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  1. The road to this point had been hard, but it's finally going to happen she noted excitedly to herself whilst looking over the map of the city.
  2. "Are you ready? We need to get going, Jester." She heard her partner's voice speaking with a stern tone.
  3. "Affirmative, Jester" she replied, as she picked up her toolset and went out onto the balcony in the twilight moonlight.
  4. "The sky welcomes us, this is a good omen" she noted loudly with a hidden eagerness in her voice.
  5. "I don't believe in omens and neither should you." responded her partner with a slight hint of disappointment.
  6. "I-I....." She stuttered.
  7. "You and me and where we come from knows more than anyone about the truth of this world." He noted to her in a voice resembling a teachers.
  8. "Right...." she replied.
  9. This guy she thought, he was treating her like a child. She would show him she noted to herself as she reminisced about her past.
  10. "Collect yourself, we're moving out!" He commanded.
  12. Across the rooftops over the city they paced. She made a conscious effort to keep ahead of him.
  13. Half-way there her partner lashed out at her. "You're gonna tire yourself out, pace down. We're ahead of our schedule so there's no need...."
  14. She became even more frustrated with him. "We're of the same rank, jester" she noted to him.
  15. He glared at her and noted that she's dangerous to their cause with her mentality and inexperience.
  16. "Focus on the mission....." He said.
  17. As they arrived at the wall guarding the target building, she swiftly shot the two guards with her bow whilst tumbling down the building adjacent to the wall, signaling over to her partner.
  18. Atleast she's efficient he noted while reconsidering her in his head.
  19. They hid the bodies and started climbing.
  20. "According to our intel there's ten guards in total patrolling the garden, from where we drop down there will be two close to our position, We should go for one each, Jester." he whispered.
  21. "Right..." she replied.
  22. They quickly dispatched of the two guards and the rest followed shortly.
  23. "Were you thorough of disposing your garbage, Jester? he whispered to her as they approached the target building.
  24. "Of course" she noted angrily.
  25. "Affirmative" he replied, "let's go then."
  26. "According to our sources our monarch likes to read before going to sleep, let's hide in the library" he noted as they hastily sneaked towards the library.
  28. As they got inside her partner pointed over to a corner whilst looking at her, whilst sneaking over to the adjacent corner.
  29. Well in position they started listening for footsteps while preparing their instruments
  30. Faint footsteps made their echo as they grew louder and louder, she made a sign to her partner and they readied themselves as the door opened.
  31. A person's shadow crept forward across the floor before the originator of the shadow entered the room with a lantern.
  32. She made her entrance and quickly killed whom she thought was their monarch.
  33. The situation quickly traversed into chaos inside her partners head as he saw that the corpse wasn't their monarch's.
  34. "Honey, did you stumble and fall?" they heard a voice from the corridor outside
  35. Tipcat looked down at her victim confused.
  37. Her partner squeaked "Quickly, quickly, hide the body!" but it was too late.
  38. "Guards! Guards!" the voice shouted while carefully traversing across floor of the corridor.
  39. As the monarch determined that his daughter had been killed from the excessive amount of blood on the floor, a strange noise started to accumulate outside of the library.
  40. "Run!" her partner shouted and started running towards the other side of the library towards the other door.
  41. Before he made it over to the door, it opened and in came the guards. He stopped in place, preparing his dagger.
  42. "Where is she?!" He mumbled to himself and the made a quick glance towards the corner he had pointed her towards, and there she was.
  43. In a state that couldn't be anything but panic.
  44. A mans sobbing were heard from the other end of the room.
  45. "Wh-why?! what had she ever done to you lunatics?!" a voice loudly cried out.
  46. He looked over towards the voice and saw that it belonged to their real monarch, he realised that what he feared was right.
  47. In the monarchs hand was a ball made of fire and he saw a clear intent to kill.
  48. The troubled jester quickly made his way across to a bookshelf attempting to climb up and escape through the window.
  49. However he was too late as the compacted ball of fire quickly made it's way towards him and exploded in an explosion that crumbled half of the library complex, killing anyone on that side of the building.
  51. The sound of the blast woke Tipcat up from her panic and she looked over at the impact and saw her partner laying there on the floor bloodied among the bodies of the guards.
  52. She saw him look at her, trying to make signs with his eyes to her to get out as his arms and legs were splattered across the floor.
  53. The man, the Monarch slowly made his way towards her partner with a slightly smaller ball, but this time it wasn't made of fire, it possessed a shade of green in it.
  54. "I shall heal you, Jester! I will sacrifice my own lifeforce just to save you so that I can get the chance to torture you and squirm the location of your order out of your mangled mind and body!
  55. So that I can do the same to them and eradicate your petty order from the world!"
  56. He spoke in a vile rage
  58. Tipcat had regained her composure and realised that this was her chance, she could kill him. He didn't know that she was there.
  59. She started charging towards him with her dagger in her hand, she could shot him, she knew - but she wouldn't give him the luxury of a quick death, she would let him bleed out as her partner down on the floor.
  60. She was charging full-speed now, planning her path. She would leap from the table and stab him in an artery from behind.
  61. However as she leapt from the table it broke and her jump fell short, the monarch quickly turned around and charged up a smaller fireball, throwing it towards her.
  62. This time it was more precise she thought, the first one was misaimed and filled excessively with energy, this time he aimed - for her chest.
  63. She realised that and quickly tried to dodge out of it's way but was unsuccessful, it would still hit her she realised as it was right at her knee, she felt the heat and prepared her mind for the pain.
  64. At the same time she pulled for her bow, so atleast their mission wouldn't be a failure.
  65. She shot at him but missed and then fell down to the floor. She looked at her knee, the fireball must've missed, she pulled for another arrow but was stopped by a guardsman sword
  66. "Drop it!" a voice shouted. "Lord Ganzoth, what should I do with this one?"
  67. The monarch turned away from her partner, she saw no life in him anymore, the Monarch had recovered from his rage.
  68. "Throw her in the prison, I will call for the order tomorrow, and then we will question her." He said while looking at her confused.
  69. "Yes, Lord Ganzoth!" replied the guard and called for his other men to put her in shackles.
  70. While she was being carried away by the guards she noted that the Monarchs name was Ganzoth, she received a chilling glare from him but she also saw confusion in his expression.
  71. "My magic passed right through her..... How?" He mumbled to himself as he looked at damage the first fireball had brought to his estate.
  72. In her cell, Tipcat examined her knee and found strange black spots surrounding it, throughout the night she felt a pain growing in her leg, keeping her from sleeping.
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