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  1. [QUOTE="Some_Bloke, post: 9040603, member: 3340"]I mean, I do have a few problems. Nyarlathotep for one thing, just in terms of what he is. Sure, he's been restricted to a human form but the potential for him to regain his true form (that of a very powerful, world-ending Eldritch horror) isn't ruled out. [/QUOTE]
  5. >I probably should have clarified, I have no intentions of him actually getting to 'full power'. I was going to roll with 'most of his essence was still in the home universe' which is, well, gone. So he's stuck with what he has.
  9. [QUOTE="Some_Bloke, post: 9040603, member: 3340"]Is that Adolf Hitler with sunglasses? Not how sure I'd be with accepting Adolf Hitler as an actual player character.[/QUOTE]
  13. >It looks like Adolf Hitler, but due to international (and Japanese) media laws, it's not.
  17. [QUOTE="Some_Bloke, post: 9040603, member: 3340"]Wouldn't say that the Blitz or Cluster abilities are too OP (maybe if the Cluster ability was restricted to work on the weak-minded?) but the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail? Okay, maybe a power  that makes him temporarily nigh-invulnerable (friggin' JoJo characters are in the RP, so I could accept it) but the Ark of the Covenant alone is probably OP.[/QUOTE]
  21. >Technically not the actual Ark or the Grail, plot-wise it's probably just him being smug and giving threatening sounding names to the spells. Functionally, think less of the Indiana Jones Ark, more of a localized wave of heat/light (despite being classed as Dark element in the game, for some reason).
  25. [QUOTE="Some_Bloke, post: 9040603, member: 3340"]A weapon that inflicts damage that can only be healed via magical/supernatural means would be okay (would like to point out that paradox-related dmg to Mages can only be fixed the opposite way, so...) but it also steals the power of those it hits and deals a fuckton of damage against unholy creatures? I mean, if there were a weapon with one of those qualities it wouldn't be OP but the spear is just a blender of power.[/QUOTE]
  27. >The spear is depicted rather inconsistently within the game itself, to the point where the 'unhealing wounds' is only really relevant once at the very end. Also, there's nothing stopping you from healing the wounds it causes in-game whatsoever (magic or otherwise), so ehh. That and I may have mis-read it to begin with, as the wording is 'never fully heal' as opposed to 'won't heal without magical aid'. So we could roll with 'it leaves scars that are quite ugly, ensuring their self-esteem will never fully heal'.
  29. I'm also not sure what metric you used to derive 'fuckton', but I was thinking more in the range of how silver hurts vampires/assorted night gribblies (I'm not too familiar with WoD, so I have no idea what that translates to for White Wolf's take on vampires. More of a Stoker guy, to be honest.).
  33. [QUOTE="Some_Bloke, post: 9040603, member: 3340"]A nuke? I mean I didn't even give the Sole Survivor a Fat Man for the very reason of them being very powerful. Perhaps if this low-yield warhead was like a mini-nuke in terms of dmg and blast radius, I would be alright but even a small nuclear detonation is enough to kill a lot of people.[/QUOTE]
  35. >I'm not feeling it either. I'll cook up a replacement and get back to you.
  38. [QUOTE="Some_Bloke, post: 9040603, member: 3340"]Sounds important and would like more details. Only Crystal Skull I can think of and the only one that comes up in Google search results is well...One I'd rather forget, so do elaborate. Is it the same Crystal Skull as the alien head, or something different altogether?[/QUOTE]
  40. >It's a glorified key (out of five) to activate an ancient Mayan spaceship (see the backstory). I threw it in for the off chance I'd be able to make an Indiana Jones joke (or several), and maybe do a plot arc with the Xibalba down the line. It doesn't do anything other than look pretty on its own, though.
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