.
  36. >”I love your black wool, it looks to soft!”
  37. >”Oh my! I'm not sure what to say.” Discord says in a fake feminine voice as he fans his face with his paw.
  38. >The bear thing looked quite shocked by Discord’s statement.
  39. >”I didn't mean to offend you.” The giraffe-bear exclaimed, apparently trying to make up for what he said for some reason.
  40. >Discord waves it off as if it was nothing.
  41. >”Oh, no, you're fine! I'm just feeling a little SHEEPISH today.”
  43. >When he says this, the items that he conjured around you dissipate slowly, and Discord crumbles to the ground, laughing so hard that tears are streaming upwards from his eyes.
  44. “...”
  45. >Discord clutches his stomach, laughing so hard that his eyes actually pop out of his head and roll around him like a pair of marbles.
  46. “......”
  47. >His eyes grow arms and legs, clutching at their stomachs and still streaming water from them.
  48. >”Hahaha! I f-forgot how funny t-that dream was!” He stammered over his words in laughter.
  49. >deadinside.jpeg
  50. “Yeah…….sure…look, how does this relate to anything at all?”
  51. >Discord’s laughter slowly subsides as he stands, grabs his eyes, plops them back into his head, and wipes away one last tear.
  52. >”Ah yes. I nearly forgot my point! Well, anyways, after that hilarious dream, I woke up and started thinking about ways for me to escape this infernal contract.”
  53. >He snaps his talons, making said contract appear in front of him, and open up so that he could read it. He pulls out an outrageously small pair of glasses, managing to squeeze them over his eyes.
  54. “So, did you find anything to get out of it?”
  55. >You skip over the comment you were about to make about how everyone here is crazy, in favor of taking what Discord just said into consideration.
  56. >You have no idea how contracts work at all, but KK did say that if you didn't follow the contract, you'd be sent back, so maybe the same thing would happen if Discord didn't follow it.
  57. >”Unfortunately, no. I’ve read it 12 times, and it would appear that the only way for me to get out is with KK’s say so. Which means that we're going to be stuck together for a good while.”
  58. >He seemed a bit somber while saying that, but quickly brightens up as he snaps the stack of papers away.
  60. >”Buuut, I have come up with a wonderful plan that will work out for the both of us.”
  61. >It seemed that you wouldn't have to think too much of that contract thing with Discord for now. Regardless, his words at least gave you a little hope.
  62. >”Well, mostly for me actually.”
  63. >And there goes what little hope you had that this would go well.
  64. “Ooookaaaaay. And what is this ‘plan’”?
  65. >You've dealt with other people's shit for longer than you could possibly remember, whatever he has couldn't be much worse than what you've put up with. Especially after the cell 32 balloon incident. You mentally shiver at the memory. Never again...
  66. >Discord quickly floats to you, circling you with his body so that he was face to face with you.
  67. >”It's very simple my little four hooved friend. I'm going to go to all of my friends and show them how good-hearted and gracious I am by introducing them to my newly adopted, wonderfully polite ‘son’.”
  68. >He runs a talon under your chin at the end of his sentence, which you quickly pull away from.
  69. “Alright, so you're basically gonna be using me to make you look good?”
  70. >Discord rolls his eyes.
  71. >”Yes, that is what I just alluded to.” He really couldn't believe how dense you were.
  72. >Hmm. Maybe you could actually capitalize on this. Couldn't hurt to try.
  73. “So, what's in it for me?”
  74. >He cocks one of his bushy white eyebrows at you.
  75. >”Excuse me?”
  76. >Hah! He wasn't expecting that. You flash him a cocky smile.
  77. “Well from what you've said, it kinda sounds like you need me to go along with this for it to work for you, so what do I get out of it?”
  78. >It wasn't a lot, but it felt nice to at least have a slight advantage in this little predicament, if you could even call it that. What you were doing was simple street bargaining, nothing more.
  80. >Discord glares at you with the burning anger of a thousand suns. Well, it was more like the force of ten suns, but nevertheless, he was angry enough for the faces in the wallpaper to gain an expression that matched his own.
  81. >”What do you get from it? How about I don't feed you to a giant cobra for breakfast?” A flash of red surges into his eyes for a moment.
  82. >Your cheeky smirk instantly falls. Maybe you didn't think this through very much.
  83. >You try to take a step back, but only succeed at running into Discord’s body, still circling you, the room you have to move becoming smaller by the second.
  84. “Y-You wouldn't do that.” You manage to force out of your mouth with a nervous chuckle “You'd b-be breaking the contract. Y'know, the one that says you have to treat me like your son.”
  85. >It did say that, didn't it? Shit, you couldn't really remember.
  86. >With a poof, the aforementioned neatly stacked papers appear in Discord’s outstretched talon, an evil smile growing on his face.
  87. >”Oh! You mean THIS contract?” He inquires, as he taps its center with his paw, causing a ripple of fire to spread to the edges before the whole thing crumbles into a pile of grey ash.
  88. >You stare at the pile on the floor and gulp.
  89. >Ok, maybe you should consider your next move carefully. On one hand, you could take the safe route, just agree to do what he says, and live semi-happily ever after. But on the other hand, you could call his bluff, get something and live more happily ever after.
  90. >In all honesty you liked the idea of no chance of getting fed to a giant snake, but that way sounded boring and the other way just sounded like so much fun… Agh! You mentally slap yourself. No, bad Anon! That attitude is what got you here in the first place! Stealing stuff doesn't work for you, lying doesn't work for you, and gambling DEFINITELY doesn't work for you.
  91. >...
  92. >…..
  93. >...
  94. >......
  95. >Eh, fuck it.
  97. “Do it, you won't!” You strengthen your stance as you speak more boldly.
  98. >If you were gonna live in this world, you would live it the way you wanted, or at least without this guy absolutely pushing you around. KK did that already, and you wouldn't be having it again. You didn't let it happen on Tetra and you wouldn't let it happen here. And it might be fun as a bonus. Still, that did nothing to stop your incessant shaking under his threat of death by snake.
  99. >Discord’s sick grin just grows wider.
  100. >”Are you sure about that?”
  101. >He raises his talon, preparing to snap at any moment.
  102. >You shut your eyes tightly and shake your head up and down.
  103. >”Fine.” You heard Discord mumble. At that moment a loud snap fills the air, followed instantly by a poof sound. Then silence.
  104. >You stand stiff, waiting for you impending doom, but nothing happens.
  105. >After a few seconds of absolutely nothing, you muster up enough courage to open your eyes. When you do, the sight before you was quite the opposite of what you thought awaited you.
  106. >It was KK’s snake from earlier, firmly latched onto Discord’s nose with its massive fangs. While the sight made you shiver at the thought of that happening to you, Discord seemed genuinely unamused by it.
  107. >Prying the reptile off of his face, Discord snaps it away to wherever as he lets out an aggravated sigh.
  108. >”Alright, what would you like in exchange for your cooperation?”
  109. >...Um…
  110. “What?” You blurt out, still shaking.
  111. >Why in the sweet fuck would he purposefully get himself bit by a snake, and then agree to your terms. You got that this guy was all about chaos or something, but this was just too random.
  112. >He sighs once again.
  113. >”It appears that the contract prevents me from doing any serious harm.” He groans as he rubs his temples “Now, I won't ask again. What. Do. You. Want?”
  114. “…”
  116. >Well shit, you didn't actually think yours get this far.
  117. >......
  118. >Which, in hindsight, really makes you question why you chose to do that in the first place. Either way, you shouldn't make a habit of doing things just for fun in this life, you have an actual chance here. One slip up is the only difference between life and death, that you knew from personal experience.
  119. >In terms of what you wanted, you weren't really sure. You knew that you wanted something valuable, but the only things that you could think of didn't exist here, or at least you really doubt they did.
  120. >C’mon Anon, think!
  121. >Discord begins tapping his dragon foot impatiently.
  122. >”We don't have all day you know.”
  123. >Alright, um, what is something that's universally valuable… Oh! You got it!
  124. “I know! I want three wishes, just like the old humans had with their…um…” You couldn't recall the name.
  125. >Discord pinches the bridge of his snout.
  126. >”Genies?”
  127. “Yeah! Like a genie!”
  128. >He groans.
  129. >”Alright fine, you can have three wishes to use LATER.”
  130. >He quickly grabs you under the...barrel, if you're not mistaken.
  131. >”But right now, we have business to attend to.”
  132. >And before you could protest his sudden “hands-on” action, your poofed away with a snap.
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