Battle of the bridge

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  1. Even an emotional pep talk by general Nakamura failed to inspire the men.  But despite their reservations, the men performed their duties obediently.  As Godzilla approached, they lined the bridge with Type 75 tanks armed with the less-than-successful cadmium shells, as well as more multiple rocket launchers and a variety of towed and self-propelled artillery pieces.
  2. The Seto Ohashi Bridge was bristling with guns.  All were pointed at the approaching monster.  
  3. The sky, too, was filled with aircraft from the Japanese Air Force--F-15J Eagles purchased from the United States, mostly.  They were armed with guided bombs, machine guns, and air-to-ground missiles.  
  4. On the water, two Chikugo-class frigates--the Noshiro and the Mogami--followed Godzilla‚Äôs every movement.  The frigates were small, but they were the only warships that could navigate the shallow waters of the Inland Sea.  They also sported fearsome, boxlike multiple rocket launchers on their decks, instead of the standard gun turrets most frigates are armed with.
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